99 Proud Wearing It

As the green paste on her body dried, the red fumes emerged, extracting the drug from her body. Though her skin became drier, she felt better. She turned her head around to see where she was, missing Lazarus terribly, missing his warm touch and worrying whether he was well or not. If she was in this condition, she wondered what he was going through. The realization that she was a weak mortal weighed upon her heavily. 

When she turned towards the window, she found a woman looking out. In a weak voice she managed to murmur, "Where is Lazarus?" 

As soon as the woman turned to look at her, Emma was shocked. "You are—"

Shira laughed. "I am the same woman you saw in the mirror. Yes, that was the best way to contact you." She walked up to Emma with a broad smile on her face. "And you are prettier than what I saw in the mirror image." Shira put her fingers on her belly and removed the paste from there. "I think you are healing well!" 


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