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Xiao Ze crossed over to the world of Dou Po, becoming the fourth young master of the Xiao family, and obtained a binding feedback system. When the bound individual's strength increases, it can be tenfold feedback to Xiao Ze. 【Successfully bound Xiao Xun'er, Xiao Xun'er's strength increased, congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, strength increased to a nine-star fighter...】. 【Xiao Xun'er took the Saint Heart Luminous Pill, greatly increasing aptitude! Congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, aptitude increased to the level of a peerless genius...】 . 【Xiao Xun'er successfully refined the Emperor Burning Heaven Flame, greatly increasing strength! Congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, successful refinement of the Emperor Flame (20%)...】. Xiao Ze thought it would end like this, but he didn't expect that as Xiao Xun'er's strength increased, the number of people he could bind also increased. The Seven-Colored Devouring Sky Python bloodline of Queen Medusa, the Calamity Poison Body of Little Doctor Immortal, the Emerald Snake Triple Flower Pupil of Qinglin... all receive tenfold feedback! Years later, when the Soul Heavenly Emperor just caused havoc, he was immediately suppressed by Xiao Ze! Only then did Xiao Ze realize that he had reached the pinnacle of the Continent of Douqi. He couldn't help but cast his gaze towards the vast world. If you want to read the chapters in advance and support me, here is my Patreon. patreon.com/johanssen10 Chapters on my Patreon Soccer: I have the attributes of Messi in his Prime (up to chapter 85) I cannot be a Martial Ancestor, then I will be Emperor Yan. (up to chapter 60) Dou Po: Tie Xiao Xun'er at the beginning and get ten times feedback (up to chapter 30)

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Chapter 70: The Hunt Begins! Elder's Misunderstanding!

Chapter 70: The Hunt Begins! Elder's Misunderstanding!

After resting by the stream for a day, Xiao Ze set out with the three girls.

Although the Fire Energy Hunt lasted seven days, it typically didn't take that long.

In the case of Xiao Yan's year, it was because he wanted to gather all the new students' strength to defeat all the seniors, which is why it lasted until the seventh day.

But under normal circumstances, it usually ended in two to three days.

After all, even for new students from the Inner Academy, crossing a forest didn't take seven days.

Xiao Ze deliberately rested for a day to let the prey fatten up, making it easier for him to harvest.

Walking through the woods, Xiao Ze extended his soul perception.

With his current soul perception ability, no senior could escape his detection if he searched carefully!

"Found them!"

Xiao Ze muttered quietly, then waved to the three girls and dashed forward.

By the time Han Yue and the others caught up, there was already a pile of bodies in front of Xiao Ze.

Five figures lay scattered, their faces filled with terror.

They all had one question in their minds: What happened? This all happened in less than a minute!

Han Yue looked at the five seniors lying on the ground, feeling impressed: Crushed!

"Senior brothers, just hand over your cards obediently. Otherwise, you'll get a beating later, and if you get injured, I'll also waste my energy."

Xiao Ze said calmly.

The five seniors turned pale at once, not doubting Xiao Ze's words at all.

After all, Xiao Ze had subdued them instantly.

The moment Xiao Ze appeared, they felt paralyzed all over, unable to stand steadily, only able to make small movements.

This strange method left them trembling with fear.

"Don't move, don't move! I'll give them, I'll give them!"

With the five seniors cooperating obediently, Xiao Ze smoothly transferred the Fire Energy from their five crystal cards to his own.

Unfortunately, he couldn't take it all. They still needed to keep enough Fire Energy for the remaining seven days.

But once the Fire Energy of these seniors dropped below ten, they would have to leave the forest and couldn't continue to participate in the Fire Energy Hunt.

The number of seniors participating in the Fire Energy Hunt was the same as the number of new students, ten teams of five. Now, there were nine teams left.

The five people lying on the ground watched as Xiao Ze and the others left, feeling relieved.

Thank goodness, that monster finally left.

In a secluded place, Xiao Ze took out his black card.

"Alright, a total of 120 Fire Energy. Let's divide it equally."

The Little Doctor and Xiao Xun'er had no objections. Han Yue hesitated for a moment, then shook her head.

"Xiao Ze, if we distribute it equally, won't I be taking advantage of you? I've already explained to you the value of Fire Energy before."

Han Yue knew that the information she provided could have been obtained by Xiao Ze from questioning the seniors.

Xiao Ze glanced at Han Yue, indifferent.

