Captured by a Mafia Boss Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Captured by a Mafia Boss

Minette Enfers

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"I still feel like you've seen the man who shot my guy in the club before. One day you'll tell me," Julian grabbed the glass to fill it again, gesturing towards me with it in his hand. Oh... here we go again. I sighed and crossed my arms, "And if I don't?" He downed the glass and smirked before softly laughing in a deep tone, "Then you seem to have lost the will to run already, bella." *** Julian has unexpectedly become the next Mafia boss of his late father's organization and just captured his next submissive, a cocktail waitress named Vivian. However, when his underboss is shot, he wonders if she is a rat planted to end his reign. Now, they're trying to solve who committed the crime and who keeps sending Vivian roses, while trying to make their relationship work. Will Vivian be able to trust Julian enough to grant her submission to him, or will they wither like a dying rose? Captured by a Mafia Boss is created by Minette Enfers, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.