Burn Bright-Never Die (a Primarch si in Cyberpunk Edgerunners/2077)

Everyone knows who he is. The sudden storm that shook NC right at it's foundations. People have called him many things, inhuman, monster, underdog, edgerunner, dragon. But truthfully, his story started a tad bit tamer that you would've expected. He'd just been playing LoL when some random RoB decided to chuck him in the body of a Primarch and dump him in right in Night City.

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Chapter Five

[Main Job: A bloody rescue… Or?]

[Job Giver: Maine/Sasha Yakovleva]

Alright, listen up, choom.

Just to be clear, I'll be going over the deets one more time so that we can all be on the same page when our irons come barking out in the Edgezone.

As you already know, the Animals nabbed Sasha's sis, Stella, promising to let her go without any ruffle if Sasha does a little something for them.

They call it a simple give-and-take transaction…

Hah, fuck that!

What those steroid junkies 'forgot' to add is that when they're done getting what they want, they'll be hanging Sasha out dry to take the heat as the Tyger Claws are also interested in what the Animals' got planning.

It'll be an all-expense-paid trip to NC's bay with none of her body parts intact.

We'll be truly fucked if it comes down to that.

So what we've gotta do is pretty much clear cut; rescue Stella from those bastards and if possible, zero that hyena wannabe, Katz.

It goes without saying that while the first is a must to accomplish, the second doesn't matter as Katz won't have time to bother us with his hands, legs, and even his fucking head occupied with the Sasquatch bearing down on him.

We'll let the Animals' Alpha do our dirty work for us.

But yeah, let's stop beating around the bush and get to the main planning.

Normally, I'd reckon we go in popping with irons blazing and all. But unfortunately for us –and our resident gremlin- this kind of job requires a more discrete take to the fucking 'T'.

So Manny, considering the Nova Ninja moves you'd pulled just now, I'm sure I can find a place to fit you in this plan of mine.

So here's where you'll be as we get this show on the road.

… … Of course, if you got something to add now is the perfect time to do it.


(Sasha's POV)

A Netrunner's job begins before the start of a gig, during the duration of the gig, and after the gig.

The amount of RAM she had. The strength of her ICE. The specific QuickHacks needed for the job.

… And most importantly; her iron being placed at a reachable spot.

To Sasha, this was more of an ingrained sacred activity than a normal precautionary measure.

Unlike an iron, all it takes is a malfunction of sorts from a cyberdeck to turn a gig into a flop job or worse, give the enemy Netrunner an advantage they will surely take advantage of.

Like Sasha would if given the opportunity.

Better cases would have the Netrunner repelled with a slight headache courtesy of an overcooked neural-ware. Worse cases, on the other hand, have a nasty Daemon shoved right into their chrome that'll turn their brain into gory fluids of brain matter.

Not a nice way to flatline in Night City...

But then again, this was something Sasha was very familiar with considering that she had repelled all sorts of netrunner's attacks.

While Sasha can say that she was a veteran in the netrunning business. A pro even; seeing as she had been an Edgerunner for almost the better part of a decade. Nevertheless, Sasha still wouldn't allow herself to be called a savant in the world of Netrunners.

Only a survivor.

Candidly speaking, all Sasha had going for her was luck and preem crewmates who'd always come through for her whatever the situation may be.

Sasha—not more than once- has been under the (un)mercy of Netrunners with her brain being this close to flowing out of her ears—only for Maine, Dorio, 'Becca, or hell, even Pilar to save the day with a spectacular shot to the gargoon's head.

Sasha was good—an expert even—but she was not the best.

It was that line of thinking that brought about this customary activity of hers.

This time with her sister on the line, Sasha needed no one to tell her twice that this activity required her full and meticulous attention.

After all, there will be no reruns if this rescue flops.

'Wait for me, sis. I'm coming.'

But before Sasha could get to that...

"With a bam! I had this Gandis Ken realization—"

"Gandhi Khan, Rebecca."

The little gremlin who made herself comfortable between Manny's legs looked up to him with a smirk on her face.

