1 Rebirth

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[You're clearly the eldest daughter, but you ended up like this. Your luck is really too bad.]

When Yi Ke woke up from her coma, she found herself in an empty environment. There was no scenery or life around her, only a voice. Yi Ke tried to find the source of the voice, but it was all in vain.

[You don't have to look anymore. The surroundings are all me. You can call me the Will of the World, but that's not important. I just feel that you might need my help.] The voice sounded again, explaining to the confused Yi Ke.

[You're curious about why you came here, right? Now, please recall. Do you still remember who you were and how you died?]

Instinctively, Yi Ke did as she was told. She'd been kidnapped, her face splashed with acid, her throat filled with it. Later, when the kidnappers tried to rape her, she'd rushed into the middle of the road while resisting. She'd been knocked off her feet by passing cars and killed instantly.

[Do you remember now? You were originally the eldest daughter of the Yi family, but later on, you became a street rat that everyone wanted to beat up. In the end, you ended up in a tragic state.] The voice seemed to have some magic that made her recall the pain she had experienced bit by bit.

She was originally living a blissful life, but everything changed after her illegitimate sister, Yi Shi, was brought home. Her younger brother no longer recognized her, her fiancé insisted on breaking off the engagement and marrying Yi Shi. Even her uncle, who had always doted on her, gradually started to hate her and chased her out of the Yi family.

"Did you just say that you are the will of the world?" Yi Ke spoke slowly. Her throat was corroded by the acid, and her voice was hoarse and unpleasant.

Yi Ke didn't expect to make such a sound and immediately shut her mouth.

[That's right. You can speak now. I healed your face and throat.]

The voice realized the reason for Yi Ke's silence and immediately comforted her. As if afraid that she would not believe it, the void in front of her suddenly turned into a mirror. Although the girl inside was dressed in tattered clothes, she had a beautiful appearance. It was Yi Ke before she was disfigured.

Yi Ke pursed her lips and spoke. Her voice was as pleasant as before. "I don't think you would interrogate everyone. Why are you looking for me?"

[I like dealing with smart people. Actually, the world you exist in is not the real world, but a parallel world that exists in the novel. You can understand it as quantum entanglement. Your illegitimate sister is the protagonist of the novel. However, she is not a character that originally existed. She has transmigrated.]

[The original story didn't end so tragically for you, but her participation changed everything. So, you're dead.]

[My power can allow you to be reborn and rewrite this ending.]

The voice was persuasive and gave Yi Ke many examples, weaving a satisfying ending that could rewrite everything after being reborn.

"Thank you, but there's no need. Where can I reincarnate? Or should I just turn into ashes like this?" Yi Ke was unmoved and refused without hesitation.

[You don't want to live again? You don't want your family and lover anymore?] It was probably the first time it had been rejected. The voice was filled with doubt.

"No." Yi Ke saw that her hands were no longer delicate and smooth. They were covered with dirty dirt and wounds.

Initially, she did not understand why it had become like this. Now that she had obtained the answer, she was relieved. She was no longer obsessed with introspection and calmly accepted her fate.

Seeing that it couldn't persuade her, the Will of the World sighed and turned on a screen in front of Yi Ke. On it was her grandfather, who loved her the most.

[Take a look. This is your grandfather's ending.]

The image on the screen began to move. The gray-haired old man refused to accept the fact that his granddaughter was dead. He continued to search for her until he finally lost his footing and slipped under the frozen bridge hole in the winter. He froze to death. A second before he closed his eyes, he was still weakly calling Yi Ke's name.

[If you really don't want to, I can't force you. It's just that I pity this old man. The old sending the young off.] The voice sighed pretentiously. As expected, Yi Ke stood up agitatedly the next second.

"How old would I be?"

[Nineteen years old, a year before your sister came back.] The voice immediately answered after hearing her words. Yi Ke suspected that if this 'will' had a physical body, it's face would be wrinkled from smiling.

[I can send you back now, but you have to know that there's no free lunch in this world. You have to sign a contract with me. After everything is over, give me your soul.] A contract floated in front of Yi Ke along with a small knife.

[Just cut your finger with a knife and press it on the signature page.]

Without a word, Yi Ke cut open her index finger and pressed it. Her voice was filled with joy, and the next second, Yi Ke felt the world spin.

[The contract is in effect. I wish you success in your counterattack!]

"Little Ke, do you want to go to the beach? Or to see the snow mountain? Why don't we go to the hot spring?" When Yi Ke stabilized herself, she had already returned to the past. She was packing her luggage. Beside her was her grandfather, who was persuading her to go somewhere else to relax.

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