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Business Affairs


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Millicent Owen believed the world would only accept you when you're smart so she studied day and night trying to be the best academically. She falls in love with Davy Kent in highschool, her classmate studying to one day start up his own business. Davy promised to get married to her and make her the manager of his company. On their seventh year anniversary which was also their graduation day at college, Davy proposes a break up leaving her heartbroken. Three years later, Millicent found out the company she had applied for belonged to Davy Kent but she needed the job to save up for her mother's surgery but Davy believed it was her scheme to get him back. He employed her being the most qualified but was extremely harsh on her but she didn't mind. Working with him resurfaced old feelings but she had to stay strong. Millicent finds new love interest in a friend and coworker Zack Griffo who happened to feel the same for her but a part of her still longed for Davy. Her other friend kiara Lynn starts to fall for her as well and it was up to Millicent to decide who she wanted. Along the way, having his ex girlfriend around so often made Davy regret the action he took three years ago and he decides to to his possible best to win her heart back.... Millicent was stuck in the middle of three love interests and had a hard time deciding as they all proposed their feelings on the same day. Who would she choose..........


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