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Xiao Ze crossed over to the world of Dou Po, becoming the fourth young master of the Xiao family, and obtained a binding feedback system. When the bound individual's strength increases, it can be tenfold feedback to Xiao Ze. 【Successfully bound Xiao Xun'er, Xiao Xun'er's strength increased, congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, strength increased to a nine-star fighter...】. 【Xiao Xun'er took the Saint Heart Luminous Pill, greatly increasing aptitude! Congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, aptitude increased to the level of a peerless genius...】 . 【Xiao Xun'er successfully refined the Emperor Burning Heaven Flame, greatly increasing strength! Congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, successful refinement of the Emperor Flame (20%)...】. Xiao Ze thought it would end like this, but he didn't expect that as Xiao Xun'er's strength increased, the number of people he could bind also increased. The Seven-Colored Devouring Sky Python bloodline of Queen Medusa, the Calamity Poison Body of Little Doctor Immortal, the Emerald Snake Triple Flower Pupil of Qinglin... all receive tenfold feedback! Years later, when the Soul Heavenly Emperor just caused havoc, he was immediately suppressed by Xiao Ze! Only then did Xiao Ze realize that he had reached the pinnacle of the Continent of Douqi. He couldn't help but cast his gaze towards the vast world. If you want to read the chapters in advance and support me, here is my Patreon. patreon.com/johanssen10 Chapters on my Patreon Soccer: I have the attributes of Messi in his Prime (up to chapter 85) I cannot be a Martial Ancestor, then I will be Emperor Yan. (up to chapter 60) Dou Po: Tie Xiao Xun'er at the beginning and get ten times feedback (up to chapter 30)

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Chapter 65: Indestructible Vajra Pill! Ancient Medicine!

Chapter 65: Indestructible Vajra Pill! Ancient Medicine!

Inside the Book Pavilion.

With various emotions swirling in their hearts, everyone gazes at the item in Xiao Ze's hand.

As the energy dissipates from the wrapped object, a crystal sphere is revealed.

Inside the crystal, sealed by a special method, is a golden pill emitting dazzling light.

Xiao Ze glances at the information on it and softly reads aloud, "Indestructible Vajra Pill..."

Upon hearing the name of the pill, Xiao Xuner can't help but exclaim, "What an imposing name!"

Xiao Yan, on the other hand, is curious. "Xiao Ze, what grade is this pill?"

After reading it, Xiao Ze's eyes also flicker with excitement, as he says somewhat incredulously, "Seventh-grade pill!"

Instantly, everyone casts envious and shocked gazes at him.

Especially Bai Cheng, his eyes are filled with jealousy!

"Why did Xiao Ze choose it when I was the one who approached it first?" Bai Cheng wonders inwardly, feeling deeply envious.

Han Yue is full of envy as well. Although the appearance of this pill is already extraordinary, she didn't expect it to be a legendary seventh-grade pill!

Xiao Ze is also very happy inside. This trip has truly yielded a treasure!

Although the Book Pavilion contains even herbs, pills are the hardest to preserve.

Xiao Ze originally didn't expect to obtain high-grade pills.

Because unlike martial arts and techniques, which can be stored in scroll form, pills are much harder to preserve.

The difficulty of preserving pills is extremely high!

To preserve pills for a long time, special methods are needed.

Especially high-grade pills, which are generally very beneficial.

Even for an institution like Canaan Academy, it's difficult to give high-grade pills to students as rewards, usually they are kept internally!

But now, this Indestructible Vajra Pill has truly shocked Xiao Ze!

He's also amazed at the profound heritage of Canaan Academy!

"All right, let's go. This trip has been a great harvest."

Xiao Ze puts the Indestructible Vajra Pill away in his pocket.

Since they'll be searched by the two elders when they leave, it's better to keep the pill hidden to avoid having to take it out later.

Xiao Xuner and Xiao Yan have also obtained satisfactory rewards and follow Xiao Ze out.

After some thought, Han Yue looks at the silver-white scroll in her hand and grits her teeth, deciding to follow Xiao Ze and the others out.

Although there are still fifteen minutes left before the end, staying longer won't increase her chances of obtaining high-grade items.

Having witnessed the power of true high-grade items, Han Yue feels that even if she encounters one, it would be difficult for her to obtain it as easily as Xiao Ze did.

She might even end up like Bai Cheng, injured by the energy emanating from it.

Han Yue is already satisfied with the scroll she obtained.

Greed might only lead to harm in the end.

Leaving only Bai Cheng in the Book Pavilion, his eyes are somewhat red, filled with defiance and unwillingness!

