46 Chapter 46: Blood Qi Condensed Shadow Protection Formation

As soon as the words of Su Mei and the others resounded, the attack was launched.

The other Dou King powerhouses also attacked together.

A dozen powerful Dou Qi energy attacks attacked the human figure from all directions.

The two-meter tall figure of the blood-colored figure looked so insignificant in the midst of those ten, dozens or hundreds of meters of attacks, as if it could be crushed at any moment.

Reasonably speaking, under the combined attack of three Dou Emperors and a dozen Dou Kings, even a real peak Dou Emperor would have to avoid it for a moment or two.

After all, the peak strength of one Dou Emperor was still far from being able to crush these Dou Kings and Dou Emperors.

In other words, even the peak Dou Emperor could not defeat these people.

However, the Blood Shadow was so engrossed in sucking blood qi that it did not seem to have the will to dodge, nor did it put up a defensive shield.

So, under this kind of attack, the Blood Shadow also turned into a bloody mist to everyone's surprise.

Looking at the bloody mist, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, that thing didn't seem to have any intelligence, otherwise it would have been a bit difficult to defeat if allowed to grow unchecked.

After all, there were many people who had died in the secret realm in the past two days.

If he was allowed to continue, he could reach Dou Ancestor's strength.

Now that the bloodied figure was mangled, it was quite reassuring.

"No, that thing is not dead!" Tie Wu, the strongest of them all, looked at the blood mist that was churning, but not dispersing, and said in a hoarse voice.


Su Mei, at his side, heard this, and her pretty face was startled.

She hurried to look, and sure enough, the piece of blood mist emerged and seemed to take human form.

Stunned, Su Mei launched another attack.

This time, the attack successfully dispersed the human form that was about to gather.

However, Su Mei's attack seemed to have angered the blood mist.

It no longer tried to form a human form, but after a jolt, an extremely large wave of blood-red energy surged out of the blood mist, which was about to turn dark red, and surged in all directions.

People fishing in troubled waters in the forest around the jade area were not calm when they saw this scene.

"Quick, defend yourselves!"

"Shit, run!"

"Don't stay here."

Unfortunately for these people, although they wanted to escape, they could not leave this blood qi behind, and one by one those who escaped were caught and covered.

Surprisingly, they did not seem to be damaged at all when they were caught.

It was as if the blood-red energy was an ordinary mist.

Just now, Xiao Ming, who had stealthily gone to grab a ball of light while the others were distracted by the blood-red figure, also had his pupils shrink when he saw this sight.

Actually, he wouldn't think this thing wasn't harmful at all.

The scroll that had just landed in his hand didn't even have time to be thrown into his storage ring before he hurriedly mobilized the Dou Qi in his body to form a thick armor of Dou Qi on the outside, besides that, feeling that it wasn't safe enough, he took out an antidote pill from his storage ring and threw it into his mouth.

"It's not enough!" muttered Xiao Ming, still feeling unsure.

He took out two kinds of pill from his storage ring and popped them directly into his mouth.

One bottle replenished his Dou Qi and another restored his wounds.

Right after doing this, Xiao Ming was hit by a rapid wave of energy.

Dou Qi's tough armor did not serve as a single defense and was directly pierced through by the blood red energy.

The antidote pills, healing pills and even the qi return pills that Xiao Ming had prepared were all in vain.

Because, the blood energy did not cause him any harm at all.

Faced with this situation, Xiao Ming's face showed no joy.

With his mighty spiritual power, he found a touch of blood red Dou Qi inside his body.

Needless to say, it was definitely not his Dou Qi.

Xiao Ming circulated the Dou Qi in his body, trying to push away this trace of blood red Dou Qi.

But no matter how hard he tried, this trail of Dou Qi was as immovable as a mountain.

Even when he used his beast flame, it was of no use!

In the end, only Xiao Ming's slightly gloomy face could be seen as he said.

'What's up with this, am I being marked?'

It wasn't just Xiao Ming who had discovered the difference within his body, those Dou Emperor and Dou King above the sky had also discovered the difference within their bodies.

Just now, they were relying on their strong strength, and that blood red fluctuation of the blood shadow only seemed like a small bluff to them, and could not cause any harm at all.

Therefore, they were only holding an energy shield to protect themselves.

However, they did not know that the blood-red wave was so strange that their shields did not have the slightest effect.

As a result, they were all left with a trace of blood-red energy inside their bodies.

Sensing the connection between that energy and the blood-colored figure, Yuan Yi, Tie Wu and the others looked gloomy.

It seemed that this thing was fixed in them.

In fact, they had long intended to want to leave, except that there was still a secret passage in the jade area, and some of them were reluctant.

Now, it was impossible for them to leave, even if they wanted to.

No one knew if this thing would leave the secret realm and then follow this energy thread to find them.

If this really happened, when the time came, those left alone would definitely be no match for this blood shadow.

Anyway, there were many of them now, so they might as well do it all together now than get rid of the problem later.

These Dou Kings and Dou Emperors were all old foxes, and they understood each other's meaning when they looked at each other.

