Caged by the Demon Book

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Caged by the Demon


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[Mature content] Innocent Isabella doesn't know where her fate will take her. She was unaware of the result of her birth. She does not know that whatever has happened or is going to happen in her life is controlled by someone. The more she runs, the further it will hunt her. "You killed my mother. You are the curse in my life. You are the reason, I lost everyone. I am alone because of you. If killing myself is the only way I can free myself, then fine I will die with a smile. "Darling, do you think I will let you? I am the master of your body, your soul. My name is written in your every breath. Even if you want to die you have to get my permission. Why don't you submit your body to me? Your body is longing for my touch. Don't deny it." "Whenever I come close to you, I can smell your wetness." A devil's clutch is a cage, even your soul will not have the power to escape from it. ***** Isabella is Westwood's student, everything was perfect in her life until one day someone enters her peaceful life, with the mystery of her birth slowly unfolding before her eyes. But she was too late to save herself from the demon who had already imprinted his name on every part of her body. [What if Isabella is not a human? What if Isabella needs blood one day to subdue her hunger. What if Her SOUL is not her soul] Alexander, the "Satan" the real king of hell, the real ruler of hell. When he leaves Hell because of a woman, chaos ensues in Hell. Even Lucifer could not stop himself from noticing the woman who had drawn Satan's attention. Also, he had ordered to get that woman's soul.


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