Campus God Book

novel - Romance

Campus God

Jennifer Sucevic

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Crosby Rhodes is considered a god when it comes to Western Wildcats football. And who knows? Maybe he actually is one. There’s certainly no shortage of girls on campus who agree with the sentiment. They swoon over his pretty face, dark messy hair, and hard body honed from years of lifting and two-a-day practices. That alone makes him catnip for the female species. Now add a lip ring and surly disposition to the package and you can understand what all the fuss is about. Would I be included in that majority? Hell, no. The guy is a major jerk. Not to mention, a pain in my assets. And that’s putting it nicely. For reasons I've never understood, he goes out of his way to humiliate and hurt me. His barbed comments are always a direct hit before exploding on impact. I'd love to know what I did to elicit such hatred but that would involve conversing with him and I refuse to do that. Campus God is created by Jennifer Sucevic, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.