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Xiao Ze crossed over to the world of Dou Po, becoming the fourth young master of the Xiao family, and obtained a binding feedback system. When the bound individual's strength increases, it can be tenfold feedback to Xiao Ze. 【Successfully bound Xiao Xun'er, Xiao Xun'er's strength increased, congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, strength increased to a nine-star fighter...】. 【Xiao Xun'er took the Saint Heart Luminous Pill, greatly increasing aptitude! Congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, aptitude increased to the level of a peerless genius...】 . 【Xiao Xun'er successfully refined the Emperor Burning Heaven Flame, greatly increasing strength! Congratulations to the host for gaining tenfold feedback, successful refinement of the Emperor Flame (20%)...】. Xiao Ze thought it would end like this, but he didn't expect that as Xiao Xun'er's strength increased, the number of people he could bind also increased. The Seven-Colored Devouring Sky Python bloodline of Queen Medusa, the Calamity Poison Body of Little Doctor Immortal, the Emerald Snake Triple Flower Pupil of Qinglin... all receive tenfold feedback! Years later, when the Soul Heavenly Emperor just caused havoc, he was immediately suppressed by Xiao Ze! Only then did Xiao Ze realize that he had reached the pinnacle of the Continent of Douqi. He couldn't help but cast his gaze towards the vast world. If you want to read the chapters in advance and support me, here is my Patreon. patreon.com/johanssen10 Chapters on my Patreon Soccer: I have the attributes of Messi in his Prime (up to chapter 85) I cannot be a Martial Ancestor, then I will be Emperor Yan. (up to chapter 60) Dou Po: Tie Xiao Xun'er at the beginning and get ten times feedback (up to chapter 30)

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Chapter 58: Medicine Elder's Shock! Xiao Yan's Determination!

Chapter 58: Medicine Elder's Shock! Xiao Yan's Determination!

"You said your fourth brother is a Great Fighter at the age of twelve?"

Medicine Elder couldn't help but ask Xiao Yan.

If his soul body had ears, he would have thought he misheard.

Seeing Medicine Elder's surprised expression, Xiao Yan felt a sense of pride and a hint of bitterness.

"Yes, he told me himself..."

Xiao Yan explained Xiao Ze's situation clearly.

From demonstrating the strength of a Nine-Star Dou Master to leaving the Xiao family and advancing to the Great Fighter realm to study at the Canaan Academy.

"The time he spent from being a Nine-Star Dou Master to becoming a Great Fighter was even shorter..."

Even the knowledgeable Medicine Elder couldn't help but mumble with a somewhat stunned expression.

The room fell silent for a while.

After a moment, Medicine Elder shook his head and a bitter smile appeared on his lips, similar to Xiao Yan's.

"You little guy... you've really given this old man a puzzle!"

"The talent of your fourth brother, even in the entire Dou Qi Continent, is a rare existence!"

Xiao Yan looked at Medicine Elder with some surprise.

He had already elevated Xiao Ze's talent as much as possible in his mind.

But Xiao Yan was even more aware that there were many remarkable individuals on the Dou Qi Continent.

He knew that there were always people beyond people, and heavens beyond heavens.

His own vision was still shallow, unable to determine where Xiao Ze's talent ranked among the talents of the Dou Qi Continent.

But the mysterious old man who claimed to be a high-level alchemist in front of him.

Clearly told him that Xiao Ze's talent could be considered a rare existence even on the entire Dou Qi Continent.

Xiao Yan couldn't help but feel a sense of despair.

From his own decline in talent, to Xiao Ze's encouragement, to Xiao Ze revealing his strength as a Nine-Star Dou Master.

Xiao Yan had quietly taken Xiao Ze as a target in his heart.

He saw Xiao Ze as his goal.

Until finally, Xiao Ze went to the Canaan Academy to study, revealing his realm as a Great Fighter.

With the passage of time, the gap between them grew larger and larger.

It completely turned Xiao Yan's "chasing Xiao Ze" into an obsession.

He also had his own pride and refused to accept falling behind his younger brother, only surviving under his younger brother's wings.

Xiao Yan also wanted to break through numerous obstacles like Xiao Ze said and soar in the sky.

Protecting the cherished family and companions.

Medicine Elder looked at Xiao Yan's face filled with loss and sighed inwardly.

"Don't be disheartened, little guy. Although your fourth brother's talent is top-notch even in the Dou Qi Continent, surpassing him is not impossible!"

"There are plenty of examples of late bloomers in the Dou Qi Continent!"

"If you lack confidence from the start, it's better to give up early."

Hearing Medicine Elder's words, Xiao Yan was deeply moved.

Yes, even though his fourth brother's talent was beyond his reach now.

The future held infinite possibilities!