"Well, aren't you the Mr. Intellectual~ anyways, Gandhi-Genji, take your pick, choomba. You already know where I'm going with this, anyway. So, after I'd lighted up that perv Scav's head with a shotgun, I'd come to realize the beauty of having a nice large iron at hand. After all, no gonk takes anyone for granted when they have a fucking * pointed at their head."

"Heh…" Scoffing, Pilar crossed his arms. "Compensating much, Becca?"

Rebecca turned to her long-arm brother with a scowl.

"And what's that supposed to fucking mean, Pilar?"


Pilar insincerely drawled, turning to watch the city through the tinted panes.

"It's just that all this talk about sizes makes it seem like you're trying to compensate for something. Like you know…"

There was no need for Pilar to further clarify as everyone got the message.

He was making fun of Rebecca's height.

Sasha knew the siblings always took turns ribbing each other—it was more or less a norm everyone in the crew had expected by now.

A day without an insult between the sibling duo would have been strange—freaking creepy even.

Normally, Rebecca wouldn't have taken offense to this kind of yapping... Well, apart from spewing some cuss words and sharp kicks to the junk; depending on the gender. Rebecca already understood that to some people, one's body size says a lot about how you treat such a person.

Then again, gonks like that all change tune when a loaded iron is being pointed right at their face.

However this time, the situation was different.

It was obvious to EVERYONE inside the van that Rebecca was crushing hard on Manny.

Then again who wouldn't be…?

Having the physique of an Olympian Adonis coupled with a chocolate skin that spoke of a half-caste nationality—not to mention his face and those nova golden eyes~

... … Sasha blinked twice in confusion—then thirdly in embarrassment as she felt her face starting heating up.

'Sasha, you fucking gonk. He's just a guy you met just today... A guy who saved my ass and is about to save my sister without any complaint or demand.'

Like those romance stories, Mom used to read for me...

'Ahh… …!'

Shaking her head, Sasha decided that after all this was over she would ask Manny what his deal was.

Why was he helping her in the first place?

Everyone who's anyone knows that nothing comes free in Night City—much less in this corpo-infested planet.

You do something with the expectation of receiving something.

'But what if...' Sasha trailed off as she watched Manny trying to calm the raging Rebecca. 'No, it'll just have to wait. Stella first, then I'll get to the bottom of this after I'm done with all this shit.'

Meanwhile, Rebecca's wrathful tantrum stilled as a serene look took its place—well, serene may be a bit too placid given the creepy smile on her face.

Hell, even Pilar appeared nonplused as he unnervingly shifted away from Rebecca.

"Wh-What the fuck's up with that look?"

"Nothing..." Rebecca chirpily replied. "Nothing at all... Mr. 40 secs."

"Hrrk... ...!"

"Bwahahahaha... ..."

Maine's hearty laughter swiftly cued in, with Pilar's face turning pale white.

"You-You're joking, right?" Pilar asked shakily. "… Right?!"

Sasha didn't understand the meaning behind Rebecca's words, and judging from the others except for Maine; it seemed like she wasn't the only one.

But then again, Sasha wasn't clueless about what those words meant judging from Maine's laughter.

In a way, the meaning behind those words was quite obvious—especially, when you consider the person it was addressed to.

Pilar, as far as Sasha knew could only be attributed to 2 things in life; techs and women.

Sasha loved her crew like a second family—even Pilar, but it's not like she'll tell him that- but to that long-arm leadhead, it's always about the latest cyberware or finest fuck he's had at Lizze's.

Not exactly someone who Sasha can settle down to have a normal chat with.

'40 secs, huh. I do seem to remember that particular day when Pilar was all tears while Maine seemed to have turned all cyberpsycho with how much he was laughing... Seriously thought he would vomit his metal bits, that day.'

Sasha's lips widened into a small smile.

'I'll wait to how this plays out.'

Manny seemed to have figured something out as he wore a cryptic smile. "Mr. 40 secs, got a story behind that, Pilar?"

Pilar uncomfortably squirmed. "I do and it's called, 'none of your fucking business."

"Aw~ defensive much, bro?" Rebecca sweetly said. "Then again, anyone would be when their li—"

"Ahhhhhh… … …!"

Pilar interrupted Rebecca with a loud holler before clasping his hands together.

"Alright, I'm a gonk. A leadhead. A moron. A fuckup… But please, anything but that."

