The moment

she wake up on her bed, looking at the mirror and she sing "Close the midnight something lurking in the dark", she always forget the lyrics then she shout watafiek whyyyy? i feel the rythmm wew then she jump and sing again like elvis Presley can u feel the love tonight hahaha then she laugh damn its in my head why i always forget the song suddenly her mother call amety wake up you gonna be late in school you better get up or else u gonna get up young girl you need to wake up i have many things to do. Then shout back mom i already wake up geez she said she run in the bathroom and brush her teeth and her mother shout again its 7:30 already and your late young girl when she hear her mother said she run very fast and wear her uniform and grab her bag and jump in the stare and she escape again the breakfast,she open the door and the school bus exactly arrive her mother shout put a alarm geez and she reply i already put an alarm i dont know why it never alarm bye mom!! see you after school then he sat down near at the window and get lonely a little bit she wonder why i am so lonenly a little but now she remember its always that she need to do the on time things when she want to do, she such a hurry then look back and she see his crush at the back like a silent man wondering how life is cool like when wind flow to him so refresing to look and she laugh and giggle secretly make my day so wonderful and she sing again can u feel the love tonight hahahahaah the time run while bus travel make her day happy by wondering what good when love come tonight hahahaha she said geez be steady she will notice you if u act like an silly girl damn hahahahahhaa but she cannot stop laughing secretly, then she get up and sat down to his crush wazzup bro she said whacha gonna do today? then the guy answer geez hahahaha i should laugh or not in her head she said i making a move duh, its just the way she think the guy was really in the back , but the girl really on the back,the guy have a crush on her all about he think that the girl have a crush on her but the little they know they the have same feelings hahahahahahahahha then exactly 7:30 they arrive at school then all the children go out i the bus they run at school because they will be late in flag ceremony geez this children's act like no cares for others and she walk like calm same as his bestfriend conan the guy in the back ,the guy said wazzup amety, amety reply wazzup bro how your day, conan reply good as good do you have assignments already amety reply yup!

Lets go we things to do