25 For Your Own Good

The perks of staying over at Su Xieren's place was that he could use the Beta as a shield when Jia Molei dropped off just to nag him for half an hour straight.

In Jia Molei's eyes, no one was more reliable than Su Xieren when it came to taking care of someone. That was one plus point. Second, Su Xieren was inherently aloof and introverted. He valued his peace the most and that was why Jia Molei being fussy in his house was something that he could hardly tolerate. As soon as the hour hand of the clock struck ten, Su Xieren unceremoniously kicked Jia Molei out of his place.

Of course, Jia Molei was livid. "You—"

"Out." Su Xieren opened the door wide and threw his shoes out, wholly unaffected by the furious man behind him.

"You ungrateful bastard!" Jia Molei pointed at him, face flushed in anger. "Do you remember who wiped your ass when you offended the Director last time?! It's me! Who covered for you when a patient filed a service complaint toward the Head Nurse? Me!"

Su Xieren shot him a disdainful glance. "I never asked you to do that, you busybody."

"What did you just say?!" Jia Molei started to roll up his sleeves. "Bastard, are you fucking asking for a fight?!"

He Juan had always been amused at Jia Molei and Su Xieren's interaction. Despite arguing all the time, deep down Jia Molei really liked Su Xieren's personality and in return, Su Xieren respected him as a senior. Too bad both of them could never see eye to eye in most situations.

As much as He Juan wanted to continue watching, it was getting close to his bedtime. He had stuck to a strict sleeping regimen for the past few years, courtesy to Su Xieren's persistence. At ten thirty, he had to be in bed. No phone or teaching material was allowed. If he had unfinished work, then just left it for tomorrow morning. This regimen had helped He Juan a lot to alleviate the symptoms of his headache. Slowly, it became a habit. Coupled with the long day he had had today, He Juan was sure that he would pass out even before his head hit the pillow.

Hence, he could not let Su Xieren and Jia Molei continue their endless banter. Hearing Jia Molei's words, he chimed in by reflex. "Language, Molei." He was amused. "You're a doctor. What will your patients say if you curse all the time?"

Jia Molei harrumphed. "So far, the one who has received complaints is not me."

Su Xieren deadpanned, "Please be careful on your way home so you don't trip on the curb and break your legs."

Jia Molei's hackles were raised again. "You—!"

"Alright, alright." He Juan gently pushed Jia Molei from behind. Receiving the cue, Jia Molei's shoulders deflated a bit as he made his way out, huffing and puffing. He Juan showed an amused smile. "I understand your concern, Molei, and I am very grateful for that. But on a serious note, please trust me when I say that I can manage everything just fine."

Jia Molei gave him a skeptical look but chose not to say anything in the end, to He Juan's relief. Just as he thought that everything was over and he could finally get his peace, Jia Molei suddenly piped in, unusually solemn. "That officer just now… don't get too close to him."

He Juan's smile abruptly froze on his face. That officer… was he talking about Xiao Ze?

Somewhere in the back of his mind, the part that was run by logic, knew clearly that Jia Molei was not the kind of person that would antagonize others for no reason. Whatever he said would be backed by sufficient reason and careful deliberation, He Juan had learned it from years of knowing the doctor. However, He Juan had been drained of all adrenaline that had been running high on his blood until a moment ago. His eyelids had started to get sluggish and the forefront of his mind, which was currently dominated by willpower and instinct, took those words as a personal offence at once.

The smile slowly vanished from his face. "...What did you say?"

Did Jia Molei have a problem with Xiao Ze? But Xiao Ze was so good, so bold, dashing and gorgeous. How could anyone ever find fault with him?

All around him, the temperature plunged at once and a tense silence reigned. He sensed from the corner of his eyes Su Xieren carefully took a step backward to keep his distance from him. Even Jia Molei was pressing his lips tight together, hands balling into a fist.

He Juan had no idea how he came to this conclusion, but when he heard Jia Molei's words, he suddenly recalled the moment when Mu Yuze showed him obvious hostility. Back then… he had just returned from sending Jia Molei off. Something seemed to stretch to its maximum within He Juan's mind as realization dawned on him. "Earlier, in the police station… did you say something to him?"

Jia Molei's darkening face had told the answer He Juan wanted to know. "I am saying it for your own good—"

He Juan did not have the habit of interrupting people when they were talking, but he could not help it now. He narrowed his eyes, his silver eyes held nothing but boundless chill. "For my own good?"

Jia Molei's broad frame seemed to shrink by a fraction and he shut his jaws with an audible click.

"Come on, Molei." He Juan said softly as he tried to pull up the corner of his lips. Oh no, he forgot to smile again. Yet for some reason, Jia Molei looked even more… alarmed. He started to send Su Xieren flustered glances, trying to communicate something He Juan did not understand — not that he wanted to either way. "Tell me. What do you mean it's for my own good?"

He Juan heard a crack somewhere and only then did he realize that he had been holding his jaws tense. He forcefully smoothed his features and relaxed his stance. He must have looked quite terrifying for Jia Molei and Su Xieren to react like this. What was wrong with him? He did not mean to make things awkward, he just wanted to ask nicely. Yes, nice and patient…

Jia Molei squared his shoulders, seemingly to steel himself for what he's going to say. "You know it!" He ground the words out with difficulty. "This is practically the first day you met and he has already—"

Before Jia Molei could finish what he was saying, Su Xieren suddenly lunged forward with a speed so fast that he became a blur and slammed the door close right on Jia Molei's face. Outside, there was a distant pained howl and storms of profanities from Jia Molei, but Su Xieren already turned to He Juan and deadpanned, "Just ignore that stubborn fool. He knows nothing at all."

He Juan blinked, his sluggish brain still trying to catch up with what was happening. Before he knew it, he had already been guided to the living room, onto the couch, with Su Xieren thrusting a glass of water into his hand.

"Drink this," the Beta commanded sternly. He Juan numbly followed his order. When he finished it, Su Xieren took the glass away and carefully asked, "Are you okay, da-ge?"

He Juan could only give him a slow blink. What did Su Xieren mean by that? He mustered a smile on his face and replied, "Of course, I am okay. Why are you asking?"

Su Xieren stared at him for a full two seconds before answering, "You're miffed."

"I am?" He Juan was slightly surprised. He tried to check in with himself but he had been too exhausted and his emotions were a large jumbled mess in his chest. He let out a tired sigh and massaged his temple. "I don't know. Am I? I didn't mean to snap— oh God, I should apologize to Molei…"

"I think you need a good rest." Su Xieren concluded. "We will talk about it more tomorrow, da-ge."

Just what He Juan wanted. He heaved out a sigh, this time in relief, he keenly noticed. "Yes." Tension bled from his shoulders as he stood up and bid Su Xieren goodnight. "I will see you tomorrow, Xieren."

Then just as He Juan expected, he passed out as soon as his head touched the pillow, his eyelids were filled with the image of Mu Yuze's silhouette and the sea of blood in front of his door.




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