97 The temptation


"I thought you would choose an action movie, but I am surprised," said Isabella as she saw the movie ticket.

"Yes, I am surprised too," Alex replied with a smirk and held her empty hand. They chose their seat at the corner of the top row, where there were only two seats because Alexander loved space.

When The movie started, Bella leaned her back on the seat, placing the popcorn bucket on a small table that had provided for these two special seats.

Alexander was apparently in no mood to watch the film. He was never interested in these things, so his eyes voluntarily turned to Bella from the screen. In the dark, her face was clear to his eyes, including her pink lips as they revealed distinct expressions whenever her eyes caught things from the film. Like she smiled, then sad, and even wowed with pouty lips.

"Is this movie interesting?" Alexander whispered in Bella's ear. Bella's hand scratched her ears before looking at Alex, who was so close to her face.

"Aren't you watching?" Isabella asked with a blushing face and she thought Alex couldn't see because of the darkness.

*How sweet, Bella!

"Nah! I would rather look at you," Alexander told the truth without rolling or bending his words.

"I didn't know you know how to use cheesy words," Bella threw her words with a flushed smile when Alexander clasped her hand in his palm.

"Hah!" Alex gave her a soft chuckle before proceeding, "I know how to do cheesy things too in the multiplex."

Bella gulped and fumbled when she opened her mouth to say, "We-we should watch the movie or we will miss important parts."

"Yes, I should carry on," Alexander mumbled near his face, touching his nose with her cheek. He seduced her. Bella tightened her other hand on her armrest as she felt Alex's face make his way to her neck.

"Alex. We are in the theater," Bella pushed his face from her as she could feel goosebumps throughout her body. Her heartbeat thumped as blood rushed to her face. She felt her space narrowed by Alex's body when his hand wrapped around her waist.

"Alex, no," Bella refused him, looking into the dark, hoping he wouldn't do anything here. The man turned deaf. However, he knew how to soothe this petite woman.

"Shh! Just watch the movie. I am resting. I won't do anything, promise!" assured Alex, tightening his arm around her waist. He yanked her close regardless of the place and the situation as if it was his multiplex. He wasn't in Bella's place or he would understand how scared Bella was.

"Relax your body, sweetheart," Alexander mumbled and placed his head on Bella's shoulder. He was coiling himself around Bella's body like a snake. Feeling her warmth, he coiled more.

He was undoubtedly a treacherous devil because in no time his tongue licked her neck, then his lips gave her his presence, which was sensational and warm. Bella's eyes rolled back as she bit her lips hard.

"Alex, we are," Bella's mind got confused as her words tumbled out of her tongue that was on the phase of becoming moaning.

"Do you like it, Bella?" Alexander placed a kiss in the nook of her shoulder and urged her to answer when she turned helpless. She did want this sweet torture, but not here.

"Alex, I want to see the movie," her words rolled out while her hand made her way to Alexander's hair and held them tight.

"Watch. No one will stop you," Alexander whispered as his teeth drag her frock a little from her shoulder and kissed her there. Bella gasped with parted lips and her thigh reduced the space by entwining each other.

"Someone will see us. No one here does these such shameful things, Please," Bella whispered just as much as her mind could push her mouth to let out the words.

"People do a lot of things in the darkness, you can't even imagine. Do you want to know, Bella?" Alexander's face trailed down her chest, which was still covered with the clothes.

"No," Bella curtly answered with closed eyes. She had her mind in a place that could tell where his words were going...

"Pity! You will not know what your body can do. But you should think about it. Let them dance, Bella," said Alexander as his devil's eyes could notice her pleasure face of Bella and how she became ready for him to devour her.

"I don't understand," Bella said, licking her lips while her hand rubbed Alexander's neck. She was almost zoned out of the place.

Alexander's devilish face smiled, knowing he successfully had molded Bella's urge with his seduction. He slipped his hand to Bella's thigh and squeezed there over the frock.

"You are beautiful, Bella. I can't take my hands off you. You are mine; your body, your soul, and every breath you take is mine. But I cannot force you to do things. However, if you tell me you like this, I will continue." Alexander's teeth nipped her bare shoulder while his words made Bella's foot slide off the ground. She was falling from high and couldn't able to wake up.

"I-I," Bella did not know what she would say. Should she agree with her heart or go with the mind?

"Yes," Alex planted a kiss, and his hand played to her thigh.

"Hmm!" Bella's voice could make her appearance this much. She didn't have strength.

Alexander grinned over her skin while his hand extended toward her hidden treasure. The Temptation and a certain need that Bella was feeling she had never felt before. She held her seat tight as his finger was about to touch her there and at that moment, the entire hall lit up. It was the interval.

"Fuck!" Alexander angrily cursed. The table with the popcorn and drinks fell to the ground.

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