Why should Xiao Ze be able to obtain high-grade pills!

Driven by this sense of unwillingness, Bai Cheng is determined not to leave until the last moment!

Outside the Book Pavilion, Xiao Ze's reward surprises the two elders and Hu Qian.

"A seventh-grade pill! Indestructible Vajra Pill!" Hu Qian exclaims. Even at his level, he can't help but envy it!

The two guardians also flash a hint of excitement in their eyes!

A seventh-grade pill is still effective even for them!

It's truly a rare opportunity.

Now, it has been obtained by this little guy!

They're all jealous of Xiao Ze's fortune.

However, they won't resort to seizing opportunities from students.

Hu Qian strokes his beard and sighs, "Seventh-grade pill... There's a widely spread legend in the mainland."

"Back then, Wind Sovereign consumed a seventh-grade pill called Yin-Yang Mystical Dragon Pill, which transformed his body, allowing him to ultimately achieve the title of Sovereign!"


The women present are all astonished. They had some expectations for the preciousness of a seventh-grade pill in legends, but they didn't expect that a seventh-grade pill could create a Sovereign!

The little doctor feels genuinely happy for Xiao Ze.

With such a precious pill, Xiao Ze will definitely become a formidable figure in the future!

Xiao Xuner wears a faint smile, feeling happy for Xiao Ze's good fortune.

After all, if Xiao Ze can't reach the top of the Dou Qi continent, the obstacles they'll face together will be unimaginable.

To convince those old folks of the Gu clan to agree to marry off Xiao Xuner, the holder of the divine bloodline that has lasted for a thousand years, is as difficult as climbing to the sky!

Fortunately, Xiao Ze has achieved brilliant results along the way, filling Xiao Xuner with confidence in him.

Even Xiao Ze's cultivation speed makes Xiao Xuner a bit scared!

If she didn't have the divine bloodline, she would worry that she wouldn't be able to keep up with Xiao Ze's cultivation speed later on.

Han Yue is full of envy. A seventh-grade pill can create a Dou Zun, indicating just how precious this pill is.

Hu Qian continues, "However, this Indestructible Vajra Pill is different from the Yin-Yang Mystical Dragon Pill..."

Seeing Hu Qian stop halfway through, Xiao Ze respectfully bows and asks, "Please, Vice Dean, tell us more!"

After all, only the grade and name are written on the crystal. Xiao Ze really doesn't know the specific effects of the Indestructible Vajra Pill.

"Cough... Actually, I'm not too sure either, but the two elders definitely know!"

Hu Qian coughs awkwardly, not trying to be mysterious, but he really doesn't know.

The two guardian elders glance at Hu Qian, seeing that he's finished his show, and at Xiao Ze's request, they don't conceal much, slowly explaining.

"This Indestructible Vajra Pill is actually an ancient medicine... Legend has it that an ancient alchemist, dissatisfied with the frailty of the human body..."

"He painstakingly sought out herbs for body strengthening, aiming to refine a pill that could make the human body as strong as a demonic beast's."

"After relentless research by that ancient alchemist, the Indestructible Vajra Pill was finally born!"

After listening to the explanation from the two elders, everyone can't help but sigh. Alchemists are truly creative beings!

To be able to create a pill that can make the human body as strong as a demonic beast's!

The gray-robed elder continues, "Not only can the Indestructible Vajra Pill make the human body as strong as a demonic beast's, but it can also make cultivation twice as effective!"

"Just by taking the Indestructible Vajra Pill, cultivating the body will become much easier!"

Everyone is filled with shock!

Xiao Ze, on the other hand, feels a bit troubled.

The effect of this pill is indeed extraordinary, but the problem now is how to get Xuner to take it?

Xuner definitely won't agree to Xiao Ze's gift of such a precious pill.

But Xiao Ze is ten times more excited about the Indestructible Vajra Pill than the feedback from it!

Just as everyone is shocked by the effect of the Indestructible Vajra Pill, Bai Cheng also comes out.

His face is full of despair because he hasn't seen any high-grade items since Xiao Ze left...

Bai Cheng sees the remaining shock in everyone's eyes and doesn't understand what happened.

Hu Qian sees the two elders finish checking Bai Cheng's body, waves his hand grandly, and leaves with the five people without lingering.

Bai Cheng doesn't dare to disobey the Vice Dean's words and can only bury his doubts in his heart.

Back at the Book Pavilion, Hu Qian says to everyone, "You all need to prepare to enter the Inner Court next..."

(The end of this chapter)