Caina Book

novel - Contemporary Romance



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Caina doesn't want anything in this world but a family she never have. A family that can guide her after her biological mother died a few years ago and she found the family she wants in Volzkian Family, a buena familia that her mother once work for. She doesn't wish anymore above after. She can go to school by their help, she has a various elegant clothing that she could wear anytime and delicious meals every single day. It's already complete and she's contented in that. She only question herself, her principle and heart when the younger son of Volzkian family arrived from Spain. Connor Volzkian arrived one chilly afternoon but with a plus, his girlfriend Revina. It's not the inconceivable part, it's the fact that he also wants Caina for himself. Can Caina refuse the feelings in order to have her dream family or she's brave enough to put it all behind and run to Connor's arm and scorching love? ------------------- Credits to AlexKPhoto on Devianart for the image in the cover.