265 Chapter 265, origin shattering, the birth of the Immortal!

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Upon reaching the nascent soul realm, one would be able to comprehend the origin and even accumulate the origin.

Both du Longyang and the Empress knew very well how difficult it was to break the origin from the outside.

The Immortal also knew this, which was why he hid in the origin sphere.

When Lu fan said that they couldn't break the origin sphere from the outside, du Longyang and the others felt regretful, but they weren't too surprised.

Because they had placed their hopes on Lu fan, which could be said to be a desperate situation.

However, Lu fan gave them another hope.

Was the development of the Tian Yuan continent going back a thousand years, or even ten thousand years?

Using this price to force out the immortals..

Was It Worth It?

To du Longyang and the others, it was worth it!


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