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Chapter 72: Zi Yan

The sudden voice behind him caused Xiao Ming, who was immersed in the violent attitude of Fallen Heart Flame's Fire Spirit Flame a moment ago, to be violently startled, and for a moment, he really didn't notice anything special about the voice.

'When this person approached me? With my soul power perception, I actually didn't notice a single hint!'

Xiao Ming's soul perception had never been weak, and this was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Startled, Xiao Ming turned around as if he had been struck by electricity, and looked back with a slight trace of horror.

When Xiao Ming saw the owner of the voice beside him, the surprise disappeared from his face and was replaced by a stunned look.

Behind him appeared a girl dressed in white who was slightly taller than him, the girl looked to be between twelve and thirteen years old. Her pale purple hair was tied in pigtails that reached her waist and her face was very soft. The girl's appearance was beautiful, white and clear, and her pair of watery purple eyes sparkled before Xiao Ming. She seemed to have a demonic strength that made the shock in Xiao Ming's heart gradually disappear.

There was no second person in the Inner Academy who looked like that who could get within ten feet of him without him noticing.

Who else besides Zi Yan?

However, running into her so soon was really out of Xiao Ming's expectations.

"Child, what were you doing?" Seeing that Xiao Ming did not respond to her words, but kept looking at her, Zi Yan asked once more.


Hearing what Zi Yan called him, Xiao Ming's face turned strange as he repeated it in a low voice.

Although it was true that he was physically a child, few people had called him that directly since his talent was revealed.

Zi Yan did not look much older than him physically, and if one were to go by mental age, he was much older than her.

Being called by Zi Yan in this way, Xiao Ming always had a strange feeling inside.

And he didn't know if it was an illusion, but whenever she uttered the word child, Xiao Ming always seemed to see a look of excitement in her eyes.

"Yes, who else is here beside you? Quickly tell me what you are doing here."

Zi Yan heard Xiao Ming's whispered voice and said softly.

"I haven't done anything."

Seeing Zi Yan so insistent on asking what he was doing here, Xiao Ming blinked and chose to tell a wide-eyed lie.

"You can't fool me, that big guy just now was released by you, right? Hmph, I've seen your every move."

"You've seen it and you're still asking? And my name is Xiao Ming, don't call me child."

At that moment, Xiao Ming rolled his eyes.

"You're only this big, of course you're a child." Although Zi Yan seemed to be obsessed with that word, she did not continue to say it.

"Looking at you, you must be someone who just entered the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower, you don't know that it's not allowed to go near here, right? Promise me one thing and I won't tell the elders."

"What is it? "Although he knew that the likelihood of him informing the elders was small and she was only looking to scare him, Xiao Ming was still curious and asked.

"Be my younger brother."


Several question marks appeared in Xiao Ming's head, 'why did she want to take me as a younger brother?'

'It didn't seem like this was beneficial to her, what is her motive?'

Seeming to know Xiao Ming's confusion, Zi Yan said immediately afterwards.

"I see that you have this kind of strength at this age, and you have the aura of a magical beast in your body, so you must also be a magical beast that has had the bad luck to devour the Body Transformation Grass. Although I don't know why your aura is so weak, but if you follow me, I can protect you in the Inner Academy!" Zi Yan said, waving her arm rather proudly.

'Magical beast aura?'

Xiao Ming looked at her in bewilderment, magic beast aura couldn't possibly refer to the Ten Thousand Beast Flame, could it?

The Ten Thousand Beast Flame was a flame condensed from the soul and blood of ten thousand beasts, and would indeed emit an aura similar to that of a magical beast, just now it should have been felt by Zi Yan when he mobilized the Ten Thousand Beast Flame.

It was normal for Zi Yan to be confused for a short period of time, as she had never seen the Ten Thousand Beast Flame.

Because of this smell, Zi Yan thought that he was a magical beast that had swallowed the Body Transformation Grass, just like her, and so she wanted to take him as her younger brother.

In fact, it was similar to what Xiao Ming thought, ever since Zi Yan had been brought to the Inner Academy by First Elder Su Qian, she had been surrounded by humans, and because of Zi Yan's usual behavior, all the students were very afraid of her, and had given her the title of Brute Force Queen.

Before she transformed, the magical beasts in the forest often bullied her, and she used to rob other magical beasts of their treasures, so her relationship with them was not good.

After the First Elder adopted her, he also did not know what to do with Zi Yan because he basically had no experience in raising children.

All this made Zi Yan not even have a person to communicate with, and she felt very lonely.

Now that she had suddenly met someone who she suspected was in a similar situation to her, her interest immediately increased, so she proposed to take Xiao Ming as her younger brother.

Zi Yan wanted to have a younger brother, but Xiao Ming had no intention of being his younger brother. Thinking calmly, he immediately refused and said, "I don't want to, I am not a magical beast."

"You're not a magical beast, then why do you have the aura of a magical beast in you? Huh, why did it suddenly disappear!?" Zi Yan was about to retort but suddenly realized that the aura she had just caught had disappeared.

She hurriedly ran to Xiao Ming's side and sniffed him.

'It's really gone.'

Zi Yan was a little disappointed and was about to say something when an old voice sounded from the side.

"What are you guys doing here, don't you know not to go near the center of the tower!?"

Xiao Ming and Zi Yan turned their heads at the same time and discovered that it was an old man with white hair and a beard who was looking at the two of them, this person was none other than Elder Liu from before.

Upon being discovered, although Xiao Ming did not know Elder Liu's name, he also knew that this must be the elder in charge of guarding the tower.

Immediately, he offered an apology, "Sorry, this elder, my name is Xiao Ming, I am a new student this year, and I don't know the rules of the tower."

Feeling that she had failed in her judgment, Zi Yan was in a bad mood, and now Elder Liu came to bother her.

She immediately bared her teeth and said, "You geezer, you are full of foolishness, shout again and see if I don't beat you up!"

Elder Liu, who was initially pleased with Xiao Ming's attitude of admitting his mistakes and wanted to say something to him, could not help but twist the corners of his mouth when he heard her say that.

Although he was angry, Elder Liu, who had long known Zi Yan's horror, did not want to irritate her.

He could only say in a leisurely voice, "It's not like there are heavenly treasures in this place, what is Little Grand Aunt doing around here?".

"Can't I just stroll around?"

Although Xiao Ming said that he was not a magical beast and did not want to be her younger brother, Zi Yan did not mention what she had just seen.

After saying this, Zi Yan turned around and left, dragging Xiao Ming who was beside her in the process.

'This strength! Worthy of being an Ancient Void Dragon!'

Being dragged away by Zi Yan, Xiao Ming tried to resist a bit, but it didn't seem to have any effect on her.

In the end, he was only able to walk out of the center of the first level of the tower with Zi Yan under Elder Liu's gaze, 'Brat, you brought it on yourself.'

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