1 brun age

"sir plz leave us"

"don't kill us "

"just kill him"

"help me! plz "

*in distance voice*

"hey Tom are you ohk" Lisa said but Tom was stucked in his thoughts . Lisa jerked him. "hey good morning Lisa " . "hey Tom ur becoming more and depressed what happened with you you never told me anything about ur symptoms "

"Lisa do you love me " , "yes I do tom thats why I married you even though you never told me about your past "

some one banged the door - "hello does Tom Peter lives here "

Lisa opened the door " yes he lives here "

are you his wife can you tell him to come tell him that his old friend has come to meet him.

Lisa replied " ohk just wait here ". Tom was totally shooked after seeing that guy. "hey Matt how are you its been a long time "

Matt replied " really u asshole how can you do that to us ha u messed up all the shit and runned away living us to clean it. do you know how hard it was to stay underground your fucked up man even James is searching you throughout the states"

"hey Matt I can understand what you went through but I can't live my life like that now this life is good too even know I wasn't compatible one " Tom said

" hey Tom I was afraid for you. there are lot things happening in the market just after you leave. higher up are also searching for all the disasters. I am also in thight spot I don't know what is happening just camed here to tell to be on alert " Matt replied

bang bang ( Matt was shot by some unknown )

Tom panicked

"shit Matt just hang in there I am taking u to hospital just hang in strong man "