61 Master!


"Why not? Let me call the cops first. You can tell them about your disgusting drama," Isabella spoke with breathing fury at the woman who hurt her when she saw her as a friend.

"You are an exceptional woman, Bella. Look, we know who you are? Don't act like a fool. I know I made a serious mistake, but didn't you reward me? Although I love your bounty and it always makes me feel powerful and hungry," said Casey, praising Bella, who didn't understand a single word from her. Bella gave her a light-tipped stare before opening, "Are you high?"

"Haha, nobody's here, Bella. Our existence is special. We are indispensable. I love the look you showed me that day. Tell me if you killed all those men too," asked Casey as she walked up to Bella with smiling eyes. She looked pale and thin. As she stopped in front of Bella, she had a an unusual aura and a foul smell.

"That's mean, those men are real. You sent men to ra*e me," Bella asked dryly with bitter emotion.

"Why did you do that to me?" a shout added.

"Because you are the most disgusting woman in the world. I have no regrets. I would do it every time if I could but... but... You are not who we think you are. Still, you hurt me. I have been living in Hell for the past few days, while you are living a normal life amongst human beings," said Casey, smiling menacingly.

Nothing felt like her act, for which Bella lost control of herself.

She didn't think twice about pouncing on her, but she flew away in the next second with one shove by Casey and her back hit the wall.

Bella coughed some blood, and Casey came to her at a high speed. She grabbed her by the neck and lifted her, causing her to hang in the air.

"Ow, show me your true self, sweetheart," Casey whispered and took the blood on his fingers from Bella's lips.

"You are an advanced one. Hmm...But why aren't you fighting? Is because of the camera. Oh, don't worry, I will bring down them later. Fight with me, Bella," Casey yelled and threw Bella again. Bella felt dizzy in front of her eyes, making it difficult for her to stand upright and the next second she fell unconscious.

Casey squatted as she felt weak. She was hungry and the blood on her finger made her vulnerable. Her eyes changed her colors to deep, dark red. However, she wanted to punish Bella before leaving to quench her thrust.

"Let's see who's stronger," Casey murmured as she pushed herself off the ground. She knew Bella was pretending because she was the one who created her, but she was doing it deliberately to mock her because she beat Casey at her game.

Meanwhile, she felt heat in the atmosphere, as if a scorching sun was coming toward her. She looked back and forth, hawking her sharp eyes because she became a night creature with immense power and magic, but she didn't find the thing. Her eyes looked back at Bella to see if she was the culprit but Bella was still in the same position, lying with closed eyes.

Casey took her steps back as she roamed her eyes. Suddenly, she cried out loud as the skin on her hand charred. She groaned in pain as she grabbed the spot.

"What's happening with me?" Casey cried and was afraid to touch the place, but it got more scorched upwards.

She didn't want to leave Bella unpaid, but she didn't know what sort of danger was coming. Furthermore, she didn't know how her predatory body worked. Therefore, it was better for her to run than to tangle in another problem.

Casey bolted away from the spot while Bella was still unconscious. Her shoulder was hurt as well as her lips were deeply cut.

Immediately, a figure appeared next to her. His red flaming eyes looked at the girl and the very next moment, he picked her up. He quelled his fury to prevent property damage, but the heat didn't save the lights and cameras on the floor as they exploded one by one.

Alexander took her to the girl's restroom, while her friends got Bella's message. The girl's restroom was empty as the use of college toilets was restricted by the college, but they had arranged several portable outhouses behind the college.

He made her sit in a chair where the girls usually waited when the restroom was crowded. Alexander was gentle with his gait. He removed the cloud of hair from her face and looked closely at her beautiful jade face, where a deep cut on her lips pierced his eyes.

His devil snarled to break out and his hand tightened in a fist, but in the end, he held his devil inside to stop him from going crazy. He did not know why he was behaving like this. However, it was true the devil had no control over him whenever he sensed her being in danger.

His fingers rubbed the cut gently, and he mumbled over her face, "You are a terrible creature. You should have served me, then why do I always save you from calamity? Why can't I leave you alone?"

"Fuck! I can't even blame God. But how did a vampire appear here? Is this Lucifer?" he added with deep thought. The tension was really high. If that person wasn't Lucifer, why couldn't he smell the demon?

Meanwhile, he heard footsteps; A little far but he knew who they were. He looked back at the girl and then placed his hand on her injured shoulder and blew the devil's breath on her head. He wanted to go but felt that something was left and it was his urge. In the next second, he grabbed her lips and left them immediately, dropping one more word before disappearing. "You will serve because I am your master."

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