51 I Am Talking to You

Lazarus was growing rock hard as his fingers slid up and up. She was so wet for him that once again his control was slipping. As for Emma, even though she was looking at the women on the stage, her entire mind was focused on his long fingers. As if on an instinct, her hips bucked to him and he growled. 

He opened her thighs apart and slid his fingers in her wet sex. Parting her folds, he went straight to her clit and started rubbing it slowly at first and then increased his pace. 

Emma did everything she could to stop moaning. She bit her bottom lip, widened her eyes to focus on the women, but how could she? She caught his wrist and, in her frenzy, she dug her nails in his flesh, drawing blood. 

Lazarus's cock became painfully hard. He needed her to be on his lap. He wanted her sex beneath his mouth. And he wanted to get inside her. 


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