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"I figured as much. But the question is where and when it happened."

"You said she changed as soon as the carriages got to the forest."

"Yes, she winced the second we entered where the first line of trees were. Then held her head like she had a headache."

"It's definitely an enchantment. I'm going to tell you something but you can't tell anyone else."

"I won't be telling anyone." Leonard said then he looked at the walls to the side. "But we have an audience."

Kieran was surprised. "How did you know?"

Raven and Raphael came forward. 

"I can see through cloaks of invisibility. It could be in the form of something worn or an enchantment over one's self." he explained. "You can't tell anyone that either."

He had a feeling leonard's powers far exceeded what he thought. "Does Clarissa know?"

"Yes. As do our friends, the king and the man who trained me to be Clarissa's guard."


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