Calamity Upon This World

Please also check out my other novel "Second Life Extra" ** Reincarnation.  A concept everyone is all too familiar with, at least once in our lives, we've all thought of being able to just let go of all our regrets and the things holding us back and just start over.  This deal is made even sweeter when paired with being allowed to keep your current memories and knowledge of the future.  William was one such boy who had been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Like any other modern-day person, the first thing he did after learning about his reincarnation was check if he possessed any memory that was similar to his new world.  Sadly, in the end, he was left disappointed and was forced to go into his new life completely blind and unaware of all the malicious entities, world-ending threats, and divine schemes going on in the shadow.  But then again, who needs knowledge of the future when you are the child of mana itself?  AN: Please check out my second novel: http://wbnv.in/a/94iQwJg 1.No Harem 2.Overpowered MC 3.The World Won't Revolve Around The MC 4.Novel is quite well paced 5.Side characters are developed and world building is well done. 6.MC isn't edgy or evil for no reason despite what the villain tag may suggest 7.If you guys enjoy the novel any and all kind of support is welcome as this novel is competing in WSA 8.2 chapters daily 9.If you have any complaints about the novel please read till the end of volume 1 10.Discord link: https://discord.gg/zQdHTES3Yd 11.If you have read the novel a review about what you liked and disliked would be much appreciated

Okojus · Fantasy
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165 Chs

Ch-1 A Birth Celebrated By The Universe

On a particular stormy day an event which would drastically alter the course of the world was ongoing.

"Push, my lady, push; you can do this." A woman's voice was heard screaming at a lady who was crying and trying not to pass out.

It was a large room with a lady laying on a bed in the middle of the room, crying with blood all around her.

Her usually pretty face, capable of charming any man who laid his eyes upon her, was nowhere to be seen as it was covered with snot and tears.

Surrounding the lady was an older woman in what appeared to be church clothes; from her attire, she looked to be a nun. Alongside her were two maids who were running around the room doing whatever the nun asked of them.

From the bloated belly of the lady on the bed as well as the expression on her and the faces of everyone present in the room, which looked like it could easily house 10 people without any of them getting too.

Uncomfortable, it was easy to deduce that the lady on the bed was pregnant and trying to deliver a baby with the nun and maids trying to help her.

After a lot of time, tears, blood, and angry curses, they managed to succeed."He's a healthy baby boy, my lady, congrats," said the nun with a newborn in her hands, barely 20 inches, and a towel rolled around him.

Those words were more than enough to bring tears of joy to the faces of the two maids who helped with the delivery, and as for the woman who struggled the most during the process, she had a smile so big on her face, telling us that if not for her being too tired, she would've probably cried tears of joy at her first ever child.

However, in the end, all she could do was muster up a small chuckle.Amidst the happy expressions of everyone present in the room, the door burst open.

Emerging inside was a man easily dwarfing everyone present inside due to his tall build, standing over an impressive 6'2 feet. This, combined with his lean build, as well as his snow white hair and blood-like red eyes, meant he could easily woo any woman his heart desires.However, all of that was nowhere to be seen, as his face was covered in an extremely distressed expression.

This, combined with his dark circles and sweat all over his face, would be enough to make anyone pity him."What happend, Kara? I heard wails from inside the room. Is everything alright?" asked the man with an expression looking like he was on the verge of crying until his eyes fell on a nun holding a baby in her hands and then on a woman on the bed, seemingly his wife. After confirming she was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Congratulations, Mr. Rex. The delivery was a success. It's a healthy baby boy, and Mrs. Myra is also safe," said Kara with a wide smile on her face.

Rex, upon hearing this, took the baby in his arms with such care as if he were the most precious and fragile thing in the world. With moist eyes filled with tears of nothing but love, he walked towards Myra on the bed, who was smiling nonstop, watching her husband holding the baby in his arms with a wide smile on his face.

"You did it, darling; I always believed in you," said Rex with moist eyes as he placed the child near Myra on the bed, letting her get a proper view of the face of her child, which to her looked like the most precious thing in the world, which caused a few tears of joy to escape her eyes."Wait, but why isn't he crying?" asked Kara with a slightly confused and worried look on her face.

It had happened as if in sequence—something so unbelievable that no one present in the room could believe it despite having seen it with their own two eyes. If they ever told anyone, they'd only get themselves labelled as lunatics.

Mana was moving around the child as if enamoured by his existence, as if dancing around him, congratulating his birth. All the while, the child was absorbing the mana at a monstrous pace, making the infant feel as if he was one with the world.

Due to this, the room started quacking, the windows started cracking, and everyone inside the room was too stunned to speak.

Just like that, after a few seconds, all the turbulence had ceased.The boy had awakened, and he had succeeded in forming his mana core, a feat so unbelievable that no one would ever believe it for many years to come. This feat required a person to at least be 10 years old, with the average being 15 years, and a success rate of barely 70% was achieved by a newborn who hadn't even gotten a name yet.

However, for this baby, this was just the beginning.As soon as this seemingly otherworldly phenomenon occurred, something far more outrageous happened.

"What just happ-?" Before Rex could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a loud thunderclap right inside his head, disorienting him for a few seconds and making him fall to his knees.

However, he was far from the only one to have heard the thunderclap, as it was heard by everyone in the entire universe, with reactions varying from person to person.

This was a universal announcement of the birth of a divine aspect—a human with the potential to become a god—a phenomenon that last occurred six millenia ago. Of course, the only reason why people still remember it despite such a long time already passing is because it was recorded in the history books as the most important day in the history of the world.

This time, Rex was too shocked to even form coherent thoughts as he once again witnessed something otherworldly.

However, Rex knew what was to come—the elemental manifestation of his child—but due to his experience being an adventurer for many years and facing many life-threatening situations, his instinct kicked in as he covered himself, his wife, and even his son in his strongest defensive skill—a decision that saved the lives of himself and his family.

As soon as a sea of flames manifested, unfortunately for the maids, who were just regularly unawakened with no one to protect them, they were consumed with not even their ashes left.

Thankfully for Kara, she had a defensive artifact capable of protecting her from any life-threatening injuries.

However, this was just the start, as right after a tsunami manifested, putting out the room that was still on fire and also destroying it, after which gigantic rock spikes manifested, destroying a huge chunk of the mansion, a huge storm manifested, destroying everything in its path. After a few seconds, bolts of lightning spread everywhere, destroying anything in their path. If anything was left of the huge mansion, it was all frozen to the core.

Thankfully, both barriers between Rex and Kara still held on. However, once it looked like everything was over, once again something went wrong, and the baby started emitting a crimson hue.

Before anyone could even question what was going on, it exploded as a glorious crimson light enveloped the whole domain, levelling the entire mansion to the ground.

Unfortunately for Kara, even her barrier was destroyed, thus killing her too fast for her to even process what happened.

Thankfully, Rex and Myra were still unharmed due to the strength of the skill Rex used as well as their proximity to the baby, as it's a well-known fact that elemental manifestation never hurts the person manifesting it.

11th, Julias 5668, a seemingly random date for now, but someday this date would become the most important event to have ever occurred in the whole universe as a child welcomed by the universe was born.

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