91 Chapter 91: Sensation in Wu Tan City, Ya Fei, Gu Xun'er

Today, the Xiao family is pretty lively, and the normally spacious and empty hall is full of Xiao family members.

The center seat was occupied by the most powerful people in the family.

The Grand Elder was sitting in his chair, his old face full of creases due to a smile.

"It's really thanks to you that the family has grown rapidly over the years! When you were younger, we thought you would be a great man with a great future, now it seems we were right about you, hahaha."

"The development of the clan is the result of the joint efforts of the clan members, I have only contributed with some help within my ability, that's all." Sitting back in his chair, Xiao Ming smiled faintly and said.

Most of the things he had given to the Xiao family were of no use to him.

It was the result of the Xiao family's efforts that they had grown to their current scale, if the Xiao family did not make effort, everything he had given them would be in vain.

Of course, Xiao Ming thought so, but other members of the clan would not think so, after all, over the years, Xiao Ming sent out hundreds of Xuan Class Dou Techniques and Qi Methods, including many high-level Xuan Class Dou Techniques of a full range of attributes.

Prior to this, the most advanced Qi Methods and Dou Techniques of the Xiao family were only at the intermediate level, Xuan Class.

And due to confidentiality, only the Clan Head could practice them, and if the attributes of the Clan Head did not match, maybe no one could practice them, which was really tragic.

Apart from the techniques, there are also some pills. Although these pills are just the usual Xiao Ming practice pills on medicinal formulas, their effectiveness is not much worse, thanks to them, the current Xiao family has another seven Dou Grandmasters.

The number of Dou Grandmasters in the family was the highest in Wu Tan City.

Therefore, the clan members just thought Xiao Ming was humble and praised him one after another.

"Hehe, after all these years, Xiao Ming is still as humble as before!"

"No arrogance, no impatience, and good manners!"


Xiao Ming's outstanding appearance, coupled with his status as the strongest member of the family and his nonchalant personality, charmed some of the female family members to the point of giddiness, and pairs of beautiful eyes faintly lit up as they approached his side.

Xiao Ming smiled faintly at the various compliments and fiery eyes of the female members, but he did not take them seriously.

After all, he had heard the same compliments since he was a child, and had long since learned to treat it normally.

When the praise from the crowd died down a bit, Clan Head Xiao Zhan also smiled and said.

"The contributions you have made to the clan over the years are obvious to everyone, so, in order for you to be remembered in recognition of your merits, your name has long been recorded in the clan's merit book."

"Oh?" At these words, Xiao Ming let out a somewhat surprising sound.

The merit book was a list established by the Xiao family to honor some of the family members who had made significant contributions to the family, and the last member of the Xiao family to enter the merit book was the former Clan Head, Xiao Lin.

For the sake of family cohesion, basically, all families will have something similar.

Xiao Ming had not expected to have his name on it so soon, mainly because he had not thought of it that way, as the clan members who were in the merit book were basically dead now, and he was just a teenager.

"Xiao Zhan is right, in addition to going in the clan's merit book, the clan has also established the position of Supreme Elder for you. From now on you will be the Supreme Elder of the Family, and your position in the Family will be above us Elders."

The normally grumpy Third Elder stroked his gray beard and said pleasantly.

With Xiao Ming's current strength and the contributions he had made to the family, the status of an ordinary clan member had long since been unsuitable, and after several discussions in the Xiao Family, the position of Supreme Elder was created.

To be honest, if it were not for the fact that Xiao Ming was too young and the original Clan Head, Xiao Zhan, had not committed any major misdeeds over the years, they would have wanted Xiao Ming to hold the position of Clan Head.

After all, only the strongest could take the clan further, and Xiao Zhan was no longer the strongest in the clan or even the second strongest, but only the third strongest.

The Head Clan position was also not passed down from one lineage to another, those with strength and prestige could compete when the old clan head left the position.

Xiao Zhan succeeded at that time by virtue of his strength as well as the prestige left by the old Clan Head, Xiao Lin.

Of course, even if they wanted Xiao Ming to take over the Clan Head position, Xiao Ming would have waved his hand and said no.

He didn't have that much time to stay in the clan, and being able to give the Xiao family some help was already the limit.

The Xiao family had probably guessed a bit what he was thinking, a capable young man would definitely want to go out and make a name for himself, and no one really suggested that Xiao Zhan should resign and let Xiao Ming take over.

