85 Nephie

The horses neighed and reined back when the dragon craned its neck towards Emma. While Magnus took his horse a little back as Olya started shivering out of fear, Lazarus had to calm Titan to stay in place. With one hand he grabbed Emma's waist tightly as he controlled Titan.

The dragon's large triangular head came in front of Emma as its large arctic blue eyes stared at her. Emma was… mesmerized. With her breath lodged in her throat, she couldn't help but stare back in its beautiful blue eyes. After a moment of assessing the dragon, she whispered to Lazarus, "Can you put me down?" 

"No," he growled. His heart thundered in his chest. He watched the dragon warily. 

"Please," she requested, placing her palm over his forearm. 

Her touch soothed him a little. He gave a hard stare to the dragon. And just as he did that the dragon started to flare its massive wings with a snort. 

"Please Lazarus," she begged. 


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