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Noice novel ‎‎‎ f



Story is way too rushed. It has potential but it is ruined by the fast pacing. Everything is happening neck to neck with no break in between. As such, there are many plot holes left.


The premis is great but there is too much unnecessary information. Almost a thousand chapters but the story hasn’t even broken two weeks. The chapters are short and honestly most of the time you’re going to get anywhere. The story has great potential and I’m going to continue reading, but yeah.


The story setting is really fun but it's a typical novel of this type. The MC doesn't have to put in any effort to learn to create cards, just automatically being able to 'tell' the best way to make them. And, of course, recipe's come just as naturally to him as breathing. No build-up or effort means no satisfaction from the result, which means you might as well remove the crafting part of the setting and just make it action. Character's don't act like people, and they don't interact like people. Conversations are stilted and unnatural with a lot of author self-inserts that cause the conversations to jump from one point to another. The way they communicate is really hard to stomach. It gives me second-hand embarrassment. It just makes it impossible to be engaged with the story. It's unfortunate. I love crafting stories. But this isn't a crafting story. If the author reads this, this would be a good story if you made the crafting something the MC worked towards consistently over the story's timeline and you improved the way characters interact and communicate. Those are the two points that are really dragging the story down.


the only bad thing about this novel is when a character by the name of "Anna" appears in the story: a hoe over 80 years old with a high card level (aka higher cultivation level) who was sleeping with thousands of people over the years and taking the MC hostage for more than 300 chapters because she liked him.


Fillers! Fillers! Fillers! to the point of madness. I sort of like this book but also really hate this book. Never seen a story being so blatantly stretched out (maybe there are more out there but I never stuck around long enough to experience it) But I do like the book and it has potential but it could really do without the word salad to meet word count


the cover is awesome lol....................................................................................................................


This book name should be how to become omnipresent within a month. It's been crossed 1400 chapters but he didn't cross a month in the novel after his transgression.


I like the concept of the story, but it’s become difficult to read. - Punctuation and grammatical errors are common, and the writing style overall can sometimes be confusing. - The story gradually becomes so convoluted with various conspiracies that it takes away from them individually. Also, the MC monologues internally about society too often and for too long; it gets boring and repetitive fast. - This is just a personal preference thing, but too many of the characters are terrible people. I’m convinced at this point that 80% of the people in the city are just sociopaths. Too often, their reasoning for treating others like metaphorical and literal punching bags is just because they can.


30 out of 70 is MC's Progress. 70 is explain here explain there info here info there, even side characters will explain everything about him/her even it is not needed. Do you know the feeling of eating food but its hard to swallow? like eating rock 😐 We appreciate that you want to give us good to reading story but sometimes so many BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH isnt good thing.. it gets booring.


The mc turned evil too quick. It said humanoid not only humans so ogres goblins and other card summons could have worked.


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Recommend: Reading. Not really sure about stability of updates, so I just put it at three. Writing quality, story development, and world background seem decent so fours across the board. Character design is three because there are characters I like, even if it's characters I like because I like to hate them, and also characters that I should like or hate but I just... kind of feel bleh about. Unfortunately, the MC is one of those characters that I feel kind of... meh... about at times when I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to just like the MC as a general rule of thumb. It's possible though, that this is just not my type of MC and others will like him. I do have a positive opinion of the story overall though, and I like most of it; even some aspects of the things I don't quite like overall, such as the MC... I don't hate him outright. This is why I would recommend giving this story a read. I don't think you'll come away from reading this with a feeling of having wasted your time. It's above average quality, in my opinion.


I like the novel, but at the same time get really annoyed by it. The writing style consists of repeating itself and going in circles which causes very little progress is made in a lot of chapters. The MC is arrogant petty and once showed his superiority by basically argueing with a 5-year old by being more childish. Overall: I like the powersystem and the world but the writing and characters not.


I like the novel but the chapters are so short that almost of them are fillers! I'm choking on fillers! I'm slowly losing interest and my enthusiasm on this novel is waning.



The story is too much slow paced. Thing that should take on 3-4 chapters, author stretch them unnecessary to 15-20 chapters. Too much unnecessary information. Unnecessary stretching of information only makes reader frustrated.