93 [Bonus chapter] Bathe You

The servants at the inn brought in hot water and filled the copper bathtub that was in the corner of the room. 

The inn was located about a night's journey from the main capital and wasn't upscale. When Lazarus had come in with Emma, there were only two guests. He had paid the owner to book the entire inn and asked him to make the other two vacate. 

The owner was terrified when he saw Lord Lazarus as one of his customers. He had never had royals in his inn. When Lazarus offered him to book the entire inn, he was overwhelmed. He gave the best room to Lazarus. 

Right now, Emma was looking at the servants who were pouring hot water in the tub. Lazarus wasn't there as he had gone to order food for her. She really needed a hot water bath because she was extremely tired. Suddenly, she heard a distant screech and her lips curled up. Nephie was somewhere around and suddenly, Emma wished that she knew a way to communicate with her. 


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