4 Conditions? And school

<Caster can use (Creature Capture) to capture creatures>

<Conditions and prerequisites must be met>

Yami's was intrigued. What kind of conditions does it take to capture a nomu.

When he was about to ask his quirk,

"Yami come on you are gonna be late to school! " his mom's voice reminded him.

"I'm leaving now!" Yami said while grabbing his backpack and exiting his house. 'I guess I will look into the conditions later,' he muttered. 

Feeling a weight on his arm he realized his crow still perched on it. "Go back!" He immediately un-summoned it. He then went to his school commute. 

He attends a local neighborhood school, it was not the best in the area but close to where he lives. When he arrived, he saw a familiar gate withered and rusted by time. 

"I can't wait to leave this school and go to U.A." Yami said. 

"Who says you are going to U.A., quirkless." 

A voice snickered from behind awoke Yami from his self  monologue-ing. 

It was a kid his age who said that. Yami remembers him as the boy who does nothing but bully others. 

"Oh! It is you! What was your name? Random school bully A?" Yami commented. 

Not waiting for the bully to answer he just left to his class. This act really angered school bully A. But Yami just did not care. 

In this world where nearly 80% of the people had quirks, those without were often looked down upon. This is the same case for Yami, or at least was the same. Now he has a quirk he can't be looked down upon again.

This was the reason why he wished for a quirk and even cried when he finally did get one. He did not want to be different. He wanted to blend in with his classmates.

He was one of two quirkless people in class. 

The other one could not bear the bullying so he rarely ever went to school, even going and getting held a year. 

Now that he got one, those who bullied him before can't bother him any longer, he believes. 

First day of school each year was fairly short. Students were shown their classes, desks and shoe boxes.

Everything went smoothly. Originally, Yami hated the first day of each school year. Why? 

"Alright, students! Your names will be called. When you hear your name please give a brief introduction of yourself, and what is your quirk." this is the reason why. 

Every year he would introduce himself as' Yami Sato quirkless'. And he hated it when the kids made fun of him. Now he can finally not be embarrassed. 

" Yami Sato" his name was called. 

"Present! My name is Yami Sato. I like card games. My quirk is Card Caster." Yami said it with his whole chest behind it. His blue eyes were smiling, too. 

Yami now liked roll calls for some reason. Done with his first day of school. He then went to go back home. He noticed school bully A standing near the gate likely waiting on him to continue from where they left this morning. 

Yami of course ignored him and just left. He was to excited to see how can he capture a nomu. 


Now back in his room. Yami asked his quirk to show the conditions. 

<Conditions and prerequisites must be met>

<Target must have low intelligence, lower than that of a human>

<Target must be weakened physically or put under status effect>

<(Capture Card) must be of appropriate rarity>

<Upper-tier (Nomu) creatures need gold or diamond cards>

Yami glanced over the conditions and noticed a certain term. 

"Explain rarity." 

<Cards have rarities< p>

Bronze: Cards with effects that can be easily replicated with household items. Bronze creatures are the weakest creatures. 

Silver: Cards with effects of low to mid tier quirks, or modern technology. Silver creatures usually have a weak quirk or a power. 

Gold: Cards with effects of high tier quirks or advanced technology. Gold creatures can contend with strong quirk users. 

Diamond: Cards that can cause natural disasters and miracle-like effects. Diamond creatures are the strongest creatures tied with top quirk users.

The higher the rarity the higher the cool down>

"I see. How do I get higher rarity cards?" 


<Caster can get up to gold rarity cards randomly by doing daily challenges>

<Silver (10% chance)< p>

Gold (0.1% chance)>


"Random, huh?" Yami knew his luck was always bad, especially in gachas. 


<Caster can dismantle lower rarity cards to upgrade or get a random higher card>

<Upgrade designated card Ratio 1n+10:1>

<Random card Ratio 10:1>

<Diamond rarity cards can not be dismantled>


'So since I get one bronze card a day if i want to guarantee an upgrade from bronze to a diamond card I need a thousand days or 2 years and 9 months. That means even if I get lucky by the time the canon starts I will have at least 1 diamond and at most 3.' Yami calculated.


"Hmm not bad." 

Yami now had another goal in mind. 'Upgrade the creature capture card to diamond to get a nomu for myself.'

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