39 Good Deeds

Lord Bentham was still sitting on the chair looking at the distance where Cassandra had gone out.

He was unaware of the time that had passed. He was sure that his words might have affected Princess Cassandra deeply. Maybe she will think about it or maybe she will not.

"Looks like you enjoyed your talk with the Princess." A voice came from the back bringing Lord Bentham back to reality. He looked back as she got up from his chair.

"Father …"

Duke Bentham walked as he rested his hand on his eldest son's shoulders. "Should I be worried?"

Lord Bentham's gaze turned sharp as he looked at the route Princess Cassandra took.

"He wants to meet her outside." Lord Bentham said as a dangerous emotion flashed in his gaze.

"So what should we do next?" Duke Bentham asked in a low tone.

Lord Bentham was quiet. He looked at his adopted father. "I want to send a marriage proposal in the palace."

"Marriage proposal? For whom?" Duke Salvador asked.

"I will marry Princess Cassandra."

"You cannot." Duke Bentham's gaze widened as he said in a sharp tone. "This is .."

"I know." Lord Bentham cut his father's words. "I will not really marry her. You know I cannot. I want to help her and make her life a little easy. Being my fiancé will help her survive."

"Are you sure?" Duke Bentham asked with narrowed eyes. "I think it will affect her more badly. She might be the focus being your fiancé."

"Aiden wants her to risk her life and go out to meet him. What is more dangerous being caught by the royals while meeting Duke Salvador secretly or being my recognized fiancée?" Lord Bentham emphasized the last word. "Father?"

Duke Bentham was silent as he thought about the situation his eldest son had said. He knew the answer in his heart but he did not say it out loud.

"I will get the Emperor's permission soon." Duke Bentham said as he looked at his son.

"Not soon. Tomorrow." Lord Bentham said as he took a step closer to his father.

"The Duke looks impatient to meet the Princess. And I feel it will not be a one-time thing." Lord Bentham whispered as if afraid that someone would listen to him.

Duke Bentham nodded.


"Princess …" Amy said in a shivering tone.

"Amy, I feel that Lord Bentham's words were not wrong." Cassandra sighed as she looked outside into the changing color of the sky. The sky had a light pink and red color giving it an unusual look.

"Lord Bentham said he might help me go out without getting caught." Cassandra's tone had turned into a whisper. "It is a good deal."

"But I can help you too …" Amy said in a hurry. She looked at Cassandra as she moved closer.

"No Amy." Cassandra cut Amy's words. "We can both get in danger if we get caught. By taking Lord Bentham's help we can both be safe."

"But …" Amy said in a panic, but looking at Cassandra's gaze she swallowed her words back.

[I think the Princess is taking risks.]

[What if Lord Bentham is playing a game.]

[Why would he help the Princess when he had just met the Princess twice.]

[Why sacrifice and help someone who Lord Bentham does not know personally.]

Cassandra knew that Amy cared for her. And what Amy was thinking was right, but it was not a thing to think about now.

"Amy, I know you care about me but you heard what Lord Bentham said. It will be a fake marriage." Cassandra's gaze was silent.

[Fake marriage?]

[I don't trust Lord Bentham with you.]

[Princess should be careful.]

Cassandra smiled. "But you should trust me to Amy. You have seen how the Empress was talking. If I do not take anyone with me to marry then she would marry me off to who knows who."

"I know Princess …"

"So Amy, it is a good decision to consider." Cassandra looked at Amy. "I can meet Duke Salvador and get Empress off my back."

Amy's gaze turned soft. She knew that what Princess Cassandra was saying was true. "But the Princess has to visit the Duke's mansion soon."

"Yes, I know," Cassandra said absentmindedly. Her mind was somewhere else deep in thoughts.

'I have to get things clear with the Duke.'

'I have to make sure that I stay invisible.'

'But being with Lord Bentham will make it invisible.'

'I have to get things straight with Lord Bentham.'

'I have to think about Amy's worry as well. She is the only one who cares about me.'

'It all started with Duke Salvador.'

'If only I hadn't met him.'

Cassandra shook her head. There was nothing to think more about things that cannot be changed.

"Amy …" Cassandra looked at Amy as she held her hand as if Cassandra had thought something great.

"Princess …" Amy was shocked, her gaze shook as her mouth opened.

"I have decided to accept Lord Bentham's offer."

[It is too early.]

[Princess. You should think about it more.]

[Take your time and consider.]

[He is not the last option.]

[Maybe Duke Salvador can help you.]

Cassandra smiled as she could feel Amy's hand was getting tightened by the second. Combined with her thoughts, Cassandra felt Amy was too cute, but her decision was final.

No matter what Amy thought anymore, Cassandra was not going to change her opinion. Her decision was done. She was going to do the fake marriage.

Amy saw that Cassandra was distracted as her mind shouted yet she kept quiet. [WHY!!]

Cassandra was shocked when she heard a loud voice but soon her gaze softened. Why would she accept Lord Bentham's suggestion? The answer was simple, because of Duke Salvador.

Cassandra knew that Lord Bentham was right. Duke Salvador was an unreasonable person at times and looking at his recent behavior who knows where he might call her next. Cassandra wanted to survive no matter what so what would be great than accepting an advantageous proposal that had come to her on its own.

Cassandra knew she might be a fool if she denied Lord Bentham's good deeds now.

'And we will not marry in the end.'

'We will just pretend.'

"Amy. I will accept it." Cassandra said as she saw Amy swallow.

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