Cannon-Fodder Female Supporting Character: The Rich Daughter Returned to Change Her Fate! Book

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Cannon-Fodder Female Supporting Character: The Rich Daughter Returned to Change Her Fate!

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"If it weren't for me, you'd have been raped by all those b*stards by now! Don't you want revenge?" She could hear a voice from another dimension. Yi Ke died in a car accident. She'd been disfigured, kidnapped, and nearly raped. She was originally a rich daughter in the Yi family. She was wealthy, pretty, and adored by many. However, these days, everybody hated her. All this happened on the day her illegitimate younger sister returned home. From the moment her sister stepped into the house, everyone was on her side. People constantly compared them to each other. They would always say how Yi Ke was proud and arrogant while her younger sister was gentle and considerate. She had an evil heart, while her younger sister was kind. Yi Ke only found out that she was the cannon-fodder female supporting character in a novel after she died. Meanwhile, her illegitimate sister was the female lead. Yi Ke reincarnated to a period approximately six years ago. At the age of seventeen, she packed up two trucks of resources and hid somewhere deep in the mountain. The male lead, Yu Heng, who would become successful in the future, was harvesting rice in the field. At the time, his father was bedridden at home, and his mother was severely ill. His entire family was in a precarious situation. Yi Ke had two trucks of luxurious resources. She ended up staying with Yu Heng. Did she want to make the male lead fall for her? No, she hated the man who appeared calm and grounded on the outside. Who said she had to make the male lead fall for her to kill the female lead's luck? Couldn't she just make the male lead hate the female lead? For this very reason, she started eating on her own next to the male lead while she watched and admired him toiling under the sun. In the beginning, Yu Heng hated Yi Ke. However, after she left, he realized he had feelings for her in the snow-capped mountains.


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