101 Please, Alexander! Don't stop


"Bella," Alexander sounded deep and hoarse while Bella's eyes were closed in heaven.

"Hmm!" Bella moaned as the question was asked her.

"I dislike when men look at you. The doctor has his eyes on you. How witty he is to think about a king's woman," Alexander answered, looking at the girl whose destiny had been twisted by him. Even death couldn't lay its hands on her.

Bella slowly opened her eyes with a smile as a thing she had in her mind brought a smile to her. "You sound like a king."

"Yes, I am the king who gauges the crime of a human soul and gives them accurate punishment according to their sin," Alexander said with an almighty face that had brought a mark to his words.

"Your joke rings deep. What influence have you put on me?" said Isabella, drawing her face closer to Alexander's face. She didn't waste time planting a kiss on his lips.

"Haha! You cheeky girl. You got what you wanted," Alexander said and kissed her, sealing his lips with hers. It was the thing that these two could never refuse whenever together as if both of them had to be together to touch and love themselves. But it remains to be seen how long the Devil can keep Bella's fate on one line.

The kiss didn't last long as Bella had separated herself and turned her hand back to put on her bra when Alexander grabbed her hand while saying, "Let me finish what I started."

Isabella shook her head in no when she heard him say, "Can you turn yourself to the other side of the windshield?"

"No," Isabella clearly didn't want to fall for her words. Her eyes scanned the sly face.

"Please, my request," Alexander said in no shame. Bella did not want to but still followed his request.

There was good space inside the car due to which Bella faced no problem in turning.

Alexander smiled and slowly raised her frock. Just then, Isabella shouted, "What are you doing? I have a chain behind me. Work with it."

"Nah; I don't like small spaces and I won't do anything. You can trust me," Alexander said and raised her back end of the frock high to her shoulder.

She was holding her frock from the front, due to which everything was fine to see from the front.

"You look good in black," Alexander commented, touching the smooth bareback.

"Alex, stop." Isabella knew something like this would happen because Alexander couldn't live without doing flirt. But what Alexander was about to do in the next moment was beyond Bella's imagination.

She felt warm wet lips on her back that was coming up from the bottom, kissing her skin and Bella could not stop herself from gripping the steering.

"You are a foul man," Bella said, although there was no strength in her words as if she and her words had liquefied with his touch. Truly, Alexander would drive her crazy one day.

Alexander kissed near her waist before grasping her waist with both hands. A moan left with a gasp from Bella's mouth. Alexander didn't even stop there. He used his tongue all over her skin while his fingers touched the side of her bosom. Then it bravely touched the bottom of her breast.

"You are going far, Alex-x!! Aaaa!!" Isabella closed her eyes with a rapid breath. Her whole body was turned on by the torture on her naked back.

"It feels good. Doesn't it, sweetheart," Alexander whispered and bit her back, making Bella moan loudly. His one hand wrapped around her waist while his other hand made his way to her breast. At this time, his hand not only touched the portion, but he also grasped one side of her breast. Bella cried out Alex's name as her head fell back on his shoulder.

"No one has touched you and nobody will. I am enough to give you pleasure," Alexander whispered on Bella's neck who had gone from this mortal world, far, where she had never been, and now she couldn't bear this overwhelming feeling.

Alexander looked at her face while his hand squeezed her breast and the moan Bella cried out had fascinated the Devil. He couldn't stop gulping his saliva. Why is she looked so beautiful? I have never been enthralled by a mortal. Then what is this thing? Alexander pondered while his devil was about to berserk.

When Alexander pinched her nipple, Bella opened her eyes and took her head to the side, sitting in the same position. She pressed her lips on that culpable mouth. These lips were the reason for her being a bad girl.

They kissed violently while Alexander grabbed her other breast and played with the nipples. Bella's whole body turned red, and she was in such a situation that she couldn't say no because her body was asking for more, for more of his touch.

Bella moaned stifled when his fingers twirl around her nipples, giving them the small touch that stimulated her more.

"Please," Bella mumbled over his lips.

"Please what?" Alexander's hoarse voice asked. He could not deny how painful his body had turned. Every bit of his body wanted to take her right away.

"Please, don't stop," Bella mumbled. And having said this, she removed her lips from the top of his lips and brought it to his neck, and then bit him lightly.

Alexander groaned, and now his hand made its way to her undie. When he touched there over the cloth he felt wetness, which made him crazy, thought how much he made her wet and how delicious she would taste. His fingers slid the corner of her undie as they were about to touch her, just then Bella acted odd, jerking his hand away, and her strange words stopped Alexander.

"Alexander, something is coming."

Immediately after uttering, a crowd of raven birds slammed into the car, crashing one after another. The entire car became black and red with blood.

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