57 Chapter 57: Hu Jia

"Only an ordinary punch containing Dou Qi defeated Feng Bing. In order to send Feng Bing flying so far, the main thing he relied on was his physical strength, Xiao Ming's physical body is terrifying, Old Huo, what did you feed him with?"

An Elder looked at Xiao Ming, who had come down from the arena, and asked Elder Huo with a surprised face.

The details of the exchange between Xiao Ming and Feng Bing just now could not be seen clearly due to the smoke, but this could not be hidden from the eyes of those terrified Dou Emperors on the center seats.

Originally, Xiao Ming's strength was already enough to surprise them, but they did not expect his physical body to be so strong. The tempering of the physical body was not as fast as that of Dou Qi cultivation.

Most people could only rely on their own Dou Qi to temper slowly.

Those who have money take some pills.

But it was not enough to get to this point.

They really couldn't understand how Xiao Ming was able to achieve a three-pronged combination of a rising alchemy skill, a rising Dou Qi cultivation, and an unusually strong physical body at the same time.

This was truly baffling!

Elder Huo was also unable to answer the old man's question.

However, this did not stop him from rejoicing as he smugly said, "I haven't given him anything to eat, don't you know what things I have, this is the result of his own effort, perhaps this is his talent, hahaha."

Is it his talent? It was a bit too monstrous, wasn't it?

When they think about the speed of their own cultivation when they were young.

The various powerful Dou Emperors were silent.

Looking at Elder Huo, who always used to be quiet, now he was like a different person as soon as they mentioned his disciple.

The three of them hated not taking his place.

'We want such a powerful apprentice too! Damn old man Huo, you moved so fast!'


After Xiao Ming finished competing, he returned to the place of his class.

Only, as soon as he returned, he saw a headache-inducing figure sitting in his place.

Everyone around her looked at her very helplessly, and even Xiao Shan ran to the last row.

This person was Hu Jia, who had just said she was coming to pick up Xiao Ming.

She was quite enthusiastic, and as soon as she saw that Xiao Ming had finished the competition, she ran forcefully to Xiao Ming's class.

"Are you here?"

Xiao Ming asked nonchalantly as he came to sit next to Hu Jia.

"Hmph!" Hu Jia snorted slightly, turned her head and ignored him.

Xiao Ming was stunned, when did he provoke her?

Seeing that Hu Jia didn't seem to be in a good mood, Xiao Ming said nothing and turned his gaze to the arena and watched it with great interest.

The strength of the top students in the arena was very good, each of them had very severe attacks, decisive attacks, and in terms of using Dou Techniques, they were much better than some of the lone cultivators Xiao Ming had encountered in the Black-Corner Region, in short, the fights were very exciting.

Those ordinary lone cultivators in the Black-Corner Region could not compare with these students, probably because they only had that ruthlessness, but were limited in strength.

The reason is that most of the students who were able to go on the arena had experienced Black-Corner Region.

Jia Nan Academy has always strived to give students a taste of real society.

When Hu Jia glanced at Xiao Ming out of the corner of her eye, she found that he was absorbed in watching the competition and did not come over to talk to her, so she could not help but become furious.

However, she did not dare to take it out on Xiao Ming.

Other students, seeing that she was the daughter of the Deputy Headmaster of Jia Nan Academy, would treat her respectfully, but Xiao Ming would not give in to her.

She could remember the time she had annoyed Xiao Ming when he was about to make a pill and received a lesson from him.

Thinking of where Xiao Ming had hit her that time, a blush appeared on Hu Jia's face and her hips grew hot.

'Hmph, just because you're a bit good-looking, I won't bother with you.' muttered Hu Jia inwardly.

"Why are you so red, are you sick?" Xiao Ming, who had finished watching a match, suddenly noticed that Hu Jia's face beside him had turned unusually red.

He couldn't help but ask strangely.

If he could know what Hu Jia was thinking, he would probably be dumbfounded and then wonder what strange attribute Hu Jia had awakened.

