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I don't normally write reviews, but I just can't help it with this book. the characters are just *chef kiss* everyone has a charming and distinct personality, each with their own unique characteristics that make them stand out. their introductions are not too urgent, the writer gives you enough time to process new information without it being too boring or slow. on the topic of writing, can I just point out that the way delana writes emotions is pretty much godly?. emotions are not the only thing that makes her unique either. the scenery, the way she sets the atmosphere, simple words like "beautiful" and the usual description of "deep eyes", she has a way of somehow making them....how do I say it? meaningful? yeah, that's the word. it's not just a way to describe someone's appearance, it's the mc's pov of how he sees ml. it's how he can't help but fall to the other, it's how he always finds himself in a daze everytime ml talks to him. it's how precious he finds ml's smile. it's about how much he loves him. everyday life moments, and interactions are very enjoyable. simple pats on the head, and flicks on the forehead are enough to warm my heart. call me simple, but mystery is not something I enjoy. nor do I like detective work or police shenanigans. I rather things being straightforward since I hate complicated situations. I was actually hesitant to read this because of that. but delana somehow made me like it--? I don't know why. maybe it's because mystery is not the "only" focus. and the fact that she made me like the mc enough to care about his past. the world building is not really unique, it's the usual modren omegaverse. what makes me happy though is the fact that it's not mentioned every singlr second. it actually feels real, unlike the many hrny ah novels I've read (they're good too but still--) in short. it's like the perfect mix between real life and omgaverse. now for character design... sheeeeesh--- how can literally everyone be so hot? especially Mc. long hair? check.✔️ muscles? check.✔️ scars? check.✔️ teacher? check.✔️ lovable but also hot? CHECK✔️✔️. WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR🛐💕💀?! anyway. I guess you can tell I got tired halfway through writing this shizzy review. so I'm gonna take my leave. peace out *fades out of existence*.

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The writing is 💯 the plot is 💯 character development 💯the schemes of criminals +💯 ROMANCE ++💯 Definitely it's not going to be a smooth relationship but I'm convinced with that after all the plot is just too complicating and feeding us enough nerve-wracking twist and turns as the truth behind the characters are getting revealed. Of course from some point onwards I just stop thinking about it completely to not get any more shock and surprises so the pressure get lesser on me . All in all its wonderful story for those who wants to read some thrilled, murder case, criminal story with huge mafia plot. Thank you author San for feeding us such thrilling story. ✨✨🔥🔥


Can I just say one thing😤 This book IS TOO DIE FOR🤩 Everything about it, the plot, the development, the characters every thing is done so perfectly! I love this book and it’s officially taken a place inside my heart forever. If your unsure if you want to start reading this book for any reason like maybe the length, let me tell you it is TOTALLY worth it. Sometimes life can take up a lot of time and make it hard to just fully explore the story for a lot of reasons. personally this way my case, months ago probs around the 300chapters mark I was INLOVE with the book but I sadly had to focus on school and work, even then I still thought of this story and it found a way to drag my butt back over, THATS how great this story is. It Will literally find a way to resonate with you, and I believe that requires powerful writing skills from the author. On another note, Delana IS AN AMAZING AUTHOR. honestly it’s nearly impossible to find a interesting story, that is updated frequently and it not forgotten about. But jeez were we granted a miracle with delana. Don’t think you’ll find another author that has DIVINE writing, updates not even weekly but DAILY, and is super friendly plus interacts with her audience. I could literally ramble on for days about the book so if your still thinking twice to start let me just stop you there because this book will change your life! In a very good and wonderful way. So get some snacks, get comfortable and prepare to go through the roller coaster of emotions delana will take you.🤭 Enjoy!😆


Hi everyone, delana's here! now that this book is one month old, I finally decided to drop a review 😆✨ if you're still hesitating to start this story, let me tell you what to expect: 1. This is an omegaverse, meaning somewhere in the future there will be a lil adorable baby! 🍼🥺💕 2. Our MC is the seme/top/gong Alpha protagonist. I know this is quite unusual, but do give this story a try and I will let you know the thrill of being on ✨top✨ 3. The main theme of this story is crime. not gonna lie, it will be heavy, dark, depressing and the plot doesn't focus on romance alone. if you're here for some dose of sweet fluffy romance, then *cough* expect to be disappointed. However, you will get fleshed out characters (not only the mains, but also sides) slice of life, familial and platonic relationships, and so on. 4. Mature scenes 😳 which I will tag on the title as [M] there are more content warnings which you can read at Auxiliary chapter 'Author's Note' but this is more or less enough to let you know what you will be getting into. Last but not least, welcome to 'Captured By The Cold Detective' and I wish you a pleasant stay 😊💗


It is so amazing and so hooking The characters love story is amazing but the case is even more interesting I am really looking forward to more chapter updates Truly a delena work


I‘m 10 chapters in so far very intrigued by the story. An sweet alpha with a hidden past and a grumpy omega? All in. I’ve read stories by Delena and like her writing style a lot. I have a feeling I’ll fall fast for these characters and the story itself.