Xiao Ming pondered for a long time about the position of Supreme Elder, and feeling that there was no problem with him holding such a position, he finally nodded to the Xiao family who were looking at him anxiously.

"Since it is the clan's decision, I will take this position for the time being, but this position shouldn't need to manage too many things, right?"

Seeing that Xiao Ming had accepted the position, the Grand Elder also breathed a sigh of relief.

He really feared that Xiao Ming would turn it down because after all the contributions Xiao Ming had made, the Xiao Family had nothing to reward him with.

No matter how one looked at it, Xiao Ming was richer than the entire Xiao Family, and for the Xiao Family, they only had a few honorary positions within the clan that could be given to him.

The relieved Grand Elder said with a smile, "The Supreme Elder can decide whether to handle things or not, depending on what you think."

In response, Xiao Ming, of course, said that he did not want to handle things.

After chatting for a few more minutes, Xiao Zhan suddenly asked curiously.

"We've been chatting for so long that I forgot to ask you the names of the friends around you, I wonder if you can introduce them?".

"Oh, I forgot to introduce them, the girl in white on the left is a good friend I have made for many years at Jia Nan Academy, Zi Yan. Her strength is at the Dou King realm."

Zi Yan, who was being introduced, raised her eyes for a moment upon hearing the words and quickly lowered them again.

It seemed that she had no interest in the people of the Xiao family. Xiao Ming, who was standing next to her, saw this expression on her face and knew that she would not be able to sit still again, so he could not help but smile helplessly and continued speaking to the crowd.

"This white-haired young man on the right, well... he is also a Dou King realm powerhouse, you can call him Xue Tian."


Naturally, no one doubted Xiao Ming's words, so when he finished his introduction, a cold air-sucking sound continuously resounded inside the hall.

All the members of the Xiao family were shaken to the core.

They had lived for many years, but this was the first time they had seen so many strong people gathered in the Xiao family.

Moreover, these two Dou Kings were very young, and the girl looked even younger than Xiao Ming.

Xiao Ming already knew that there would be this kind of reaction from the clan, after all, in the Jia Ma Empire, there were not many Dou King powerhouses.

The reason why Xiao Ming had chosen to reveal Zi Yan and Xue Tian's strength was actually to prevent certain members of the Xiao family from not having eyes.

If they offended Zi Yan and Xue Tian in these few days, even if they give him face and save their lives, he feared that they would have to lie down for ten days to half a month.

It should be known that Zi Yan and Xue Tian were magical beasts, and they would not care about such weak humans in their eyes.

While Xiao Ming was talking to his clan, the news of their return spread quickly in Wu Tan City, and the matter was discussed in the streets and alleys.


A middle-aged man on the street pulled a person he knew well and mysteriously asked, "Hey, old Wang, do you know?"

"Know what?" asked old Wang curiously.

"The genius of the Xiao family, Xiao Ming, is back!"

"What, you mean that young and powerful Dou King, Xiao Ming, who left the Xiao Family years ago? he's back? when did that happen?"

"Hehehe, just today, you should have seen the flying magical beast that hovered over Wu Tan City today, that's the flying magical beast that brought him."

"Tsk tsk, flying magic beasts, ah, a lot of money, worthy of being a Dou King powerhouse, I heard that he is only a teenager this year, as long as he does not fall in the future, he will definitely have a great future. That said, how do you know?"

"Hehehe, it's because my uncle's younger brother is working as a guard for the Xiao family, he said it has become a craze in the Xiao family!"

"I didn't expect you and the Xiao family to have a connection, then you can ask your relative who works as a guard for the Xiao family to help me. Is the Xiao family still looking for guards? No matter whether they give money or not, what I like the most is the profession..."


In the spacious hall of the Jia Lie family, the slightly darkened interior was as crowded as the Xiao family.

At the head, the clan leader, Jia Lie Bi, spoke with a slightly somber face.

"Is the news confirmed, is he really the one who has returned?"

A young man in the attire of the Jia Lie family replied.

"It has been confirmed, it is indeed Xiao Ming who has returned, and together with him, there is also the powerful Dou Spirit who shocked our clan last year, Xiao Shan. This matter is already known to everyone in Wu Tan City."

Hearing these words, a commotion broke out among the Jia Lie family in the hall.

Jia Lie Bi banged the table with a grim expression, and the sturdy wooden table instantly broke into pieces.

"Damn it! All these years our family has been crushed by the Xiao family, and now that Xiao Ming of the Xiao family has returned, what should we do!? Is it possible that we have to bow down and surrender!?"