Earlier, when he wanted to go to the herb storehouse to pick herbs to make pills, Hu Jia stood at the door and wouldn't let him out, so he got impatient and taught her a lesson.

He had no idea that she would remember it for so long.

Not to mention that it seemed that after that, Hu Jia no longer dared to anger Xiao Ming, instead, she sought him out more often.

"Well, it's nothing, I'm not sick."

Seeing that Hu Jia had returned to normal and that there actually seemed to be nothing wrong, Xiao Ming nodded slightly and wanted to continue watching the fight.

Only this time, instead of remaining silent, Hu Jia sat a little closer.

With the characteristic voice of a little girl, she asked, "I heard from grandfather that after this selection of the Inner Academy, will you enter the Inner Academy?"

"Ah yes, after entering the Inner Academy, I'm afraid we won't be able to see each other as often as before." Xiao Ming said in a low voice.

Hearing these words, Hu Jia fell silent.

Reluctance arose in her heart.

There were very few people her age at Jia Nan Academy, and only Xiao Ming and she could talk to each other.

Her grandfather, Hu Gan, also used to be busy with other things, so after having a playmate, she used to bother Xiao Ming.

If Xiao Ming had stayed at Jia Nan Academy Outer Academy, the two of them would have been real childhood friends when they became adults.

Therefore, Xiao Ming was very special to her.

If Xiao Ming were to leave now and let her return to her previous state of loneliness, she would naturally feel unhappy.

At the same time, she found the reason why she was upset before, she was not angry that Xiao Ming did not go to look for her, as she had told to her grandfather.

She was just unhappy that she would not be able to be with Xiao Ming in the future.

After all, she was not Xiao Ming and could not bear to be alone all the time.

Perhaps, Hu Jia's eccentric personality of liking women in the future was somewhat related to her childhood experiences.

Hu Jia's usual personality was perhaps a bit stubborn, but at this moment, although she did not want Xiao Ming to go to the Inner Academy, she did not say anything to prevent Xiao Ming from entering the Inner Academy.

Having lived in the academy for so long, it wasn't like she didn't know how important it was for many people to enter the Inner Academy.

Therefore, she merely said aloud, "Then wait for me, I will also enter later!"

'By the time you enter, I will have already graduated, right?' Xiao Ming was a little speechless, but seeing Hu Jia's serious look, he could only smile and nod his head slightly.

''Alright, I'll wait for you then.''


There were more fights on the first day, so Xiao Ming didn't cultivate as usual and watched the fights from start to finish.

Apart from accompanying Hu Jia, who looked a bit unhappy, he also stayed with Xiao Shan and the others for a while longer.

After all, when this Inner Academy Qualifying Competition ended, he didn't know when the next official meeting will be.

Besides, the month of training in the Black-Corner Region had made Xiao Ming feel that he should relax a bit.

Watching the others compete was undoubtedly a great stress reliever.

And under this day of observation, Xiao Ming also had a rough idea of the situation of the top 300 students of Jia Nan Academy who were participating in the Inner Academy Qualifying Competition this time.

Those Dou Master realms were not to be mentioned, and if he did not give them face, he would only need one strike to defeat them.

And the Dou Grandmasters who could be a bigger threat, there were five of them.

Three men and two women.

A four-star Dou Grandmaster, a three-star Dou Grandmaster. A two-star Dou Grandmaster and two one-star Dou Grandmasters.

All of these people were existences that had spent four years at the academy.

Xiao Ming's words aside, the quality of this selection could only be described as moderate.

Even the Xiao Ming of a month ago could have easily won first place in this selection.

Let alone now.

If this time, the selection match would still be the same as before, a one-on-one.

The final result, naturally, is taken for granted.


In the evening, Xiao Ming, who had watched the whole competition during the day, sat by the table.

The bright moonstone light shone on his face, illuminating his serious face that contained a thoughtful expression.

Time passed slowly, little by little.

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