I've only read the title and the synopsis but I already know that I'm going to love this new novel!! thank you author for your hard work and I can't wait to continue supporting your work!! 💜💜


First review from me on this book First of all Idk what I expected when I started reading this novel but day by day it has fit into my schedule now I need to read it daily😂 I just really love all the characters specially KG bro took 'I know everything' to a whole new level😂 And I am really happy just with story going as it is now with a little suspense and a little romance with maybe some hints for HJ's past here and there plus love the possessive sweety MY😍 Last but not least did the cover just updated??OMG it looks so amazing I mean the previous one was also amazing but this one looks so OP man but why is it giving off vampire feel I mean the HJ's long hair and him biting MY but whatever I absolutely love it So pls continue updating author lots of love from this small fan of yours❤✨


This novel is just so amazing I normally don't read omegaverse novels or comics but this just feels like heaven I can't even explain how much excited I am always when this book gets a new update Definitely try I bet you wouldn't regret 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Reveal spoiler


Writing quality and updating stability is probably what this author is best known for because everything you write is simply incredible. I’m loving He Juan’s personality and I’m love amnesia in a story for some reason, probably because it’s like the characters are falling in love on a blank canvas. One thing that I feel will happen in the story is the drama that will happen because of He Juan and what I suspect is his true identity. I hope it doesn’t become predictable but that’s how it looks right now. I would prefer if there was a bit more world building but I do understand it’s been less than 20 chapters and at least we know it’s an ABO and the crime scene. Keep up the good work!


Author always surprises us with something new and amazing every time. This time is no different. World is set on Omegaverse and on top of that it’s Mystery-thriller. What a great combination!! You’re ought to love every character. I really liked all the characters so far. They are really interesting and other characters are also shining apart from main characters. The pace is not too fast or not too slow. Perfect amount of humour also made this storyline alive. The way the story is unfolding is keeping me on toe and making me eager to read chapter after chapter. I loved it so far.


I so love the mystery and characters ❤❤ keep it up


i love love love love your novels creation Can I have your autograph?!


It's a work from Delana , so of course it is worth to read it. The start of the story is really good....only 11 chapters are there , so it is still a bit early to say which direction it might head....but I know it will be a worthwhile roller-coaster. Now coming to the characters - HE JUAN - He is so cute. I love him already and he has a sweet tooth. A gentle and amiable Alpha { inhuman screeching }. Oh god how I wish he was real. 😭 MU YUZE - Bold , fascinating ( as per He Juan's words....he ain't wrong tho ). He is interesting . I really can't wait to see their growth together . AND.....JIA MOLEI !!!!!! 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️ Del , can I have him? 😌 He Juan and Jia Molei's friendship is so adorable and cute.....and and how Molei and Yuze already seemed like they want to bite each other ...😅....it's really fun so far. Moreover , He Juan is already kinda whipped for Muze....his thoughts are like - Omg!! this officer is so handsome ....I might never meet a someone like him again......He Juan baby....It's okay....we all are feeling the same .... I'm really happy that I got to read this....You're amazing , Delana. Keep up the good work....and take good care of yourself.


THIS BOOK KEPT ME IN A CHOKEHOLD AND I'LL NEVER REGRET ALL THE BUMPS AND BRUISES ALONG THE WAY! 10/10 One of the best things I've ever experienced! Thank you, dear author. You have given us a gift!


One of my favorite stories of all time! Made me laugh, cry, sympathize, stress, and feel all types of emotions. Every character was so well described and the story is just genius! It’s so rare I get attached to a character yet I got attached so bad 🥲 it’s sad to see it end 🥲


I'm in love with how the plot is going I can't wait to finish it


A carefully woven tale. Characters are written beautifully and make you root for them. There are low lows, but justice is served.


A must read! I love love the MC and ML, best omegaverse I’ve read by miles. 10/10


Completed this book and it is one of the best books I have had the pleasure to read 😀 All of the author books are worth reading and waiting for ❤️ Keep it up ☺️