98 Chapter 98: Union Intentions, Serene Sea Scaly Beast

"So he really is a sixth-tier alchemist! Oh, this talent... is truly worthy of being hailed as a monstrous talent that is rarely found in a thousand years!"

Seemingly digesting this information, a long silence ensued before the linen-robed elder in the pavilion sighed.

"A sixth-tier alchemist, there was only one sixth-tier alchemist in the entire Jia Ma Empire in the past, and Gu He is an affiliated elder of the Misty Cloud Sect, he has created many strong people for the Misty Cloud Sect over the years."

"Oh, Misty Cloud Sect..."

Misty Cloud Sect has a long history dating back thousands of years, while the Jia Ma Empire was founded only a few hundred years ago, and their heritage is far inferior to that of the Misty Cloud Sect.

If it were not for the Misty Cloud Sect's ancient rule of not interfering in the affairs of the imperial family, one fears that Jia Ma's Empire would have been called the Misty Cloud Empire long ago...

Although the Misty Cloud Sect has an ancient rule of not interfering with the imperial family, this does not give security to the imperial family, which is distrustful by nature.

The imperial family wanted to press to death anyone who had the ability to rebel.

However, the Misty Cloud Sect was so powerful that they could not succeed.

Although they did not dare to stroke the tiger's whiskers, the Jia Ma Imperial Family still stationed 100,000 troops at the foot of Misty Cloud Mountain to protect themselves from the Misty Cloud Sect, where they trained every day.

It was obvious to what extent they feared the Misty Cloud Sect.

Now that the Jia Ma Empire had an additional sixth-tier alchemist or a young alchemist with a promising future, the Jia Ma Imperial Family naturally couldn't let him go.

Only, before the elder in the pavilion could say anything, the half-kneeling figure spoke again, "We also have another piece of news."

"What news? Say it."

"The Lionheart Commander's granddaughter has a marriage agreement with the third young master of the Xiao family."

"Is she Nalan Yanran who was taken as a disciple by Yun Yun, the Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect?" the elder asked in a daze.

"Yes." The Shadow Guard replied in a respectful voice.

The marriage arrangement between Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran was only a verbal agreement made by Xiao Lin and Nalan Jie, so previously there were not many people in the Xiao and Nalan families who knew about this verbal agreement.

However, when Nalan Yanran was a minor, due to Xiao Yan's extraordinary talent, she was often forced to cultivate to be worthy of Xiao Yan and not let the Nalan family lose face in this marriage arrangement, which made many people in the Nalan family know about this matter.

Only, while Xiao Ming was away studying, Xiao Yan's realm fell abruptly, and after that, no one gradually mentioned this matter until Xiao Ming's recent return, and only then did the Nalan family mention it again.

Misty Cloud Sect was already involved with a sixth-tier alchemist, Gu He, and now they wanted to get involved with the Xiao Clan, how could they allow this!?

Isn't it just a marriage alliance?

The Jia Ma Imperial Family could be lacking anything but women!

If the Misty Cloud Sect and the third young master of the Xiao Family were to unite in marriage, then they will unite with Xiao Ming directly!

With this in mind, the linen-robed elder said, "Tell the eldest princess Yao Ye to come to see me quickly."


Upon receiving the order, the Shadow Guard responded and hurriedly left the place.

After the Shadow Guard left, the calm surface of the huge lake seemed to suddenly boil, and numerous water bubbles emerged.

As the surface of the lake boiled, a majestic aura gradually rose from the bottom of the lake.


Just as the lake was boiling, a huge column of water suddenly erupted from the lake.


As the water column shot skyward, a thunderous and strange beast roar suddenly erupted from the lake, and the huge size of the beast immediately occupied half of the lake.

The beast that appeared over the lake measured hundreds of meters, its meandering enormous body was covered with deep-blue scales that reflected a dense cold glint under the sunlight. That enormous head possessed a blue screw horn. Its lantern-like large eyes were quite frightening to look at.

As soon as this beast appeared, the air in the surrounding sky and earth became much more humid.

The linen-robed old man was not impressed by this change.

"Old Jia, are you going to attract that sixth-tier alchemist?" As soon as the giant beast appeared, a thunderous voice echoed over the lake.

"Did you hear everything just now? That's right, I want to attract that Sixth Tier Alchemist, it would be best if Yao Ye could marry him, hehe, a Sixth-Tier Alchemist with a promising future would definitely allow the royal family to have a lot more powerful people."

Jia Xing Tian stroked his beard and said with a smile as if he had already seen the future imperial family, where talents emerged in large numbers.

"You humans love to have these crooked thoughts, attract or not attract I don't care, these years my injuries have reappeared, if I don't get treatment as soon as possible, I'm afraid that in a few years I will have to suppress them by sleeping. Think of something."

The huge voice of the magical beast caused the surface of the lake to tremble slightly, a soft undulation rippled on the surface of the lake.

"Your injuries have reappeared?" Jia Xing Tian frowned at his words; it was not good news.

The magical beast in front of him was of the same sixth rank as him, called Serene Sea Scaly Beast, and was the protective beast of the Jia Ma Empire.

In his early years, he had fought to increase the size of the empire and had fallen victim to injuries that he naturally knew well.

The royal family had secretly hired many high-tier alchemists to treat his illnesses over the years, but with little success, he saw no results and could only rely on his own strong cultivation to forcibly suppress his injuries.

If they let the sixth-rank Serene Sea Scaly Beast relapse, the imperial family will undoubtedly lose an extremely important battle force.

The Jia Ma Empire will also be in crisis!

Moreover, when he counted time, he found that he did not have many years left before the end of his lifespan.

He wasn't sure about breaking through to Dou Ancestor, so the Jia Ma Imperial Family would be even more inseparable from the Serene Sea Scaly Beast.

With a sigh, Jia Xing Tian thought for a moment and then said.

"This time, there is no need to worry about your injuries, even if the marriage alliance is unsuccessful this time, I will have Yao Ye invite Xiao Ming to come to the Jia Ma Sacred City to see you, and incidentally, I will ask him to help me refine a Zong Breaking Pill!"

Xiao Ming had just returned from Jia Nan Academy and had no connection with other powers, so if he was asked to refine a pill, he should not refuse.

The Jia Ma Imperial Family had been leading the Jia Ma Empire for many years and had long been wealthy enough, so it would be no problem to gather a few pairs of medicinal herbs for the pill and the sixth-tier alchemist's fee.

The Serene Sea Scaly Beast listened to the words, and his huge head nodded slightly in satisfaction.

"Old Jia, since you have a plan, then I'll be waiting for your good news!"

After saying this, he turned his head and walked to the bottom of the lake, his huge body sinking into the lake raised many waves.

A moment later, the surface of the lake became calm again, as if the huge giant body of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast from a moment ago was just an illusion.

On the other hand, Jia Xing Tian shook his head, poured himself another cup of tea, and savored it slowly.

It wasn't long before he heard footsteps and a young woman with demonic charm dressed in a luxurious brocade robe appeared on the gravel path of the bamboo forest.

The beautiful woman did not stop at the end of the gravel road like the Shadow Guard but walked straight towards Jia Xing Tian in the pavilion at the heart of the lake.

Only when she entered the lake pavilion did the woman speak, "Great Grandfather requested Ye'er, is there any order?".

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