CASSANDRA: The Unfavored Princess

In a land filled with magic, she was born without any visible powers. A princess, more pitiful than the slaves. Even if, in the eyes of others, she was a princess just in the name, Cassandra knew she was special. Amid all the power struggle, she had only survived by being docile, but when her gaze collided with his, her world turned upside down. For once, she wanted to live. Cassandra wanted to break free and experience new possibilities the world had to offer. But how far can an unfavorable princess go? What will be the cost of rebellion? Follow Cassandra as she uncovers her true self and turns herself from an unfavored princess to the Empress of people. -------------- Check out my new book "Alluring Death" for WSA 2023. [Add the book in your library if you liked the story] Note: This is an original story by IrisSky and not a translation :) Instagram- irissky_author

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His Duty

Cassandra's eyes widened as she could not bring herself to answer.

The Empress took the advantage of this as she looked at the ladies standing beside her. "They will be the witness. If your man does not want to marry you then I will help you get married in a good family."

Cassandra had no other option than to agree but she did not say a word. In the eyes of others, it was a move of refusal.

[The Empress is being so generous. But Why isn't the Princess replying?]

[How can she be so willful?]

[The fifth Princess doesn't have any power yet refused to reply to the Empress, so arrogant.]

[If I had a daughter like this I would have long married her off. Why is the Empress even asking the fifth Princess her opinion? The Empress is so understanding and generous.]

Cassandra listened to all the thoughts as she bit her lips. But the surrounding air was getting stagnant making it harder for Cassandra to breathe. She looked at the source as she swallowed. "I will listen to Mother."

The Empress smiled at Cassandra's words. "I will be waiting for good news then." The Empress waved her hand indicating the maidservants to clear the table. It was an indication that the Empress wanted to be alone now.

Cassandra got up from the chair as she bowed. "I will take my leave now."

The Empress nodded. "Hmm .."

Cassandra left the room as her heartbeats came back to normal. Once the door was shut, Cassandra took some deep breaths as she caved for water. Not thinking about anything else, Cassandra walked out of the area.

The Empress looked at the door once all the other ladies except for her lady in waiting had left. She extended her hand as a clean handkerchief rested on her hand.

The Empress whipped her hand clean as if removing all the remaining particles of Cassandra's hands from hers. All the warmth was removed as the Empress's hand was red due to the friction.

"Empress that …" The Empress's lady-in-waiting panicked as she came forwards but the Empress stopped her.

"I want all the details about who this man is in the fifth Princess's words."

Her lady-in-waiting could feel the sharpness in the Empress's tone. All the tenderness and love had disappeared as if it never existed.

"Yes, Empress …" The lady-in-waiting bowed and left the room leaving the Empress alone in the room.

The Empress's eyes darkened as she looked out. No one had challenged her authority. And yet a powerless Princess tried to go against her wishes.

"I will find the man and kill him. You won't have any choice but to marry the man I had chosen for you, little Princess."


"Princess slow down …" Amy's breathing hitched as she followed Cassandra who was walking at a high speed.

Cassandra ignored Amy's words as she ascended the stairs.

'Why is my life so messed up.'

'Everything was going well so why now?'

Cassandra who had no idea of direction bumped into a hard wall as she moved back. Cassandra's hand went up to her forehead as she rubbed it in pain "Ouch!!"

"Princess …" Amy came running as she held Cassandra's shoulder's to keep her in place. "Let me see." Amy's voice was nervous as she rubbed and blew on Cassandra's forehead to reduce the pain.

Cassandra looked up to see who had bumped into only to find Lord Bentham standing there with a worried face. But he was not the only one there. There was an old man standing beside him. Although he had not aged a lot and looked powerful Cassandra could see the signs of aging in him.

"Princess .."


Both the men bowed as Cassandra stood still eyeing Amy. Amy was displeased but she removed her hand from Cassandra's forehead as she stood in the corner.

"Lords .." Cassandra bowed followed by Amy.

Both the parties looked at each other. Lord Bentham looked at Cassandra's back only top realized it was the Empress's palace.

"Did the Princess met with the Empress?"

Cassandra nodded as she looked at the elderly man standing there. Lord Bentham saw the curiosity in Cassandra's gaze. He smiled as he introduced the man beside him.

"Princess, this is my father."

Cassandra was shocked as her eyes widened. "Duke Bentham."

Duke Bentham smiled as he looked at his eldest son and said. "You can keep the Princess company. I will be on my way."

"No …" Cassandra interrupted as she shook her head. "I was on my way to my palace."

Duke Bentham smiled as he said in a composed voice. "Fifth Princess is generous. But let my eldest keep you company in the way. It is his duty. I will be rest assured if he goes with you."

Cassandra was silent as she looked at Duke Bentham who was looking at her with a gaze filled with hope. Cassandra reluctantly nodded her head.

Duke Bentham smiled as he looked at his son before leaving the area.

Cassandra's eyes followed Duke Bentham until Lord Bentham's words broke her concentration.

"Princess .."

Cassandra turned her head only to find that Lord Bentham was near her. Cassandra was frightened as she took a step back. Her eyes widened as she saw Lord Bentham's hand coming near her.

Cassandra closed her eyes only to feel a soft touch on her forehead. She opened her eyes as a feeling of ease spread flowed her body.

"This .." Cassandra was short of words as she saw Lord Bentham touching her forehead to reduce the pain. It was then that Cassandra remembered that Duke Salvador's aid have done the same thing on the night of the victory banquet.

'I forgot that Lord Bentham was a water mage.'

'But I never knew he could heal.'

"Are you feeling better?" Lord Bentham asked with a worried gaze.

Cassandra nodded before she realized what just happened. She took a step back as she looked down.

Lord Bentham also took a step back as he smiled looking at the fifth Princess's reaction. "Should we go now? Princess?"

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