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Chapter 79: The Vengeful Zi Yan

Ding dong!

A bell rang beside him, interrupting Xiao Ming's reverie.

He turned his head to look at the copper bell swinging beside him.

These copper bells came in pairs and could sense each other, whenever one would shake, the other would also shake, similar to the doorbell in his previous life, after Xiao Ming got it, he used it as a doorbell.

Now that the bell was ringing, Xiao Ming understood that someone was looking for him outside, so he got up and went to the corridor and opened the special wooden door.

Instantly, a white figure rushed at him, and in an instant, Xiao Ming felt a huge rock hit him, and his body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"Wuwu, Xiao Ming, you must avenge me!"

"Cough cough, I can avenge you, but let me breathe! cough, cough."

Looking at Zi Yan, who was in his arms squirming, Xiao Ming said as he was breathless lying on the ground.

Zi Yan's body was comparable to that of a sixth-rank magical beast, if not for his strong body, anyone else with a weaker body would probably have vomited blood.

Even so, he felt short of breath, so one can imagine how strong Zi Yan's physical strength was.

Zi Yan did not notice and continued to squirm on him, which increased his discomfort.

Hearing Xiao Ming's words, Zi Yan gave him an unsure look and released him with a sigh.

Xiao Ming was able to get up.

After wiping the dust off his body and seeing Zi Yan's cute face beside him, Xiao Ming understood, and when his body was more comfortable, he asked, "Did you encounter another magical beast that you couldn't defeat?"

The reason Xiao Ming asked this was because after his strength had increased, Zi Yan, who originally only sought him out to refine pills, often sought him out to steal those medicinal herbs guarded by magical beasts together.

She said that she sought him out to steal the medicinal herbs together and share them 50-50 after finding them, but in reality, it was only Zi Yan who could not defeat the other party and returned to Jia Nan Academy to pester him for help.

It should be known that those medicinal herbs were Zi Yan's treasures, and if he had not been able to defeat the other party, Zi Yan would not hand out those things.

Although Xiao Ming and she had been together for six years and he was her best friend.

Who made Zi Yan need those medicinal herbs to grow her body?

When it came to growing her body, this was Zi Yan's weak point.

In the past, she had wanted to grow, but there was no one to compare with.

Even at first, when she saw Xiao Ming, who looked younger than her, Zi Yan felt happy because she had a little one to keep her company.

But later, she realized that something was wrong, Xiao Ming grew taller and taller, and eventually, his height even directly surpassed her by a large margin.

As the saying goes, no comparison, no harm no foul, and once the comparison was made, the harm was exposed.

Seeing that others were growing so fast, but she was not growing at all despite eating so many medicinal herbs, Zi Yan was on the verge of tears.

When she was in a bad mood, the herb warehouse would lose a medicinal herb....

It was also because of this, Zi Yan took the initiative to find treasures more often.

Those magical beasts outside Jia Nan Academy were also unlucky, and the medicinal herbs they had worked so hard to guard for years were directly stolen.



Hearing Xiao Ming's words, Zi Yan nodded her head somewhat embarrassed.

"Say it, what rank does the other party have."

"It's a fifth-rank little white ape, I would have been able to beat him, but he can transform! He's a bit of a handful."

"You call a fifth-rank magical beast a little white ape?" Xiao Ming smiled and rolled his eyes.

It had been said before that high-ranked magical beasts, their bodies were not small at all, so it was not possible for it to be a little white ape, so Zi Yan's words were very subjective.

"Originally, if I hadn't eaten the Body Transformation Grass, I would have been bigger than him, hmph."

Zi Yan said arrogantly, it seemed like she had regretted eating the Body Transformation Grass.

Xiao Ming could only shake his head at this, who told Zi Yan to be so gluttonous? eating the Body Transformation Grass and turning into a girl could only be described as self-inflicted.

He rubbed her little head, "Alright, I'll help you beat it, fifty-fifty each, if there's only one grass, this time goes to you, then the next one goes to me."

"Understood, let's go now." Seeing that Xiao Ming agreed, Zi Yan revealed a cheerful look and hurriedly pulled Xiao Ming and headed for the exit.


Forty minutes later.

Somewhere outside the forest, Xiao Ming and Zi Yan were in the air with wings on their backs, looking at the valley in front of them.

The mouth of the valley was like a gourd, and at this moment, on the mountain pass, a huge white ape with a body between three and four meters was standing.

The white ape's body exuded a rough, icy aura, and its heavy breath came out of its large nostrils like white smoke.

Its arms are long and slender, and its claws are the size of two adult heads. Occasionally, when it waves its claws, powerful winds shoot out, blowing rocks apart and flinging them in all directions.

A pair of blood-red eyes, brimming with rage and murderous intent, glared fiercely at Xiao Ming and Zi Yan at that moment.

"Snow Sky Demon Ape, an adult Snow Sky Demon Ape is powerful enough to shatter gold and split mountains, although this big guy in front of me seems to have entered his adult stage a short while ago, he can still rival a three-star Dou King."

"You said he can also transform, probably because he has awakened his berserker bloodline, with his current strength, he can probably be compared to a five-star Dou King the moment he releases his bloodline, no wonder you said he is not easy to deal with, tsk tsk, with this strength, some of the Inner Academy elders can't deal with him, you really know how to pick your targets."

Looking at the huge magical beast in front of him that clearly did not correspond to the little white ape Zi Yan was talking about, Xiao Ming lamented.

"Isn't it because there are no longer treasures around guarded by low-strength magical beasts? Otherwise, I wouldn't have run all the way here!"

Zi Yan said confidently.

In fact, as she said, the heavenly treasures guarded by those magical beasts of lower strength than her around the Inner Academy had disappeared, and the person who did so, of course, was her.

The location of this Snow Sky Demon Ape was far away from the Inner Academy, even if Zi Yan had the talent to explore treasures, it would still take a lot of effort to find this place.

It could only be said that this Snow Sky Demon Ape was exceptionally unlucky.

"It's you again, didn't it make you realize the reality that I chased you away? You can't beat me, don't even think about taking the 'Core Quenching Body Milk' from me, come back now and I can let you go!"

The Snow Sky Demon Ape raised his huge head, his blood-red gaze looked fiercely at Zi Yan, then glared disdainfully at Xiao Ming, and after a long time of silence, his low and furious voice suddenly sounded like an explosive thunder in both of their ears.

The 'Core Quenching Body Milk' was born underground. After experiencing the pure pressure of the land, it would take the form of fog after a hundred years and would be called 'Core Fog.' At this point, it possessed the unique effect of strengthening one's body. After merging for over a thousand years, it would form a liquid form.

If the quality was even higher, it would be called 'Core Quenching Body Milk.' It possessed the magical effect of washing and refining one's bones. Moreover, that extremely pure and large strength of the land in the milk would even help a person who had reached the peak to break through the barrier between levels, which is a really good thing.

It was also Zi Yan and Xiao Ming's goal this time.

Hearing the white ape's words, Zi Yan folded her arms and shouted very unconvinced.

"Hmph, dead ape, I told you not to be so arrogant, it's not that I can't beat you, it's just that I don't want to waste my strength. Now my good friend is here, he won't need more than ten moves to deal with you, you're dead!"

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