Carnal Immortal

A man who was locked up to cultivate immortality finally achieved it, becoming immortal and reaching the very peak of existence. But to achieve immortality, he was forced to give up one thing he loved the most, and that was sex. He was a man whore before he was set on the path to cultivating immortality. He could seduce any woman during his time as a mortal. But now that he has achieved immortality and has omnipotent, he wants to go back to his old ways, finding pleasure in tasting different types of women. ______________________ A/N - This WN is focused on sex, there is a story but it is very slow, MC's focus will be on women since this is a sex story, as for the plot, it really doesn't matter, being omnipotent means no matter what the antagonists do, it is useless, but there will be something to look into when it comes to the plot as I don't want to make it boring to you readers. Support me on Patreon and read extra chapters and short stories there. Link - https://www.patreon.com/Lust_God Disclaimer - The cover art doesn't belong to me, found it on Pinterest, and credit goes to the creator. WARNING. This novel consists of extreme sexual content, for example, hardcore BDSM, sharing, public display, gangbang, corruption, manipulation, and every other kink that I want to put in. If you are uncomfortable with any of the following, do not read.

Lust_God · Fantasy
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111 Chs

Dana Doing Her Job

With the utmost important task at hand that has been bestowed upon Dana, she now must perform her best so that she doesn't disappoint her new master.

So, with seductive elegance, she steps up to Amon. She places her right knee on the couch and then the left. She brings her body closer to his as she hovers her cunt over his massive cock.

Dana places her hands over his shoulders and looks into his eyes. She bites her lower lip as she stares into Amon's majestic eyes.

Amon observes his new slave. The look of lust and anticipation on her face is very evident. She wants to be feasted, fucked, and ruined by him.

And it is not just her face that gave away her desires. Her pussy is dripping with love juice on Amon's cock, lubricating it further.

The only thing stopping her now is his permission.

Amon places his hands on her thighs and slowly glides them up her hips and then grabs her waist.

Her waist is slim, so his big hands almost wrap around it completely. With his strength, he easily takes control and lowers her body a little, making her wet cunt touch the tip of his fat cock. 

Feeling the tip of his cock against her pussy makes her whimper as a tingling sensation runs up her body.

This is just the beginning. Like a toy, Amon starts moving her around, rubbing her pussy against the tip of his cock, teasing her pussy by making it expand and retract. 

Dana continues to whimper, as she can't do anything but suffer from all the teasing from Amon.

"Looks like you want something from me?" Amon says with a smirk on his face as he enjoys the look of lustful frustration on Dana's face.

"~mmnnnn~" She moans, unable to express herself.

"I asked something," this time he asks in a more stern tone.

"I want ~mnnfffff~ ma~master'sss~ dick in~isnide meeee" She manages to voice out what she wants, but Amon is not going to make this easy for her.

"I don't understand what you are saying, say it more precisely," Amon says while making sure the tip of his cock continues to tease her cunt.

"I want master to fuck my pussy, use me like the cock sleeve that I am~ master please fuck me~," she begs.

"You sound sincere enough so I shall reward you," Amon says and slowly starts lowering Dana down on his cock.

The tip of his cock presses against the opening of her pussy and slowly starts spreading it wide apart as it makes its way inside her.

"~AANNNGGGGGGG~" Dana throws her head back and lets out a loud moan as the sensation of her pussy getting stretched overwhelmed her.

Amon doesn't waste his time letting Dana get used to his dick. With the head of his dick already in, he plunges the rest of it in an instant making Dana squeal as she feels the head of his cock hit the end of her cave.

Soon Dana starts hopping up and down on Amon's cock. His big fat dick stretches her pussy and fills her up from the inside, stimulating all her nerve endings and providing ultimate pleasure.

The sound of her moans soon takes over the whole room. She moans and squeals like a cat.

Her eyes are rolled up, her tongue is out and about while Amon enjoys the view of her breasts bouncing in front of his face.

Dana, overwhelmed with pleasure, couldn't last long against Amon's magnificent cock and came within a few minutes.

"~Masterrrr~ I AM CUMMING~" she screamed as her whole body shook with pleasure.

Her body continued to quiver for a minute before she finally stopped and started breathing heavily.

But Amon is not even close to cumming. He waits for Dana to calm down and once she does; he grabs her by her waist and lifts her off his dick.

His cock comes out of her pussy with a pop along with a lot of her love juice leaking out, dripping down on his dick.

"I am not done yet," he says and throws her down on the couch back first.

Dana bites down on her lips again as she sees Amon's massive figure looming over her. She brings her eyes down towards his abdomen and sees his big fat cock standing strong and hard, ready to ruin her pussy.

She gulps down and spreads her legs to welcome Amon as her pussy pulsates.

Amon admires the sight in front of him. The lustful anticipation on her face, her perfect breasts heaving up and down as she takes in deep breaths, her sexy thick legs that are open wide apart inviting him to take her, and her quivering desperate pussy that still needs a lot more pounding.

With the feast already well presented in front of him, Amon doesn't waste any time and digs in.

He grabs his cock and presses it against Dana's pussy and goes in. "~AAAANNNNNN~" she squeals as she feels her pussy get stretched again.

With his dick inside her, Amon lifts her legs by his inner elbows and folds her in half, and then starts pounding vigorously.

Dana continues moaning like a feral cat in heat while her feet flail around in the air. Her toes are completely curled up as she is getting overwhelmed with both pleasure and pain. She is getting addicted to the feeling of Amon's massive cock rearranging her guts.

She then starts squealing like a bitch while her body starts to shudder as she reaches another orgasm.

She wraps around hands and legs around Amon clinging onto him as tightly as possible as the earth-shattering orgasmic release completely overwhelms all her senses.

But this is just the beginning. Amon is not stopping for her. Even as her body continues to shudder violently from her orgasm, Amon continues to pound her pussy. Causing a huge mess on the couch from all the love juice squirting out of Dana's pussy.

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