Captured By The Cold Detective (BL)

[CRIME/OMEGAVERSE] Was it possible for the devil to get his own happy ending? A major accident seven years ago had stolen He Juan’s memory away from him, wiping it so clean that the only things he were left with were only his name, numerous scars all over his body and a nasty side effect as a result of the aftermath. Seven years passed by and when He Juan thought he could live like a normal person again, a fateful day led him to be the prime suspect of the murder case of his neighbor who had written his name as her dying message — whom, in his defense, he had not even talked to! It was then that he met Mu Yuze, the lone wolf of the Violent Crime Investigation Unit; the cold, intimidating man with beautiful and intense midnight blue eyes who seemed to hate him at first sight for some reason He Juan couldn’t comprehend. One after another, bizarre cases intruded on He Juan's normal life and turned it upside down, bringing light to a dusty past he thought he could never remember again. In the end, he had to learn that even if he had forgotten who he once was… there were still some sins he had to atone. *** Gentle, klutzy and smiling Alpha whom nobody dares to offend for some mysterious reason x cold, possessive and cinnamon roll Omega (maybe a little yandere here and there) Additional tags: top/gong/seme protagonist, action, case-solving, organized crime, thriller, gore, slice of life, tragedy, detectives, disabled characters, murders, teamwork, investigation, yaoi, mature, past plays a big part, 1 vs 1, love interest falls in love first Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord: delanasiwarka#1490 Discord server: bit.ly/delanadiscord

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Playing With Fire

He Juan felt as if the ground beneath his feet was crumbling apart, or it could also be his sanity.

Who was this little tease before him…? 

The Mu Yuze he knew was someone who would blush a bright red just by hooking his pinky finger with his, just by meeting his gaze because he was caught staring, and not… this. Not this little minx who had He Juan wrapped around his beautiful finger, and definitely not this little temptress in a bunny suit who knew exactly how to push He Juan's buttons. 

Try everything he had done with the other He Juan? Ha! As if that lame guy could be better than him.

The more He Juan chewed over Mu Yuze's words, the brighter the anger in his heart burned. He was aware of how ridiculous he was right now, but he just couldn't help it. Just the mere thought of someone else – even though it was practically himself – touching and embracing his mate was enough to stir a blazing jealousy within him.