Building a Kingdom and Conquering the World

This is a story about a modern man inspired by great conquerors, like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, to conquer another world. And, for that, he will utilize modern knowledge to develop his kingdom and innovative war strategies to conquer everything. Since he was a child, Henry loved reading about Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, the greatest conquerors of all time. He idolized these important characters that molded humankind history with their own hands. Henry was always amazed by their great war tatics and strategies, that allowed them to conquer the world. He wanted to become someone like that. Unfortunately, he was born in the modern times and in a place that war was not a common occurence. Alone, he began to play hundreds of strategy games and eventually became a professional player, famous for his crazy and intelligent way of thinking. However, one day, due to unknown circumstances, Henry died and found himself on the long road to reincarnation, from where he jumped into the Dimensions River and reincarnated as the King of the Stahl Kingdom, a poor and cold nation surrounded by barbarians and wild life. He was finally in a place where he could conquer and dominate. A place where his brilliant tatics and strategies could dictate the way of the whole world. He wanted to follow the steps of his heroes and become the conqueror of the world. ______x_______ Note: I will be uploading a minimum of two to three chapters a week. Also, english is not my first language, so if you see any mistakes, please drop a comment on the paragraph. _______x_________ If you are liking this novel, leave your vote and review!

Stoicist · War
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176 Chs

The caged beast

In the castle's administrative room, established by Henry to handle financial matters and everything related to the kingdom's management, Luther had his head down, carefully writing on a parchment. Writing reports for the absent king had become a daily routine for him over the past week. After a full day of work, he would come to this room and summarize the progress of all ongoing projects in the capital, while also keeping tabs on every important information from other parts of the kingdom.