127 Lying

If Anton didn't know where Gladys was, then Lazarus must have kept this a big secret. The guard who she had met when going to meet Gladys, must have been silenced by him. 

Anton let out a grunt. "I haven't seen her from the past three days. Did she meet you?" 

Maeve shook her head and let out a very low, "No." Her heart raced wildly. She had to keep silent on it. 

He shook his head. "That girl is very careless. Today is the soul casting ritual and I haven't been able to contact her at all!" 

"Let's not think about what we don't have," she said, trying to make him leave the topic. "Let us focus on what to do in this state. I need options. Just find someone who is strong enough to take me." Suddenly, she came with an idea. "I wish Olya was here. I could have possessed her." 

"Not a bad idea!" he said. "But even that girl has run away! Why is it that every girl we think of has run away and both of them are attached to Lazarus?" 


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