"Haahahahah... She's got you whipped out real good this time, Pilar." Maine called out from where he sat beside Dorio. "Eh, not like you didn't have it coming."

"Buzz off, will ya."

Pilar gave Maine the finger and turned to Rebecca while rubbing his palms in a supplicatory manner.

"Eh, 'Becca. No need to bring out the big guns..."

Sighing, Rebecca relaxed her body against Manny's while picking her finger.

"Hmm... Nope~ don't see any reason why I shouldn't spill."

"Oh, come on. Can't take a little ribbing."

"I can say the same damn thing to you, Pilar. What's the harm in a little ribbing?"

Stifling a laugh, Sasha had to admit the look on Pilar's face was one she wouldn't be forgetting for quite a while—just for posterity, she took a pic of Pilar's squirming face using her neural-ware.

It'll serve as 'persuasive evidence' when Sasha wants the gonk to do something for her.

'Heh, look at me going all English.' Sasha huffed in amusement. '... Yeah, fuck that shit.'

Sighing, Sasha relaxed her relaxed her chin on her palm trying to put words at the scene before her.

Rebecca who was currently rattling off conditions to the desperate looking Pilar. Dorio and Maine commented in between laughter while Falco was sure to be spotting that smile of his while on the wheel...

... ... Manny laughed along as he occasionally quipped in.

Sasha froze and blinked in confusion and a little bit of trepidation.

If looked at from an outsider's view, one wouldn't have expected Manny to be someone, Maine and the others had met just some hours ago—it was like Manny had been part of the crew for quite a long while.

Sasha knew how Maine was all puffy and businesslike to people who weren't part of his crew.

Not like it was much of a surprise as to the upcoming big league; it was his people first, eddie-making gigs, second—and the latest cyberware on the black market.


Now that Sasha looked at it from that perspective, she could see how Maine wasn't all that different from Pilar—merely, less perverted.

… … Yeah, she'll have to make sure Maine never hears of this.

Nevertheless, that did not change that what Sasha was seeing anything less than a fucking miracle—

"So Manny..." Maine began with eyes ill-concealed with hunger. "About that preem chrome of yours; got any connections for me to get a bite in it?"

—Or not.

Sasha's eyes turned flat.

'Ah~ should have known it was about the cyberware.'

The more vocal Dorio groaned, and elbowed Maine's flank.

"Ow... ...! Fuck, Dorio! What the hell was that for?"

"Aw, let me think about it... How about wanting to fit in more chromes instead of letting the ones you have to settle in as you PROMISED, you chrome-junkie."

"Yeah, you tell 'im, sister." Pilar crooned out vindictively.

Maine absentmindedly showed Pilar the finger and replied to his Input.

"Come on, babe. It's not like I want to fit one in right NOW. I'm simply looking for the connections—you know... Playing it safe like I promised."

Sasha's lips twitched at that.

'It's always about the chrome with Maine. I kinda hope it doesn't bite him in the ass, down the road. And speaking of chrome...'

Eyeing Manny, Sasha remembered what had happened in the past hours and mentally huffed.

'I'm not sure if what I saw back there was anything like the cyber-implants I know.'

Whelp, it's not like it mattered as Sasha knew for sure that whatever it is Manny is juicing on; it can't be easily gotten in this City.

As if to prove her point, Manny shrugged with a smile.

"Sorry, choom. I don't think you'll be getting much from me. My enhancements are a bit too esoteric to even be in NC's black market."

To Sasha, those words sounded like—you wouldn't want to deal with the shit involved with this kind of chrome.

It was more of an apology... And at the same time, a warning.

Maine's eyes narrowed as his lips opened for a comeback—only for Falco to interrupt him.

"Sorry to cut into the chitchat, gents. But we've finally arrived at our destination."


Maine blinked as he looked through the tinted windows.

"We're there already?"

Rebecca scoffed and crossed her arms.

"Not like it's far in the first place. Katz may be a fucking gargoon, but he certainly ain't an idiot. Having a fort at the 6th Street's border may seem stupid and all. But from an anonymous perspective, it ain't that bad of a deal—the 6th Street are territorial and don't care about what happens outside their turf. The Animals are more or less divided into packs, so they don't interact within themselves unless necessary or when the Alpha decides to call the shots... Heh, the perfect place to plan a takeover."

