55 Blackhound village


"What happened?" Danny asked Bella as soon as she got into the car.

"Nothing. I was thinking, should we ask them about Casey?" Bella asked, hiding the truth. The woman's words could not be forgotten, but if she told her words to her friends, they would certainly change the way towards their home.

"Do you think they'll tell us about Casey? No chance. They are very secretive. You can mark my words. They won't give you a chance to make a single video on them," Bethany said, pointing her fingers at Bella.

The only thing she was hoping for is that they don't get caught by them or if they get stuck in the village, then no one will find their existence.

"Okay, relax. We won't ask them," Bella assured sternly. Last night she hadn't considered Bethany's words important, but now she was worried too. She didn't know if they were making the right decisions to go there.

The car ran, leaving the city behind, and they came to the outskirts. After going a little further, they found a signboard with the name 'Blackhound' written on it.

"Don't touch anything? We don't know if the thing is cursed or something. Oh my god, Bella. What kind of Deadpool have you brought us to?" Bethany said immediately and sighed.

"Haha," Isabella laughed and went outside. The place was beautiful, no doubt about it. There was a river nearby and the sound of flowing water delighted their ears. Flowers were blooming all around and it made the village lively and captivating. No one would believe that this beautiful village can be scary, too.

"Let's go," whispered Danny, and they walked down the narrow path leading to the woods. On the way, they did not find animals or people. And they followed a certain sign that was on the tree in the form of an arrow.

"What are we going to ask them?" Danny raised the most urgent question.

"We are lost," said Isabella and walked ahead of them. Before entering the village, she saw a small tomb outside and stopped her steps.

"What is this?" Isabella said when Bethany pulled her back and whispered, "No. Don't."

"Wait, come on," said Isabella and went on. While Bethany looked around to see if anyone was watching them. To be honest, she could feel someone was staring at them.

It was an old tomb and had ancient letters on it.

"Let's get out of here," whispered Bethany.

"No, let's take a picture of it," Isabella said and took the phone out of her pocket.

She opened her camera and was about to take a picture when a voice from behind startled her.

"You can't take pictures."

"Ah," shouted the three of them, and turned around.

"Excuse me. Who are you?" Bethany asked, looking at the old man, who was wearing a long robe, and in his hand was a bucket full of wood.

"This is my village. What are you doing here?" asked the old man.

"We are lost, sir," replied Isabella and took a step ahead.

"Everyone said the same thing," replied the old man. Moving his head up and down, he checked them, too. When he saw the camera, he got annoyed and shouted, "Stop the camera!"

Together they backed off and Bella put the phone back in her pocket. When she looked back at the man, he already turned away from them and gone to the other side.

"Sir, can we see the village?" Isabella followed the man.

"This girl," murmured Bethany, annoyed, and ran after Bella.

"There is nothing to see in the village. It is a simple village with simple people. Outsiders not allowed," that old man said and didn't wait for their answer.

"Bella, let's go back," Danny muttered behind them.

"Wait," Bella whispered and continued to follow the man. Just in a minute, they reached the beautiful village, 'Blackhound.'

Women are working, and children are playing. It was a vibrant village. The man had entered while three of them stopped their feet because the man didn't welcome them.

Few of the villagers started whispering in their local language. Children were scared and hid behind their parents. They were kind of foreign to the children and it was natural, as they had never been outside before.

Danny looked at her friends, giving each other silent looks.

When a woman walked toward them with a small smile, "Hello, are you here for making videos? Sorry, we can't allow this."

"No. No. We lost our way and here we ended up," said Bethany, spreading her lips in a smile, trying to get them out, but because of the fear the smile couldn't clearly emerge on her face.

"Take this road and you'll reach the main road," said the lady politely. Her words were neither harsh nor rude, not welcoming either.

"Yeah, thanks," said Bethany quickly and turned her head back. She didn't want to spend even a second here.

"I have a question?" Isabella said when Bethany stomped her feet loudly on the ground with a curse, "Fuck you, Bella.

"Did any girl of our age come to this village earlier?" Bela questioned and looked closely at the frowning woman.

The woman said in a sarcastic tone, "Many young girls and boys came to this village on the pretext that they had lost their way, but in reality, they had brought a camera and many electronic devices to this village, which were completely banned." She did not hide her dislike for them.

"Marila, stop it. There are visitors. Ask them in," a voice said, drawing everyone's attention. An old woman walked out of a small hut with the help of a stick. She had a big bun on her head. As well as had a few symbolic tattoos on her face.

With her appearance, everyone knelt on the ground and chanted something. It was shocking for the group as if a mighty figure descended and everyone showed their respect.

The woman raised her hand, and everyone stopped instantly. She made her way to Bella slowly, almost like dragging her feet.

"Don't be scared girls. I am like your grandma. Welcome to the Blackhound."

"No, no. We are about to leave. Thanks to that lady," Danny Said and rejected the old woman. Bethany was right, something was really off in this village when few peoples are adamant not to allow them in, while this old woman was welcoming them with two hands.

Nothing was right.

"I know. They have scared you a lot. But we are harmless. Come inside and sit, but do not use your electronics," the old woman told them with a friendly attitude without maliciousness.

Isabella did not want to be impolite after asking over and over by this old lady although she had her guard up.

"Thank you," Isabella said, giving her a nod. They would not stop here for long. No need to panic a lot.

Danny and Bethany both looked at each other and followed Isabella with fearful hearts.

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