29 Allow Me

Mu Yuze instinctively froze and his dense lashes trembled as they lifted to peer at He Juan's face. He Juan had no idea what kind of expression he was having right now but certainly it was not any good.

His voice was thick with gravity and the solemnity that brooked no arguments. "Mu Yuze, what did I tell you yesterday? Have you forgotten about it so soon?"

Under his grasp, Mu Yuze's wrist was very thin and slender, the skin velvety and warm. His pulse kicked up a pace, which seemed to drag He Juan's along. At first glance, Mu Yuze would give others the impression that he was very domineering and unapproachable. Yet one after another, He Juan gradually found out that he was not like how he showed on the outside.

No matter what, Mu Yuze was an omega and He Juan was an Alpha. The difference in their physical aptitude was enormous, let alone the structure of their frame. He Juan could easily encircle Mu Yuze's wrist with his fingers. It would be so, so easy to exert force and snap the bone into two but precisely because it was so fragile that He Juan did not dare to use his strength at all…

Just like yesterday, as soon as their gazes locked in midair, tension started to brew inside the enclosed space.

He Juan sensed it vividly as the temperature began to rise, climbing up and up and blanketing them in the storm of ambiguity. Perhaps it was because Mu Yuze had just gone through his heat yesterday, but He Juan found that the rims of his eyes were slightly red and there was a thin layer of mist over his dark eyes, so striking and moving that it could bewitch people's souls.

"I told you…" He Juan pulled the corner of his lips into a helpless smile. "Please cherish yourself a little more, Officer Mu."

He Juan did not actually use any strength in his grip so it was easy for Mu Yuze to yank his hand back and throw the ball of tissues to He Juan's lap. A sigh of relief escaped He Juan's lips when the omega pulled himself away and opted to stare out of the window instead. That was a close call… Fortunately, he seemed to maintain his control better today, at least better than yesterday. Otherwise, who knew what could have happened?

Hastily, he tried his best to salvage his sweater and trousers to no avail. The chocolatte had created a dark, indelible stain on his beige sweater. He Juan could only sigh at his own clumsiness and tried his best to wipe the mess off Mu Yuze's leather seat. "I'm sorry…" he said sadly as he observed the similarly dark stain that had splashed to the floorboard. "I have dirtied your car…"

"Leave it." Mu Yuze said in a nonchalant tone. He didn't even give it a glance. No, to be exact he had not even averted his gaze from outside. "What do you want to talk about?"

He Juan hesitated only for a split second before he asked tentatively, "So, yesterday… did you accept those Alphas' help?" He could not help the gnawing curiosity in his mind. No matter what, he just had to know the answer to this question!

Alas, it seemed like he had unknowingly offended Mu Yuze again. He turned to face He Juan with a chilling glare and spat out, "What kind of omega am I in your eyes, He Juan?"

He Juan immediately knew that Mu Yuze had misunderstood his question. He closed his eyes exasperatedly. "That's not what I mean…" Why did everything he said and did become wrong one after another today? Frustration welled in He Juan's chest as he admitted honestly, "I just… wanted to know—"

"So what if you know?" Mu Yuze cut him off, a mocking sneer forming on the corner of his lips. His eyes chilled a few degrees further, so cold that they resembled a freezing lake that couldn't be thawed even in the height of summer. "Do I need to remind you who drove me away yesterday, who has forced my heat to come sooner than expected…" Mu Yuze took a deep breath and gritted out with a hoarse voice. "...who has left me alone when I needed them the most?!"

"Xiao Ze…" He Juan sucked in a sharp breath. Every word Mu Yuze said was akin to blades of poisonous venom that stabbed right into his gut. He had no idea it would be so painful, even worse than his relapsing headache. It was like someone had crushed his ribcage and pummeled his heart into pulp. He Juan could only gaze morosely at the furious omega in front of him and confessed with utter honesty, "Xiao Ze, had I known you would go through something like that yesterday—"

"What?" Mu Yuze interrupted him once again with a snort. "Would you have let me stay?"

He Juan was rendered speechless at that. There was no way he could have done that, recalling that he was none of the wiser. For some reason, both of them had triggered each other's heat and rut. Staying together was just like pouring gasoline to the dry hot leaves that had begun to catch fire. Just one slightest move would burn the whole forest down into the most intense flame.

He Juan swallowed thickly. "I… I couldn't—"

Mu Yuze sneered. "You couldn't, could you?" He still appeared tough yet for some reason, He Juan got the impression that the burning ember in the omega's eyes died down at his rejection and he was barely holding himself together. His glare became even more intense as his slender frame trembled ever so slightly. "So spare me your bullshit! Talking about cherishing myself or whatnot. At the end of the day, you just don't want me—"

The last string in He Juan's mind snapped at the last sentence Mu Yuze blurted out. He reached out to clasp the back of Mu Yuze's head, yanking him close before leaning down to capture his lips.

A sharp gasp escaped Mu Yuze's lips and He Juan returned it with his own deep groan. His Alpha howled in joy as though it had found its missing piece. They had just met yesterday but for some inexplicable reason, He Juan felt like he had been waiting for a long, long time… waiting until he could taste this exquisite sweetness that destroyed the barely standing armor around his heart.

The warmth and softness of Mu Yuze's lips flooded every inch of his heart with sheer delight and euphoria. Every thought in his mind ceased to exist and what remained was only the omega in front of him.

The stutter in his breath, the shivers that ran down his body, and his quivering lips…

Every single one of them was akin to the most potent drug that sent He Juan into his demise. Oh God… he tasted so good, so good that He Juan could not help but shiver.

All of the hesitation, doubt, uncertainty and shame were thrown out of the window at the moment their lips touched. Why did they matter? If he made his omega sad because of that, then they could just go to hell for all he cared!

He Juan took his time to explore the shape and curves of Mu Yuze's ravishing lips. Gently, almost worshipping, he kissed Mu Yuze's cupid bow, the corner of his lips, before he sucked on the omega's delectable lower lip. Every single move was oozing with devotion and utmost care.

Mu Yuze's frame shook like a helpless piece of leaf shuddering under the torrential downpour of He Juan's soft kisses, otherwise he stayed as still as a statue. Only the uneven rhythm of his breathing betrayed how shocked he was within.

It was not long before He Juan slowly pulled away and rested their foreheads together. His breathing was not any better either and his throat felt so dry that it became painful to swallow. Their kiss could be considered an innocent peck at most, but He Juan's breath was ragged as though he had just ran a marathon.

His eyes remained shut for a while. Like this, he could sense Mu Yuze's warm breath so close to him, his long lashes that tickled He Juan's cheeks, and his lips that were still tingling from the aftermath…

"Damn it…" A rare curse slipped out of his mouth, unbidden, followed by a hoarse chuckle that rumbled out from the depth of his throat. Their lips brushed ever so slightly as he spoke, each caress landed on his heart like a kitten's paw. So ticklish and unbearable. "I didn't mean to kiss you so fast. This is all your fault, Xiao Ze. How can you ever say that I don't want you? Unbelievable…"

He finally opened his eyes and gazed deeply into Mu Yuze's dark eyes that were still frozen in the state of bewilderment and disbelief.

Stroking the back of his head, He Juan murmured with a soft smile. "This is what I want to talk to you about. If you will have me, allow me to officially court you from now on." After a second, he added. "... Please?"




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