Sasha blinked in surprise.

That... was pretty smart FOR Rebecca.

Whistling as he wore an impressed look, Maine said.

"Nice going, 'Becca. Guess it'll be raining soon, eh?"

Rebecca blew him a raspberry and finger salute.

Exhaling, Sasha slapped her cheeks in a bid to stifle the bubbling nervousness.

'Come on, now. This isn't your first rescue gig. You can do this... Just don't make any mistakes, and everything will be golden.'

"You alright there, Sasha?"

The Netrunner lifted her head to look up at Manny's concerned face.

"Yeah, I'm good. Ready as I can be."

Forcing a smile, Sasha punched Manny's literal trunk-like arm.

"Like why don't you first worry about yourself, big guy? After all, I'm not the one who objected to Maine's plan only to suggest an even crazier idea."

Manny gave a lopsided smile to that.

"So long as you admit that Maine's idea was also crazy, then I'm sure your words can heal this broken heart of mine."

"Cutting it close, big guy."

Chuckling, Sasha felt the pressure fade away as she dug into her handy duffle bag and brought out a canister-shaped object as well as a small flat device connected to an oversized earphone.

"These are the largest I have with me at the moment so..." Giving the flat device and earphones to Manny, Sasha said. "Use this as a communication device, since I can't seem to connect with you on holo call—as crazy as it is in this time and age—"

Sasha gave the canister object a light shake.

"A handmade EMP grenade just in case things don't go according to plan. This piece of junk would have been more useful if we were talking about the Maelstrom—them being chrome-junkies and all. But then again, this tin can should be able to fry all the electrical equipment in the warehouse as well as give those close to you a very fucking-Santa-no-go nasty case of headache... It'll give you enough time to do what you have to do."

Memories of the 'slaughter' from some hours ago flashed through Sasha's mind.

'Yeah...' Sasha nodded to herself in self-assurance. 'He'll be fine.'

One large arm came and took the equipment as Manny nodded gratefully.


Maine hefted his iron—a * model- and said.

"Alright, Manny—this is your fucking stage from now on. Show me if you have what it takes... To take on the Animals all by yourself."


It's been 3 hours, 43 minutes, 16 seconds, and counting—counting my time ever since I'd landed in this reality as a Primarch of all things.

It's been 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 31 seconds ever since I'd trudged through Night City and found myself playing the hero—and committing murder not soon after.

It's been 1 hour, 40 minutes, and 2 seconds, ever since I came to an undisputed realization that I am in a dystopian world run by corrupt companies, filled with all sorts of gangs and mercenaries, and has a startling shortage of authentic chicken burgers.

The world of Cyberpunk.

Now... At this very moment, I'm about to get the Animals to give up Stella, nicely.

All in ONE day...


I just can't consider such a sequence of events as anything but normal—then again, not like what happened to me was even normal in the first place.

Nevertheless, upon looking back, I can proudly and happily say that I am glad everything went as it did.

After it was there, I'd started my takeover of Night City.


There were many things Manny had come to like about being a Primarch.

It wasn't about the superhuman speed and strength—or even the overpowered Psyker abilities that came with it… There was the calm; a guiding calm that washed over Manny as he went ahead to do something he had never done in his entire life.

Manny walked towards the muscled guards stationed outside the warehouse with a confidence he didn't know he had.

They are of no threat.

Manny's lips quirked.

He doesn't need a mysterious voice to tell him that, after what had happened today.

You are the representation of the Emperor's Might.

For some reason, those words emboldened him to straighten up.

With a twinge of amusement, Manny looked down at the perturbed gangsters who looked like kids who were caught stealing cookies and said.

"So... Are you gonna' let me in or what?"

First, I want to begin by offering my sincere apologies for updating so late with a small content.

I still have RL issues—concerning my University; hopefully, everything will be resolved next week and I'll have the rest of my mind to get back to writing.

So anyways, I did want to get this short arc done quickly, but then I realized what is going to happen next is something MONUMENTAL to Manny and the world of Cyberpunk as a whole.

A Primarch has come to take Night City and he's coming with an army of transhumans.

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