With a nod of their heads, they all gathered their energy to hit the dark red blood mist.

The attacked blood mist rushed back to the secret passage.

Without waiting for Su Mei and the others to chase after them, the blood red figure condensed its body and rushed back at the speed of light.

"There is something on the other side of the secret passage that allows him to retrieve his body immediately, lure him away from the secret passage."

The three experienced Yao brothers shouted when they saw this scene.


Then the three of them struck together, striking with fluctuations that were surprisingly similar to that of a Dou Emperor.

"Roar!" The blood-colored figure no longer stood idly by, but instead, blood-red energy shot out from his left hand, surprisingly blocking their attacks with ease, followed by a fist-sized red ball that spat out from his mouth and flew towards the three Yao brothers.

The red ball of energy was extraordinary, and when Yao Da, one of the three brothers, saw the attack, he gathered his Dou Qi in his right hand and collided with the red ball.

The moment it made contact, he was shaken and flew a great distance away.

"Cough, so strong!" A trail of blood gushed out from the corner of Yao Da's mouth, the other party just made him suffer a wound with a single strike, it was a bit messy.

When the others saw that Yao Da was injured, they also thought that they should not stand by and watch the spectacle.

They joined the fight and the two sides immediately engaged in an even more violent battle.

The Blood Shadow fought alone against a dozen people and did not fall at a disadvantage at any time, which was terrifying.

From time to time, a few terrifying attacks would streak across the sky in the distance.

Xiao Ming stood in the distance, watching the terrifying battlefield and secretly cheering for Su Mei and the others.

He hoped that they would use their strength to directly kill this blood red figure, after all, he too was marked.

If it wasn't for his lack of strength, he would have wanted to go up and press that damn shadow to death himself.

After watching it for a while, Xiao Ming suddenly realized that he was still holding a scroll in his hand.

It turned out that he had just been surprised by the Blood Shadow's attack and had actually forgotten to put it in his storage ring.

Now, noticing what was in his hand, Xiao Ming wanted to put it directly into the storage ring, but he thought about it.

He had taken a big risk to get this, so it was better to know what he had gotten first.

So he pointed to the small letters on the scroll and began to read it.

Xiao Ming silently recited, "Blood Qi Condensed Shadow Protection Formation."


Xiao Ming felt that he had found something remarkable.

Condensed Shadow of Blood Qi?

Xiao Ming raised his eyes and looked at the blood shadow that was moving further and further away from the battle.

Blood Qi Condensed Shadow can't possibly refer to that thing, can it?

Due to this flash of suspicion, Xiao Ming extended the scroll.

After a cursory scan, Xiao Ming secretly said, 'It really does refer to this Blood Shadow.'

According to the scroll's introduction, the Blood Qi Condensed Shadow Protection Formation was a formation originally created by the clan that the secret realm belonged to.

This formation could condense a blood shadow with the blood energy of living spirits, and then this blood shadow could distinguish between the ally of the enemy based on the means left by the person who established the formation, and then it will only attack the enemy.

The method for the blood shadow to distinguish between ally and enemy was simple: the blood red mark on Xiao Ming's body.

If one can refine and remove all the blood red dou qi from his body, then the blood shadow will not attack.

If one cannot, then he is the target of the other party's attack, and only when he leaves the secret realm he will not be attacked.

The reason the Blood Shadow does not attack people at first is because it has not yet started marking at that time.

When it finished marking, it would start to counterattack.

The scroll in Xiao Ming's hand recorded the exact method to establish this great formation, and also the method to refine this internal marking.

Recalling those techniques on the scroll, Xiao Ming hurriedly sat down.

The place Xiao Ming had found was very secluded, so no one disturbed him.

A quarter of an hour later, he felt the blood-red mark disappear from his body.

A small smile appeared at the corner of Xiao Ming's mouth.

Now he won't be attacked by the blood shadow!

This smile quickly disappeared.

Xiao Ming thought about the reason why he had risked coming.

What could make the beast flame move differently.

He, who had read the Blood Qi Condensed Shadow Protection Formation Scroll, certainly knew that the Blood Shadow did not have this ability, so it must be something else in the passage.

Looking at that Su Mei and Tie Wu who fought farther and farther away from him, as well as the Dou Spirits and Dou Grandmasters who were frightened by the Blood Shadow and left the place to look for the balls of light.

Xiao Ming's eyes shone as he jumped off the tree branch and ran into the passage.

That's right, he was going to enter the passage and take a look inside.

According to the scroll, this passage should be connected to the heart of the formation, where the Blood Shadow took shape.

Inside, there would be nothing offensive other than the Blood Shadow.

He could even refine the marking technique, so what was he afraid of?

Su Mei and the others were fighting further and further away with the blood shadow, which gave him the opportunity.

Of course the secret passage was there, and it wasn't like there weren't people who had the same idea as Xiao Ming.

There is never a shortage of bold people in the world.

When Xiao Ming entered the space passage, several people had already entered inside.

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