3 Plans for the future

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Changing one star card to bronze card

From weakest to strongest:

Bronze, silver, gold and diamond


Yami believes that he was currently 5 to 6 years before the canon. He wrote everything he knew was gonna happen in the near future. Who knows he might forget things with time.

(A/N: the reason why he knows the current timeline will be explained in a future chapter as i forgot to include it here. thx RexHarris for noticing)

Yami then decided his plans for the future.

Since everything he knows of the future revolves around U.A. then he might as well become involved. 

Becoming a hero. 

Not as a hobby but as a job. Yami is not a heroic person, he just wants to use the hand he was dealt. With his quirk and future knowledge. 

First in importance, get into U.A. high school.

Should not be that hard. If a certain grape man could enroll so can he. 

To better his chances he must get stronger. Yami will start by completing daily challenges and using his cards. 

That should be enough small goal until the anime starts. Yami thinks to himself. So now Yami put his mind into training daily and completing challenges. He looks at the calendar and sees that it was late March and today was Thursday. Just 10 days away from going back to school. 

And so for the rest of his 10 day vacation he did his daily training. 


Come April, school year starts again. 

Yami woke up for his fist day of fifth grade. He got greeted by a game windows:

<Daily challenges reset>

<20 push ups in under a minute>

<20 sit-ups in under a minute>

<20 squats in under a minute>

<1 5 kilometer run in under minutes>

The challenges got progressively harder but they were manageable for Yami. They were nearing what the average for an adult male would be. 

Yami went for his morning run and completed his daily routine. He got a Card. 

Also, during these past few days he got 9 new bronze cards. Some were duplicates of cards he already had had.

"Show card" 

<Ding! >

<Cards:< p>

(Breeze) x2

(Steel Bat) x2

(Refresh) x1

(Kitchen knife) x1

(Ski mask) x1

(Ember)  x2

(Creature capture)  x1

Breeze and steel bat both got a duplicate each, now he can either use one bat and switch to the other on cool down, or he could dual wield both bats for 10 minutes then wait for the cool down. 

Also, Ember is a fire spell counterpart of Breeze. Instead of a small gentle wind coming from my hand I got a match-sized flame. Now Yami can burn things with his fingertips he thinks. 

(Refresh) is a spell card that basically let's him heal a target. After some experiments he found that it worked on surface cuts and bruise, Yami did not dare to try it on deeper cuts.

Knife and ski mask are just as they sound. Just two equip cards: an ordinary knife and a mask. Yami got them both in succession which made him think that his quirk wanted him to rob someone. He was hoping his quirk wasn't foreshadowing something. But alas he was happy he got the knife at least. 

Now comes the good part. Creatures! He got a Creature Capture yesterday. When he saw the artwork, he realized that it was basically a p@keball type card. The artwork showed an injured bird and a stick man pointing a Card at it to to capture it. 

He could get creatures or monsters to fight for him. Just like in most tcgs. And today's card was (Creature: The Crow). When he read it he immediately went and summoned it. 

A common city crow got summoned before him. It looked just like a real crow, however Yami noticed a lack of life in its eyes and movements. It was lifeless so to speak. 

"Come rest on my arm, crow. "He tried giving it an order to see what happens. 

And to his anticipation it did. 

"Having a creature to fight for me is nice and all but how can a crow fight super villains like Dabi, Shigaraki, or even a nomu." Yami grumbled "Can't I at least get a pik@chu to fight a nomu." 

Wait pik@chu? Nomu? "System can I capture a nomu using a creature capture card?" Yami asked expectingly

<Caster can use (Creature Capture) to capture creatures>

<Conditions and prerequisites must be met>

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