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Volume I ‘‘Do you want to bet on something?’’ he asked standing up to face her for the first time. He had a smile on his face but somewhat, Rosa felt that his aura had changed. He looked familiarly different and she couldn’t point out a particular thing that was different. ‘‘Your eyes are giving you away, Prosecutor Ann. I can tell you have a lot of questions to ask me’’ ‘'What exactly are you?’’ she mustered the courage to finally ask. ‘‘Prosecutor Ann, how have you been?’’ he flashed a smile before pulling her into a tight hug, '‘I missed you’’ In Blue Town, there is an underlining rule, you kill or either get killed. The smartest won’t necessary be the last to get kicked out but one thing is certain, you have to watch your own back. That is why, on what seemed to be another ordinary day in the lives of two people from different walks of life, changed the moment they met in the courtroom as a Prosecutor and a suspect. Defying all evidence and setting free a suspect who was supposed to be jailed for life, Rosa Dee Ann’s life turned for the worst the day she met best Actor Carlos Ryan through the ‘singlet’ case but were things really that easy? Five years later, Carlos Ryan is back to Blue Town with another identity and it’s determined to protect the woman who saved his life from the pit. Will they be able to fight the ever increasing crimes in Blue Town? Will love brew from their constant bickering? Volume II After a betrayal from her best friend, Willow Woods who was supposed to be the bridesmaid became the bride. Getting into a contract marriage with a powerful man just to keep her sister alive. What will happen to this unusual union between her and Matthew Hayez who thinks she is a lesbian as a result of a misunderstanding purposefully created by her so called best friend to escape her own narriage "I know your type, Willow Woods" Matthew said to Willow who was drenched with water. "What?" "You and I will both never find happiness in this life" he swore in his heart to make her pay for what she did to him. But, after a month, he held her hand and pulled her to his side and sneered before those who wanted to bully her. "She is my wife!!!" Willow Woods stared at him with a puzzled expression. "Didn't you hate me for my uncultured behaviour?" "That is your charm" he smirked. PS: Book cover does not belong to me. All credits goes to the owner. if you're the owner of this cover and wants me to not use it, kindly leave a message in the comment section.


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