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♡I was forced to marry a monster♡ "Where will you hide, my dear little doll?" his husky voice passed a shiver in her spine within next minute he pulled her out from the cupboard and pinned her to bed "You cannot disobey me" he said while gripping her chin hard, tears rolled from her eyes but she nodded her head obediently "You make me sick and I will punish you" he splitted venom with pure hatred while entering into her body again and again, she screamed in excruciating pain "You're a virgin" his words shattered, tears with pain and guilt running from her eyes He stepped back from there and mumbled "No, it's not true, it can't be true, she can't be virgin according to my research" he left the room by leaving the weak body of helpless girl Aaron Castillo the last prince of Castillo and the CEO of Castillo enterprises, the rude, arrogant and a totally spoiled rich pure playboy, most handsome the modern Greek god with terrific attractive personality Abigail Wilson the youngest daughter of famous business tycoon who lives in the shadow of her elder sister Brittany Wilson, the real example of innocence and purity, she was grown with obedience and kindhearted The girl who never witnessed love and affection, the man who never cared about love and affection were tied together "Dad and Mom please don't do this to me" she requested them by falling on her knees "You're always a burden to us, atleast now be useful to our family" without any mercy they expressed their hatred Fate intertwined and in an overnight, the so called younger daughter of business tycoon became wife of royal prince and most powerful man in the country "I can't marry sister's man and I can't cheat him in place of sister" she said with innocence and guilt "someone like you can't be this innocent and pure, just do as we said or else you know the consequences" her parents threatened her and pushed her but not in front of aisle but infront of the gate to hell She was an imposter to her sister, she was forced to get married to the man whom she never seen in place of her sister The life after the marriage became more hell to her in the hands of the cruel prince, she never know what made him to hate her, she never know why he wants to take revenge on her Every inch of her body is his to ruin. Every bit of her soul is his to defile. In a golden cage which he built for her, he intends to break her, he loves her within a moment he torments, this is the sweet and sour love of him His bipolarness brings both fear and love in her, her tenderness softens his heart, he is the cure to her loneliness, she is the light in his dark life, but fate brings unexpected twists Will her innocence and pure heart win his heart which is burning with revenge? Can she teach him what is called as love? Will he ever understand her true character? Can she able to change him? Or will she run away from him "I found your biggest secret" the words which are the nightmare to her became true "You can't run away from me" the vibrations of his baritone sent shudders through her spine "I'm not anyone's property Mr. Aaron Castillo" her words made everyone stunned, the girl known for obedience talked back with courage and confidence "I'm impressed Mrs. Aaron Castillo, you're mine now and always" he gripped her waist while sealing her lips, but unexpectedly it costed a slap on his cheek but a smile formed in the corner of his lips while watching his innocent cat transformation into wild kitten NOTE : Cover credits doesn't belongs to me, credits goes to the rightful owner WARNING : mature content, R18, consists of rape and abusive theme, read at your own risk,


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