1 Beginning

"Happy birthday!!" -???

This was the first thing Yami heard that registered with him. Everything felt surreal to him. The birthday chant, the decorations, and most importantly the birthday cake with a "10" candle on it.

Yami has so many questions. What is this? Where is this? And Who the hell is this woman before him?!

<Ding! >

A certain window appeared before him.

<Card invocation quirk acquired>

He just blew the candle moments ago whilst wishing for his quirk to manifest. And manifest it did. It also awakened memories that lay deep in his soul. Suddenly it all hit him.


Yami liked trading card games. He dabbled in games like Yugioh! and the like.

One day while playing online, he matched against an opponent playing an FTK deck. An FTK (First turn kill) deck is a strategy to kill your opponent in the first turn or bore them to death.

While watching his opponent doing his 20 minute combo and sending him to the shadow realm, he died. His soul got banished.

But instead of being banished to the shadow realm, his soul crossed over to the world of My Hero Academia as a 10 year old kid named Yami Sato. Now kid Yami is having his tenth birthday, celebrating with no one but his mom, the before mentioned woman.

Yami's father went to buy some milk years ago. Since then it was just him and his mom.

His mom's name is Kira, she has pale skin, waist long white bluish hair, and two prominent blue eyes. And true to genetics he inherited her white bluish hair and her glowing blue eyes.

"Yami what is wrong?"

"Nothing, mom. I was just making a wish."

"Really? can you tell me what you wished for. I wont tell anybody. I promise." She asked expectantly.

"No way!" Yami knew she gossiped with her coworkers a lot and wont keep a secret.

Yami and his mom celebrated his birthday and it was now time for sleep. Yami retreated to his room. He laid on his bed and went under his blanket. 

But how could he sleep when a game window is in his face. Yami decided to click on the window to see what happens. When he did this is what he saw:

<Ding! >

Name: Yami Sato

Age: 10

Quirk: Card Invocation

Card List: Empty>

Yami stared in awe at the simplicity of his system-like quirk. Also, how can he use his quirk if he had no cards, and how can he obtain them.

<Ding! >

<Since 1 caster is a beginner star card will be rewarded>

<Received 1 star spell card:< p>

(Breeze) >

His quirk came in clutch with an answer.

"Show me!"

A bronze card showed between his hands. The card art had a stick man figure stretch his hand and winds were coming from it. 

Without any thoughts at all Yami cast the spell under his blanket. 

A gentle wind blew his blanket away from him and persisted for 3 seconds. 

Yami felt like a wizard. When he wanted to cast the spell card again he notice that it had a 9 minutes and some seconds left to Cast. 

Cards have cool downs but no Cast time Yami surmised. 

He wanted more cards. 

<Ding! >

<Caster can do challenges to obtain cards>

<10 push ups in under a minute>

<10 sit-ups in under a minute>

<10 squats in under a minute>

<1 10 kilometer run in under minutes>

Yami read the challenges and noticed that something feels familiar with these challenges.

"Wait a minute! Is this a nerfed Saitama routine. What is this?"

<Challenges are adjusted to caster's physical prowess>

"Oh! I see. I guess that makes sense."

It is too late for these challenges Yami thought to himself. He will just do them tomorrow morning.

Yami closed his exhausted eyes and just drifted to sleep.

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