186 End

"Mother, Father .." Ayah's voice was small. She looked at the Ducal couple who were sitting in front of her.

"Yes," Duchess Cassandra smiled at the girl. 

Over the years. Ayah had grown gracefully. Although the Empire had not changed a lot, there were still significant changes.

For once the Elvira Empire was no longer called the Elvira Empire. With the help of the temple, a new prophecy was given to the people. Elvira is now content and in heaven and only wishes that people would let her rest. All she wished for was that the survivors of the Vivere Kingdom be accepted and everyone lives in harmony.

The priest was the one who formed a perfect sentence for the message and the people had to accept that. Soon the Empire was renamed to be the Cristalla Empire. An Empire where people were accepted by the way they were.


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