46 Emperor Approve?

Duke Salvador was staring at the distance towards the door where Lord Bentham and Cassandra had gone.

His hand was clenched into a fist. His mind was running wild as his eyes narrowed.

'Why did he get engaged so suddenly.'

'As long as I know Achard Bentham was never into getting married. That to a Princess.'

'He hated getting involved with the royal family, so why?'

'Does he like the Fifth Princess?'

'No. I can sense he cares for her but not love.'

''So why so early?'

Aiden closed his eyes as he could not understand what was happening to him. He never cared for his friend, but now, here he was justifying the behavior of his friend.

'Is Achard doing this because the fifth Princess does not have any power?'

'It must be. If he marries her then he does not have to fight with his younger brother for the Dukedom.'


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