"Since you've joined my team, I can't treat you unfairly. Even though our time together may be short, we're still teammates."

Seeing Han Yue about to speak again, Little Doctor Xun'er pulled her hand and winked at her.

"Han Yue, according to the principle of majority rule, the three of us have agreed to distribute it equally... Besides, there's no need for you to feel uncomfortable."


Han Yue thought for a moment and finally nodded in agreement. She took out her crystal card and a deep blue scroll.

"Anyway, I've taken advantage of you quite a bit. This is a treasure map I accidentally obtained. Its value is unknown, but please accept it."

Xiao Ze looked at the deep blue scroll, feeling its ancient and mysterious aura.

"In that case, thank you, Senior Sister Han Yue. The distribution of Fire Energy is settled!"

Xiao Ze transferred some Fire Energy to the crystal cards of the three girls before putting away the deep blue scroll.

Seeing Xiao Ze put away the scroll, Han Yue breathed a sigh of relief.

Although it was a treasure map, its value was unknown, and there were too many uncertainties!

In the end, Han Yue still took advantage of him.

Xiao Ze was willing to accept the treasure map, probably to make her feel more at ease.

Han Yue looked at Xiao Ze's back, feeling grateful.

Next, they embarked on the path of hunting, one senior team after another being attacked.

Soon, discussions about the new student teams hunting the seniors began circulating in the forest.

In a certain part of the forest, three seniors sat cross-legged.

"This little guy rested for a day just to wait for the prey to fatten up. Haha."

After saying this, Hu Qian burst into laughter, finding Xiao Ze's actions inexplicably amusing.

"This is the sixth senior team. With this little guy's strength, even if he encounters the strongest Bai Sha team, it shouldn't be a problem."

Lin Elder said, somewhat surprised.

"Is the cultivation program in the Outer Academy really that powerful? Can it allow this little guy to advance to the Dou Ling realm at such a young age?"

Elder Yan was also curious. He hadn't paid attention to the cultivation program in the Inner Academy, so seeing Xiao Ze's strength was somewhat astonishing.

Hu Qian shook his head helplessly, saying impatiently, "Is the cultivation program in the Outer Academy really that powerful? I should get one or two spots every year!"

"Unfortunately, it's just this little guy who's strong. Moreover, he hasn't benefited much from the Outer Academy's cultivation program!"

When Elder Lin and Elder Yan heard this, they were stunned. Where did this information come from?

"Old man, did you take any bribes?"

Elder Lin was straightforward, causing Hu Qian to roll his eyes and laugh, "Go to hell! As for this little guy's cultivation program, you know that he has two chances to enter the library and an allocation of medicinal pills."

"Twice, he obtained two volumes of Earth-ranked techniques from the library. One was a water attribute, and the other was poison."

"The water attribute is for his own use, while the poison attribute is for the girl next to him."

Hearing this, Elder Lin and Elder Yan were both dumbfounded.

This little guy's luck was so deep, he obtained two volumes of Earth-ranked techniques from one visit to the library!

What's more, he seemed to treat the invaluable Earth-ranked techniques as ordinary items and casually gave one to the girl next to him!

"And the allocation of medicinal pills was used by him to exchange for pills for practitioners cultivating the fire attribute!"

Hu Qian added fuel to the fire.

Elder Lin was stunned, muttering to himself, "Didn't you say he's a water attribute... Could it be! For another girl!"

Seeing the shocked expressions on the two elders' faces, Hu Qian nodded knowingly.

"He spent a year to advance from Great Fighter to Dou Ling, and the only effect of the cultivation program was one volume of Earth-ranked technique. The rest was all his own effort."

After hearing this, Elder Yan looked regretful. "If he had used all the resources himself, maybe he would have reached the high-ranked Dou Ling realm by now?"

Elder Lin nodded in agreement. "This little guy is almost using his own resources to pull those two girls forward!"

"No wonder those two girls can't see anyone else in their eyes except him."

Elder Yan said with some emotion, feeling a bit envious of such emotions.

"If someone of the opposite sex were to sacrifice so much for me, I'm afraid I would be completely devoted to her."

Hu Qian, hearing this, shivered and rubbed his arms. "You old guys, stop saying such things. It's making me sick."

Elder Yan rolled his eyes and ignored Hu Qian, instead immersing himself in his fantasies.

The three elders laughed and bickered, showing how deep their relationship was.

While they were talking, Xiao Ze and the others unexpectedly encountered another new student team..