The Jia Lie family, like the Xiao family, ran a market business and considered themselves rivals, so there was often some friction.

The last time they clashed, they encountered Xiao Shan, who had returned home, and the Jia Lie family's market was directly raided by Xiao Shan with his clan members.

The clash caused huge losses to the Jia Lie Family and afterwards, the Jia Lie Family's territory was devoured by the Xiao family step by step.

Due to the fact that the Xiao Family was much stronger than them, the Jia Lie Family could only endure it, and by now, their family's market share had fallen by half.

No one responded to Jia Lie Bi's roar.

After a brief silence, the young clan member who had responded to Jia Lie Bi said cautiously.

"Clan leader, why don't we submit to the Xiao family, we might even get a respite. The Xiao family will hold a family banquet tonight, so we can pay a visit to hear what they say, otherwise if things continue like this, our family will be bankrupt!"

Jia Lie Bi snorted coldly and said.

"Can we get those market shares back by submitting? Would you stop talking bullshit? I should have sent someone to assassinate that Xiao Ming in the first place!"

"The family's market business can no longer stand on its own, go find some premises and get ready to open a casino."

Hearing this, the Jia Lie family people looked at each other, this was a case of not being able to compete with the Xiao family and planning to compete with the Ao Ba family.

They knew that the casino business in Wu Tan City had always been controlled by the Ao Ba family.

For the Jia Lie Family, this was still a new area.

However, this decision was met with the approval of many people.

It was better to compete with the Ao Ba family than with the Xiao family. Competing with the Xiao family, in case they angered Xiao Ming of the Xiao family and he decided to raise his hand and slap them, it was estimated that their family would cease to exist...

"Wait, although the transformation of the family industry is important, we must also visit the Xiao family in the evening, we have had a lot of conflicts in the past, let's explore the situation tonight first. Prepare good gifts, I need them for the night."



One of the three major big clans of Wu Tan City, the Ao Ba family, was experiencing the same scene right now.

"Quickly prepare a good gift, I want to visit the Xiao family for the night."


Not only these two clans, but the other small clans in Wu Tan City had also prepared good gifts and began to send greetings to the Xiao Family.


Miteer Auction House, inside the glorious auction house, a beautiful woman in a red dress asked the maid beside her with a delicate and charming voice that numbed the bones.

"Is it really that genius of the Xiao family who has returned?"

"Miss Ya Fei, the news is accurate." The maid beside her bowed her head in response.

"Very well, go down first." Ya Fei's lazy voice rang out.


After seeing the maid go down, Ya Fei smiled at an elder beside her and said.

"Master Gu Ni, this Xiao family is really lucky to have two geniuses in a row, and even though one has 'fallen', there is another one who is even more terrifying. A teenage Dou King…"

Speaking of which, Ya Fei's tone was filled with emotion, and her heart was filled with envy, if she had this kind of cultivation talent, wouldn't she be able to control her own destiny?

The Elder Ya Fei was talking to had a red face and even though the green robe seemed ordinary, there were slivers of light surging across it.

Obviously, this robe had some kind of a Monster Core implanted into it. On the elder's commonplace face was an ever-present arrogance that was difficult to hide.

However, this arrogance quickly disappeared when the elder responded to her.

Only to see him reply with a bitter smile, "The Xiao family is really lucky, this Xiao Ming, in addition to his outstanding cultivation talent, is also a high-tier alchemist, these years the Xiao family members have taken many medicinal pills, and to think that I am only a second-tier alchemist, the other side... sigh."

Speaking of the other side, he sighed and simply stopped talking.

Apparently, the mention of Xiao Ming made him feel like a loser.

After the two were silent for a while, Ya Fei spoke up and said.

"Tonight, I want to pay a visit to the Xiao family and meet that legendary Xiao Ming, I wonder if Master Gu Ni is interested in accompanying me."

"Yes, I would like to see how far this genius Xiao Ming has come, and how high is his alchemist tier now".


In the backyard of the Xiao family, in a small secluded courtyard.

A young girl who possessed a cold and ethereal aura, as if she was a lotus in its first bloom, casually asked the air beside her.

"Old Ling, what is happening today in the Xiao Family that is really so lively?"

After the young girl's question fell, a black-robed figure silently appeared in front of her and respectfully replied, "Miss, it's because Xiao Ming, who has been away from the Xiao Clan for eight years, has returned."

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