53 Theme rave-up


"How could that be?" Bella mumbled, scrolling the same page up and down. Creepiness had felt all over her body as if someone had just poured cold water over her head and it slipped down her spine.

"Probably you have read another book, chill. Let's go," Danny said and dragged Bella, who still believed she had read the same book. Although Danny and Bethany had missed the mark, the book had left a significant influence on Bella.

"Where are we going?" Isabella asked.

"You are an alien, no doubt about it. Have you forgotten the theme rave-up before the game? I have heard that this year will be a blast. The seniors have convinced the college that the party will go on late at night and they decided the party will be a themed one," Bethany said to Bella, who was clueless about everything despite being the same college student.

"I'm not into it," Bella refused without hesitation. She didn't attend the party for the past two years, nor was she keen to join this year.

"We will not accept your nonsense. There is no way we let you go this year," Danny curtly said. She always got an allergic vibe from Bella whenever they mentioned parties. She didn't even attend Halloween parties.

"I.. Can't," Bella again refuted, looking at her friends, who rolled their eyes and headed to the student common room.

The room was laden with full of students, and seniors and they are talking about the party. Some girls were pleasing the seniors to get access to the special room, which had been arranged for the winners. No one knew what they had arranged, but it piqued curiosity in them.

"Noises are killing me. You two go," Bella said and turned around when Bethany hold her arm and hauled her inside.

Bella tilted her head down and followed her friends, who started being noisy like everyone.

"What is the theme?" Bella heard Bethany ask a friend about the theme when a senior walked up to them, another admirer of Isabella, not an obsessed guy, so Isabella would talk to him whenever he approached her.

"It's a big surprise. Bella is here. I can't believe my eyes that Bella has come," the senior name Mark chimed as he saw his crush.

"You are embarrassing me, senior," Bella replied with a smile.

"Sit down. Do you want a drink?" Mark asked. And it irritated Isabella because she hated attention. She didn't want to make any more enemies in the college, nor did she love attention, especially from the person she didn't want.

"No, no. Don't," Bella rebutted in a hurried voice. It was a disaster. Everyone was looking at her. The first-year students were wondering who she was and why did the senior want to please her? While others were glaring at her with envious eyes.

"No need," another voice rang behind them, drawing everyone's attention to the door. Everyone saw another handsome man enter the common room with a smile on his face. He was like the sun on bright summer days and a warm hue in dark clouds.

"Noah," the senior waved his hand and called Noah to come over. Noah came to them and pushed a drink into Isabella's hand before hugging the senior.

"I am impressed," Noah praised. "I am sure this will be one of the most memorable years in our college," added next.

"As well as for the game, we have to get a win over St. Peterson. Last year after winning, they soared high and this year they will crawl to the ground. We will force them to crawl," Mark said and got a powerful ovation from the students.

"Yikes, Westwood will beat their ass over and over until they call us Daddy."

"Why not Mommy? Girls will knock their buttocks too," Bethany said, and everyone shouted.

"Where is Casey, Noah?" Mark teased Noah, but Bella's heart thumped and she looked at her friends warily as they were hiding a big thing in their stomachs.

"How do I know? We have nothing between us," Noah said loudly for everyone to hear clearly. Specifically, to a special woman who was ignorant about his feelings.

"But in my opinion, you will look good with her," Mark pushed him more on the same topic. Somehow, it left a bitter effect on Noah. He pondered always why no one talked about him and Isabella when they were hanging out the most and the way Noah acted around her cleared he had something for her but he didn't hear any fling, even after badly wishing for it.

"By the way, what is the theme? I am excited," Noah carefully changed the topic and looked at Bella, who sipped the drink and talked with her friends.

Suddenly he snatched the drink and drank just like Bella, with his lips on the same top surface.

Isabella wanted to stop him, but Noah was quick. She pouted in annoyance as she did not want Noah to drink from her used bottle.

But then she ignored it, thinking Noah didn't know, so there was no need to make a scene.

"The theme we have decided is everyone's favorite; Satan and Angel. Make it innovative, not the typical Halloween type. Also, a mask is mandatory," Mark said. Isabella wrinkled her brows because she didn't understand how it would be different from Halloween. Yes, a mask distorted the theme. Still, she thought it was a pre-Halloween party.

"The day after tomorrow everyone has to dress up as the theme, which will be our pre-festival and there will be another after winning," said Mark and everyone shouted with joy.

"What would you like to be?" Noah asked Isabella.

"I don't know. I won't come," Isabella replied quickly. Of course, she won't come because these things are not her liking.

"No way. You will come. And be an angel because I will pick the devil so you and I will match perfectly," Noah suggested flawlessly when Danny laughed and said, "It is not a couple-dance program, Noah."

"But Noah isn't wrong because Isabella will fit in that Angel dress code. She has an angelic face," Bethany said, blowing a kiss on Bella. Isabella rolled her eyes. She was headstrong that she wouldn't come. So, there was no need to take them seriously.

"What about me?" Noah asked the girls jokingly when Isabella commented and made his day, "Anything will look good on you."

"I'm ashamed. Then I will come to your house to pick you up," Noah said. His body was swaying as he was excited and this would be the first time he'd go to pick her up.

"umm... Not sure. I have a plan with my aunt," Isabella immediately put up an excuse to leave this situation without breaking his heart.

"Liar... I will come," Noah said and left quickly before Isabella came up with another lie. Isabella got annoyed and looked at her friends, who averted their eyes from the glare.

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