Perhaps he could really become the late bloomer that Medicine Elder mentioned!

"I understand. I won't give up. Even if it's difficult, I will catch up to my fourth brother!"

A glimmer of confidence shone in Xiao Yan's eyes.

Medicine Elder nodded approvingly.

"Alright, stop talking and start practicing."

"The gap between you two is unlikely to be surpassed in the foreseeable years!"

"All you can do is work hard to narrow the gap between you!"

Xiao Yan nodded vigorously and sat cross-legged on the bed to begin cultivating.

After completing a cycle of Dou Qi cultivation, feeling the real increase of Dou Qi in his body, Xiao Yan couldn't help but feel a bit teary-eyed.

"It's back! It's all back! My Dou Qi... it's finally back!"

Xiao Yan couldn't help but touch his wrist guard, feeling the gathering of Dou Qi towards it. He felt a hint of doubt and asked the ring.

"Medicine Elder, my fourth brother gave me this wrist guard, saying it would help me overcome my difficulties. Is that true?"

The figure of Medicine Elder reappeared, nodding earnestly.

"I didn't expect this thing to be given to you by your fourth brother!"

"It seems like he vaguely knew the reason for the loss of Dou Qi in your body and prepared this gift for you."

"It contains a rare treasure that can automatically absorb Dou Qi. I absorbed Dou Qi from this treasure to speed up my awakening!"

After listening to Medicine Elder's explanation, Xiao Yan was surprised. He didn't expect it to be true.

He felt even more grateful to Xiao Ze in his heart.

Suddenly, Xiao Yan looked at the wrist guard on his hand.

"Medicine Elder, you said this is a rare treasure that can automatically absorb Dou Qi, but..."

Medicine Elder rolled his eyes. Of course, he knew what Xiao Yan was going to say next.

"Don't even think about it. Although this treasure can automatically absorb Dou Qi, it's extremely difficult for cultivators to absorb Dou Qi from it."

"If it weren't for my powerful soul force, it would be very difficult for me to absorb Dou Qi from this treasure."

After hearing Medicine Elder's explanation, Xiao Yan dispelled the thought in his heart.

"You'd better start cultivating quickly. When you reach the Fighter stage, you'll be able to practice fire attribute martial arts, and then you can truly start experimenting with alchemy."

"At the same time, for your goal, you need to be mentally prepared. If you want to surpass your fourth brother's talent, you must be prepared to work much harder than ordinary people."

Xiao Yan nodded, realizing that determination wasn't just a simple word.

It was deeply rooted in his heart, a determination to give everything to achieve his goal!

"Fourth Brother, wait for me. I will definitely catch up to you!"

With this determination, Xiao Yan closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

Medicine Elder watched Xiao Yan cultivate with a somewhat solemn expression.

Even with his alchemy skills, he didn't dare to guarantee that Xiao Yan could catch up to Xiao Ze.

After all, Xiao Ze's talent, even among the countless geniuses in the Central Plains, was enough to be proud of.

Perhaps Xiao Ze was already preparing to break through to the Dou Zun realm now?

"But that's okay. I also want to challenge myself and see if I can cultivate a genius surpassing Xiao Ze!"

Medicine Elder looked at Xiao Yan, and the request this little guy made to him stirred the long-silent emotions in his heart.

"Work hard, little guy!"

In the evening, Xiao Yan emerged from cultivation, feeling the growth of his cultivation after so much futile effort.

Now he could finally see his progress.

Feeling the increase of Dou Qi in his body, Xiao Yan couldn't help but continue to practice, still filled with excitement.

"Alright, stop being excited. As I told you before, ordinary means are simply impossible to catch up to your fourth brother. So you need to supplement with pills."

"But... wasn't it said that during the Dou Qi cultivation stage, the meridians couldn't withstand the impact of pills?"

Xiao Yan had also heard about this matter and couldn't help but feel puzzled.

"For other alchemists, yes, but for me, it's not necessarily the case."

Medicine Elder said confidently.

He listed a series of medicinal names that made Xiao Yan feel extremely distressed.

"Three Purple Leaf Orchids, two Washed Bone Flowers, one First Grade Wood Element Magic Core... At least it will cost over a thousand gold coins. Where do I get the money for that?!"

"Hehe... that's your problem. Being an alchemist is not just a profession for making money, but also a profession for burning money!"

Medicine Elder's voice was full of teasing.

"Now you're upset about over a thousand gold coins, but in the future, when you're dealing with materials for higher-level pills, you'll be even more upset."

Xiao Yan: "Aaargh!!!"


Just as Xiao Yan was striving to become a Fighter.

Xiao Ze was already preparing to break through to the Dou Soul realm.

(End of this chapter)