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By your side


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Childhood sweethearts?  But wait, she ended up getting married to someone else but gave birth to her childhood sweetheart's baby.  He was a player, the multi-billionaire CEO of a tech company. The most eligible bachelor in the country.  Arnold looked at the miniature version of him staring straight at him and wearing a serious face and said, "I am your son, you are my father, so you ought to bear responsibility for me. My mommy has taken care of me enough, time for her to be taken care of, as for you, it's your turn to take care of me and your wife, and we will be starting by having you stay away from these husband stealers." The little man shooed away the woman that was almost rubbing herself on Arnold.  " You, come here take this and drive us to the hospital. Mommy is getting discharged today, we have to be there on time." Little Arnold called forth the dumbfounded bodyguard, gave him his small suitcase, and made his way towards Arnold's car.  PS: cover not mine, from pinterest cover rights to owner.


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