Carving on the Wall

Author: Ando_Ajo
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What is Carving on the Wall

Read Carving on the Wall novel written by the author Ando_Ajo on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, r18, weaktostrong, vampire, werewolf. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Satya is a man who for two years has always harbored hatred towards Sonya, his boss at a private insurance company. With Sonya's attitude and words that are always harsh and insulting to him, every day Satya's hatred is getting bigger. One day, Satya finds all his hatred towards Sonya fading and disappearing just like that after he finds out the truth about Sonya. And now, for a week, they were even involved in an unusually intimate relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last long, Satya left the pregnant Sonya, and he returned to his hometown, Bali. In the old house that his family inherited from generation to generation, Satya found a carving on one of the walls in the living room, with a line of words barely legible. He who lived alone because all his relatives had died, tried to recall the stories of his ancestors about the carving. Until one night, by accident, Satya was able to recall the lines of sentences that were between the carvings on the living room wall. Something happened shortly after Satya read the sentence. He felt his body being pulled by a powerful force that made him move between dimensions and time. Satya was suddenly in one land, in the era 1000 years before his time. Here, Satya has to fight hard to return to his time by helping a royal princess named Lathifa Minan who is usually called Lathi, the princess is being oppressed by her husband. She was even sentenced to death by being thrown to the bottom of the sea. Can Satya save Princess Lathi? Or, can he go back to his time? Then, how does Satya's relationship with Sonya end up, which he left pregnant? Well, find the answer in this story. Happy reading ^^

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